Saturday 29 April 2023

Meeting bloggers in person and the International girls.

 It’s so amazing we were able to get together for a quilting retreat let alone having 7 bloggers join us from overseas and everyone else scattered from all over Australia.

(Majority of these photos are not mine. I have taken them from the shared files.)

Sorry if there are any double ups, too many of one person or I have missed anyone. I didn’t take many photos and it was hard to keep the camera going. So I’ll take what I can get. 

Anyway. It was wonderful meeting Deana, , and her sister, Tracy, from the USA. I have been following Deana for a few years we thought. It turns out it’s been since 2015. I started following Deana’s blog when I started making some of her design quilts in swaps back then. Never thought we would actually meet so this has been an amazing experience which I will never forget.

Gail (USA),  Tracy, Deana & Lou (NZ)

Deana & Judy (Bordertown, South Australia)

Sylvia, (Germany)

Of course the host, Chooky

Gail, concentrating on her paper foundation piecing.

The South Australian clan I was lucky enough to spend a weekend retreat with back in February.
Pat, Judy & Raelene (aka, the fairy)

Raewyn (NZ)

Tracy, Chris ( Canada)

The international clan

And a very happy Chooky. You so deserve to be happy as you have done a wonderful job with organising all of us. Well done .

Thursday 27 April 2023

1st night at Scrub Stitchin. Dinner at the Pub


We all arrived at Scrub Stitchin on the Wednesday. We unpacked, supplied our own lunch, met everyone, chatted a lot s some even sat to sew. For dinner we headed to the local pub. Husbands too. I think there was about 7 of them. I’m not sure if the pub was ready for us but in we went and moved tables to fit us in. There was so much chatter. Anyway, here are some photos.

Thanks to whoever took the photos

I’m not sure if this was a window the pub

We all bonded, chatted and laughed. A great start to the retreat

Tuesday 25 April 2023

Friday night Australian theme…. Dress for dinner- Anzac Day

 Everyone enjoying a pre dinner drink before our themed Australian dinner. We were to leave the building while it was being decorated for dinner. After a drink and chat we went to get into our costumes, dress up clothes, outfits. Whatever we felt was our Australian feelings.

Sylvia being interviewed by the local paper.

As the sun goes down.

Look at this beautiful sunset through the outside bar.

This captures the beautiful weather we are enjoying.


The tourists enjoying Kath& Kim

Australian print Scrubs

Enjoying dinner


Gum nut babies with a gum leaf

Sylvia’s wonderful art.
A crocodile on her arm, a snake around the neck with a mouse in its mouth.

High tea hat

A Joey in her pouch

Kath &Kim with a gum nut baby

A tourist

The tables are set and full

Cheers to Australia

The fun has begun with Aussie music playing in the background.

I’ve posted this today to remember our Anzacs.

A true Aussie Hero.

Anzac Day Images - Free Download on Freepik