Saturday, 30 November 2013

My monthly paper pieced block swap from Helen

I am involved in am a monthly      Paper pieced    block swap 
I have just received my block from Helen.
Love the fabrics.
I have also added a link to the website where I take part in this block swap.
What do you think.
Beautiful colours.

Thanks Helen

Friday, 29 November 2013

Floral Trellis quilt workshop

I did a days workshop with Andrea. She was teaching a class making her FLORAL TRELLIS quilt.
I did mine in brights. It was organised through the Kilmore Quilters
This is my quilt so far. I managed to get all the blocks done on the day. Trimmed them up at home and pieced together. Would you believe that these are not on point but just blocks made and sewn together in strips. It was easy to do and quick and very effective.
We used a layer cake , fabric for the sashing and extra fabric for the borders. There was no waste from the layer cake.

I still have to get this out and finish it.
I am linking up with Val at

Kris Kringle

I had a good day at   Kilmore Quilters on the weekend doing a machine quilting course.
Instead of just sewing on a scrap I turned my quilted piece into my Kris Kringle present I need for my Heathcote Quilters group.
I made a quilted pot holder, a coaster & a mug bag to go with the mug I bought. I hope the winner of this gift will like it.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013


I have done some more sewing time on my Nearly Insane blocks.
Block 2
Block 10

6 " block swap for November 2013

I have got the painters at home giving my place a fresh coat of paint. 
So what better time to catch up on some sewing.

Here is what I have done for Michell in New Zealand.

The request was any blocks in blue & white.
I wanted to try a new method to make a 3d Bow ties block.
I think they worked out great.
They are in the mail now & I am up to date with all my swaps.

Paper pieced / Foundation pieced block swaps

This month I was lucky enough to have 2 partners.
These lovely Bow hearts are going to Helen in Queensland

These Atlantic seas blocks are going for a trip overseas to Janet in Canada.
I was a bit out with my points on the 1st block so I thought I'd do an extra for practice.

Monday, 11 November 2013


How do you know who or what a friend is?
When do you start to trust the comments of a someone you thought was a friend?
It is very disappointing to find out someone you thought was a friend doesn't think the same of you.
Loyalty & friendship is so hard to come by.

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Kerry, you will have to wait for your blocks.

I have mailed my block to Kerry.
I will put up the photos  when she has received them.

Here they are

I had did this colour way then thought I'd try a scrappy on. I have trouble doing scrappy.
Hope you like them Kerry

12" blocks from sunny Queensland

My partner for November in the 12" Block Swap was Kerry.
We only have to make 1 block but Kerry made & sent me 2.

These are just lovely.
Thanks Kerry.

A little Christmas surprise

With my Block Swaps & Block Lotto winners parcels I have included a little Christmas Surprise.
A little sewn Christmas Tree decoration.

Trouble with uploading photos

It's been a slow, non event, on here this week. I am having troubling uploading photos. I need to do a bit of reading and puzzle searching.
On the sewing front though I have forwarded my Block Lotto Oak Leaf blocks to the 2 winners.
My 12" block swap partner, Kerry, has made 2 lovely blocks for me. thanks Kerry. Yours are in the post on their way to you.
I have finished more of my quilted purses.
Had a great time at a 12 hour Scrapbooking day yesterday.
Now to go work on my 6" paper pieced block swaps.

Saturday, 2 November 2013

My 9 banded baskets for BLOCK LOTTO November 2013

I am part of an online group called BLOCK LOTTO
We make up to 9 blocks of a specified block and upload them. We then go in to a draw at the end of the month. There are 2 winners that share the prize. Last month there was 126 blocks to share.
Lucky girls who won.

Here are my entries for November 2013.