Monday, 20 February 2017


Here in Mildura we were lucky enough to have Carolyn SHARKEY visit for the weekend and teach her famous class.. ULURU art quilt. On Friday night she held a trunk show. Talking about how she started her work, why she started teaching and showing us her work. What a lovely lady.
Now here are a lot of photos showing her work. I'm sorry if some are blurry. I only had my phone...
Now keep in mind it was sweltering here. We had a week or more of very high temperatures. In the high 40's Celsius...
It was a shock for Carolyn coming from coastal NSW. We had air conditioners on, fans going and a water cooler going. IT WAS HOT.....
My car gauge at 5:10 pm after work...

Hello Carolyn Sharkey 

Butterflies and nature

Ocean scene


Beautiful sceneries

Gorgeous coloured trees.

Beautiful colours

Aboriginal Art

Ayres Rock / Uluru inspired

Very rich colours


  1. Fabulous quilt! Love the tree 🌲 block! They look like paintings. One very clever lady. Don't envy your extreme temperatures.

  2. I met Carolyn at Fibre Arts Winter School, she is an amazing textile artist. I love the photo of the autumn trees piece. 48 degrees, I would be like a beached whale in that heat, I enjoyed 16 degrees on the weekend here.

  3. Gorgeous trunk you enjoyed it...xox

  4. Lots of gorgeous show and tell there..
    Oh yes that's hot...It's been like that here but thankfully much cooler today..lovely.

  5. Rather you than me in that heat! lovely work.

  6. What a great opportunity to see her beautiful work. Pity about the heat. We had our heater on recently but heating up again now.


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