Thursday, 29 January 2015

My first OPAM & 1XiAM link up & Binding Blitz

I have just finished this cute, fun, little XMAS wall hanging.
It is a little tree stitchery done in a small chain stitch. The curves were filled with Buttons. I FMQ the background. Something I will be doing more of this year.

My first link up with Narelle.

Here are my months finishes for January.

3x Little Letter quilts, 1x Wonky Star quilt, 1x Basket Weave quilt, 1x knitted babies jacket, 1x 
babies floral bouquet, 4x draw string bags & the above button XMAS tree wall hanging.

Wow I hope I can keep this up. This is a great start to the year.
I am linking up with PEG & KRIS for OPAM

I am now linking up to JULIE with her BINDING BLITZ.
My bindings totals for January are.
Little Letters x 3 = 438"
Wonky Star = 240"
Basket Weave = 260"
XMAS Tree Mini = 52"

TOTAL BEING...... 990" for the month of JANUARY

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

My curved log cabin block

I have managed to get my Curved Log Cabin block done. I am using my scraps for this project. Over at Angela's it is a BLUE month. I am linking up with for the last Saturday of January. I worked out the measurements for me to follow to do more of these blocks. One important thing I learnt was that the last round of tone on tone must measure 3/4". Then when I sew the 4 units together the outside border will match. Very useful thing to remember..... The other pieces won't matter if they are not exactly the same. This full block measures 21.5" unfinished. Even though it took most of the day it is still a good block for an easy quilt. Yes it was done out of my scrap bucket

I look forward to making a new colour each month for RSC15

Monday, 26 January 2015

I have linked up

Today I am joining in with lots of other bloggers and linking up with
They have a great following with their OPAM (one project a month). The aim being to encourage all to try and finish at least one project a month to share with all our blogging friends.
I have already started the year out good so I hope I can keep it up.
Everyone's projects will be listed by the end of the month.
Look for my growing list at the top of this page under the Heading OPAM 2015

Next I want to be on top of things when I need some XMAS gifts. I have decided to join in with 
NARELLE . So watch out between the 25th & the end of the month for a post about an XMAS item I have finished. 

These are both new to me so I hope I can keep up and get it right.

Sunday, 25 January 2015

A busy weekend sewing

 FNSI kept me busy with me piecing my 1/2 square triangles together. Mari from had too many half square triangles so gave them away. Yep, they came to me... This is the pattern I chose and will be making it into a folder cover...

After the piecing was done I went on with machine quilting a friends quilt. I made good progress before getting too tired. This is a basket weave design so I quilted straight lines in the same direction as the weave.
Look at what the WENDY and the others who joined in have done..

I am still working out what to make this year for the RSC15 with ANGELA but I am leaning towards this...... An uneven log cabin block. When 4 are sewn together the centre creates a circle. Or is supposed too. The maths was doing my head in. I haven't got it quite right but it will work. This block measures 11" so once the 4 blocks are together it will be 21" finished.

With all 12 blocks done it will be a nice size... I am linking up with ANGELA and lots of others too.

I am linking up with Kathy at today.

 I have spent today quietly finishing another Hexie for Heathcote Quilters ...

Then moving on to a XMAS block. It is 12" square, made with a 1/4" bias and woven in a Celtic style. I'm not sure if it will be a wall hanging, cushion or a table centre. There is still plenty of time to work that out.

Saturday, 24 January 2015

My little trip away.

My friend and I had a few great days away in Adelaide. We went over to see the PARIS ICON fashion exhibition. So while we were there we thought we would catch up,with some other friends.
Last year in Cheryll's SANTA Sack swap I was partnered up with Mel from HERE at PINNYLEA CREATIONS. We have being getting to know each other over the past 7 months. I am sure I have asked her more than once quite a few things. I do seem to forget easily. When I new I was going to Adelaide I emailed Mel to see if she wanted to meet.  Of course she said yes. So meet we did.
I am sure that we will meet again. Hopefully Mel will make it over to Melbourne soon.
Until then we will be following each other in Blogland. Thanks Mel.

We had fun just talking, eating and shopping. Mel wasn't really familiar with the city but we had a great time. Especially after I had a large coffee. After spending a few hours together we went our seperate ways. My friend and I enjoyed the Exhibition. We walked so much and we passed this Haigs store so often we just had to stop and buy something. Then we met up with a group of friends and enjoyed a nice dinner at LaTrattoria. A very nice restaurant.

