Tuesday, 28 February 2017

The end of an amazing show

I have been to Uluru or as it was once called AYRES ROCK. It is an amazing place and the colours are so rich. This small quilt covers it all. How beautiful.
The Emus, the Rock, the Outback. What a beautiful scene.

I just loved how this one was put together. Not the usual quilt. The butterflies are beautiful, the joining piece was interesting as were all the background colours and textures.
This was my favourite. I am not really a wall hanging arty person but I love this one.
I think this was my favourite piece of  Carolyn's work

An interesting finish joining the two pieces

Beautiful Butterflies

Gorgeous butterflies free

Beautiful hand quilting in the sky

We were all given a ticket for the door prize. One lucky winner went home very happy. An original art quilt made by Carolyn was the prize to take home.
Wasn't this lady lucky.
Door prize winner

I'm sure the class of 10-12 will have a great weekend creating their own piece of art.. Using lots of scraps, fibres and quilting. They even painted on some of their fabrics to highlight areas. Good luck for the weekend. We can only wish you won't melt and have a great time.
We had a top of 48 so the class was finished early. But on Sunday it was much cooler. A change came through the night and class started early. Full of excitement and a much more enjoyable temperature. It started off at 19 then up to low 30's.. When I called in to see everyone's progress the machines were buzzing and there were smiles and chatter all around...


  1. I love the butterfly hanging as well. It's very pretty... xox

  2. what a beautiful collection of quilts must check out Carolyn and see more of what she odoes


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