Friday, 25 October 2013

State Fair quilt blocks.

I have been reading "State Fair" by Earlene Fowler with Starwood Quilter Book Club
I have started making the blocks that have been mentioned on this site.
Not only do we read the book, chat about the book but Susan also puts up relevant quilt blocks for us to make. Most of these patterns are free and downloadable.
6" State Fair Sunflower block

8" Hole in the Barn Door

12" Chisholm Trail

7" Mystery Quilt block.

10" Writers block. (I had a bit of trouble with this block but it still looks ok)

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Nearly Insane is started

I am starting this quilt with my local quilt group.
Kilmore Quilters.
Here are my 1st two blocks for October 2013


BLOCK 13 (still to be trimmed)
I have trimmed it now. Do I really need a new photo?

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Teddy quilt and cushion

I have made this cute country teddy quilt & cushion.
Now to find someone to give it to

I am linking up with  VAL at

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

October Block Lotto.... Oak Leaf

I have joined an online group called Block Lotto.
You make the nominated block, up to 9, then that's how many tickets you get in the draw to win a bundle of the ready made blocks.
This is my first time and I have made 8 blocks.
Now to try and upload them so I can be entered in the draw.
Cream tone on tone background with a batik Oak Leaf.

6" blocks for the October swap

I put my blocks in the mail yesterday morning for my partner, Madeline.
And surprise surprise, when I got home I had a special parcel in my mailbox.
I got 3 maple blocks in theses lovely colours.

Go over and have a look at all the other blocks that have been done at

Page number 6 of my Xmas Scrapbooking day

I have completed another page to go on the Make a Page Scrapbooking website.
I have been on a roll and done 6 pages now. Hope everyone likes looking at them.
I have used the "December 25th Collection"
I love the look of this page.

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Lancefield show / Starwood Quilters book club

I have recently joined Starwood Quilters  STARWOOD QUILTER    book club.
This month we are reading the book " State Fair " by Earlene Fowler.

Susan from Starwood chooses quilt blocks for us to make.
 These blocks are relevant to what is happening in the book each month.
Because our town was having their local show I thought I would share it on here.

The Lancefield Show animals and activities

Our town has a population of about 1200 people.
We are a small rural town that plans things together.
We had our local town show today.  It was beautiful sunny weather.
We have lots of food stalls, show bags, pig races, horse events, races, craft stalls, tractor pulls, sheep shearing, woodchopping, motorbike trials etc.
The local landcare group invited the local zoo to attend. Well it's not a normal Zoo. It's not open for the public to visit. It is an educational zoo where school aged children can go and help. They have groups of 10 each day. This is so they can spend time with the animals & teaching the children about native wildlife.
What a great idea. They even do birthday parties. How fantastic.

They held informative talks about our local wildlife. We did have a good day.
Enjoy the photos.

4 hour feeds for the kangaroo

A little bit  of grass too.

An Echidna

Now for the Koala

Everyone's favourite... The Koala!!!!!!

Our national animals

A lovely Echidna. We have had one of these near our back door too. We just gave it water, let it rest & it went on its way.

A laughing kookaburra. We actually have one or two in our back yard for the 2nd year in a row. It's great to listen to.

A cockatoo. These are all around.

Our cute wildlife

Fruit bat

Ring tailed possum


More local wildlife

A quokka . Cute

A black headed snake... 

A little penguin. Not quite from this area but our rivers lead to the bay at Port Phillip which is only about an hour away. We still need to look after them.

A goanna

A blue tonged lizard

Animals from our local area

A dingo

A Barn Owl

A 34 year old  green frog

A brown mouthed.       .

Quilts on display at the show

Nikki's Tractor Pull

Romsey Shire Tractor

Nikki driving

Nikki having fun. Girl power.

Nikki pulled the weight for about 85 metres.... Well done

Tractors at the show

A very old tractor still works

The Old Lancefield Fire Truck

A tractor pull in action

And another guy having fun