Our hotel was The PLAYFORD and did we enjoy it.
Look at the way we relaxed when we returned home from dinner.

The following day we walked, shopped and ate all over again.
Here is the stunning Adelaide Arcade. What a lovely selection of specialty shops.
We enjoyed a lovely Japanese lunch here.

Then for dinner we went to Jamie Oliver's Italian Restaurant.
It was just lovely. A very nice way to finish our stay before a taxi back to the airport.

Wednesday, 21 January 2015


AUSTRALIA POST has delivered my 2 blocks.
Block 40 from Lucy. I love the Suffolk puff. The block is also more green and yellow than it appears.

Block 48 from Deana. I just love the polka dot button.

 I am very happy my blocks are very different than the ones I have made. Just waiting on one more now.

I can't believe they are so much smaller than the quilt shop. I may have to make some more.

Monday, 19 January 2015

FNSI first for 2015

Common everyone, let's join in with Wendy and the world.
It's FNSI time.
Get your friends together, your food and drinks ready and your stitching organised.
Link up here with WENDY.

I think I will be doing some FREE MOTION QUILTING.
I have 2 quilts to be done by the 10th Feb and some other projects to be done. So a start on any of these will be good...

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Slow Sunday Stitching and the GATSBY 21st

Yes we did have a good time at the party. We are all dressed up and looked the part.
Here are the awesome foursome.
DH, me, 21st Alicia and our dear daughter Kristy.
At least we could smile even though we had some tears. Read about the story HERE and to see a photo of her quilt I made...

After last nights Great Gatsby 21st party and a slow start to the day I went and helped my daughter put up some curtains.  Then back home for some slow stitching, a movie, a bit of tv, dinner and some games. I am working on some more HEXIES for a block raffle at Heathcote Quilters.

I am linking up with 
Kathy has asked us to put up a photo with our hand in it. Boy was it hard trying to take a photo with the opposite hand.

Now to catch up on a photo for last weeks post. This is the little babies jumper I knitted for her little girl to soon be born. My daughters friend is due in 2  days.
Have a look HERE to see my other gift and mum to be.

Saturday, 17 January 2015

so Scrappy SATURDAY, I have been here

My Saturday last week was spent sewing these wonky star blocks. I didn't get them done in time for the link up but will catch up now. I have been so busy since Christmas and trying to catch up with life, swaps and my own sewing. I think I might nearly be there.
This year I have to learn  to say NO and not to over commit.... So here goes....
What I did during the week.
I continued on my WONKY STAR BLOCKS.
Here I am working on my block
 Here is my BLUE one for the month of January. I am linking up with So Scrappy.

I continued on with a yellow block and a red block. This gives me enough blocks to finish the quilt. I wanted to show these seperate blocks even though I have already shown the finished quilt the other day.

I have been making these blocks/quilts throughout 2014 and now continuing into 2015. I made 4 quilts for my sons closest girlfriends for their 21sts. It has been very hard but needs to be done. Everyone has to move on.
The labels on each qullt were personalised and are very touching. A few tears were shed when written and again when read. Memories will live on.

I am linking up with Soscrappy, Scrap Happy Saturday

It was with Angela's help and motivation that I managed to get all these blocks and quilts done. Thanks Angela for all your motivation..

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

The last 21st quilt

This is a very sad and hard post for me to make. Some that know me might need a tissue....
Here goes.
This week I have been getting organised for a special 21st party.
Firstly. We are going to a 21st that is a GATSBY 1920's dress up.
My daughter and I have had a great time shopping and planning for it.
It is hard in a way that the special girls party that it is was the girl my son spent his last day and night with before his accident. She has had a hard time coping with life as we have. She is such a sweet girl and I wish we had more time to get to know her. We had not met her before but have learnt more about her in the last 2 years.
This is the last wonky star quilt I have made and just finished quilting today. 
It was quilted with hearts for their love/friendship and STARS for where JOHN is now.

I am sure that this quilt will be loved by someone who is so treasured.
We love you.

Tuesday, 13 January 2015


Yes, I have joined in. I also ask you to join in too.
Have a look at Chez's bog 
She does the most amazing swaps and link ups. I have met so many beautiful ladies through this blog and also the swaps Cheryll organises. It is great to join in in so many different swaps throughout the year. I consistently donate baby quilts to forward on to the hospital but Cheryll does much more.
She joins quilters together in many ways. 
Last years SANTA sack swap was my first.  My partner was Mel from Adelaide. I am actually going to met her in person next week. I am taking a trip to Adelaide and have organised to meet up.
So, thankyou Chez.....
These swaps create friendships and motivation to get quilting.
Let's have fun...


I  JO  will try my utmost...
·        To always swap on time.
·        To always email a THANK YOU to my partner.
·        To be considerate and thoughtful when choosing a gift.
·        To give my partner the quality of gift that I would like to receive.
·        To communicate when it’s required.
·        To NEVER over commit and let a partner down.
·        To advise the swap mama when I receive my gift.

Sunday, 11 January 2015

No Slow Stitching today, I was at a baby shower

Today I went to a very special girls BABY SHOWER.
My daughter has a very close friend who has been there for her so many times. My daughter was her bridesmaid and now is beside her now that she is about to give birth to a beautiful daughter, or so we are told...... Today there was a gathering of close friends to celebrate the expected arrival of a baby..
Isn't she glowing.... And due in only 9 days...

There were beautiful cupcakes too.

And of course a special balloon to show the hubby.

Mother and daughter together.

And for all you GISBORNE QUILTERS... I'm sure you share with the grandma to be all the joy.
Look at that smile... A proud grandma...

And now for a gift I made.
I rolled up 3 pairs of socks, 2 singlets and 2 bodysuits to make this beautiful bouquet.
Not many people have seen this idea. It is so sweet.
The clothes went from this.

To this...

I also knitted a gorgeous little jacket but I forgot to take a photo.
 I am waiting for a photo to be sent to me and then I will post it...
Have a look HERE for it.

This is what I finished early on Sunday morning. 
So my slow stitching Sunday was actually knitting.
See what others did today over at

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Another finish during FNWF

I have had a great afternoon joining in with FNWF.
I finished quilting this quilt after it has been in my cupboard for a couple of years. I have a great friend who made me a few tops and I quilted a few quilts for her. Thanks Sue.. I also used this project to teach her how to do this pattern. It's a very easy design.
After I got it all quilted I found out there wasn't enough prepared binding with it. So a quick call to my friend and a drive YES she had some fabric to match. Now the binding is on.

And here is a close up of the quilting. I followed the weave pattern and FMQ it very easily.
I'm happy with it.

More sewing I did this week was my quilt shop blocks for the DOD row mystery
We could put any design quilt to hang on the front. I found a small piece of this cute XMAS fabric so I went with that theme. I added a little bling and a few buttons.
If you make one block each month you get next months pattern for free.
You can also make some blocks to swap. Then you can get some great blocks from all over the world..
This is the block I will swap

And this one is for me to keep.

I also help out and make quilts for the AUSSIE HEROES.
Look to find out more...

There was a request for POPPY BLOCKS for a special project...

Friday, 9 January 2015

First FNWF for 2015

looks like there will be lots of stitchers joining in tonight with FNWF. The first for 2015

Hope to see you there. 
I am finishing off quilting and binding a quilt.
Blocks for a row mystery quilt. 

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Sewing in the cool sewing room

I have done two block 1's today....there are a lot of pieces but I got there.
I made my own quilt design for the window. I strip pieced a block then cut it up to make a pinwheel.

Here is "Nancy's Cupboard" quilt shop to SWAP

And then there is "A Quilter's Home"  for me to keep.

I have also made two block 4's but they still need embellishing. Photos to come.....

The new row this month in Deana's Quilters Garden Mystery is QUILT SHOPS.
They are fun but a lot of pieces. Go and have a look at the other designs. There are 4.

I also received some happy mail today from Sheila from

I was Sheila's 100th follower on her blog so she sent me a little gift. A fabulous little zippered purse with crazy cats on it... As well as a pile of squares for me to use. 
I think these will go into my Bow Tie blocks.

I missed posting about this block I received from Susan..
It is the November STEAM THAT SEAM block.
It is a lovely green that matches so well and a very cute button on it too.
Thanks Susan