Tuesday, 29 September 2015



I have been slowly working on some scrap blocks using Bonnie Hunters SCRAPPY SPIDER WEB pattern.


And now it is finished and ready to be sent off to an AUSSIE HERO....
I have added the service number on the front, it has a girly backing and been bound in a multi colour fabric

A total of 228" of binding done on this quilt

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Monday, 28 September 2015


I have finished Nicholas's quilt.
It looks great.
Happy 7th Birthday NICHOLAS.


Binding Blitz .....  260"

Sunday, 27 September 2015

A glass of red and reading blogs

Well, we have now all received our partners in the CHOOKYBLUES SSCS. 
So while I sit here and do a bit of spying and looking through my partners blog I'm having a glass of red.
A good friend of mine went on a trip to Western Australia and had a great time. She is so lovely and bought me home a special gift. A bottle of PATCHWORK red wine. Barrosa Shiraz by Yallumba.
Yes it is nice. I enjoyed a glass or two with my dinner, reading blogs, knitting and then on to watching tv....

Now to start thinking of what to make for my secret partner.

Saturday, 26 September 2015


I saw this information over at Angies sIte.

Go and have a look at what else Angie is doing.....


Quilt Blocks to Heal Violence - Make a Tic Tac Toe block to show your support for ending domestic violence. Details on GnomeAngel.com
There’s an epidemic sweeping our Nation at the moment and it’s killing woman and children in dramatic numbers. This year alone 62 woman have been killed in Australia in acts of violence against women. 62! These deaths are brutal and shocking and are not limited to adult woman, children are being killed as well. This month alone a woman was shot dead allegedly by her ex-partner in a Gold Coast McDonalds in front of other diners. It’s confronting and disgusting that this type of crime is on the rise while our State and Federal Governments are reducing funding to the organisations that try to help women flee these situations.
As the mother of a son it chills me to the bone to think that he may he grow up in a society that passively supports this type of behaviour through the lack of support, funding and education being allocated to eradicating this violence. While I may not have much control past voting and voicing my displeasure in controlling how the Government apportions it’s resources, I can raise my son to know how to respect the women in his life. I can also help him develop the self-respect that will help him know that violence, no matter who it’s directed towards, is never the answer and it’s never acceptable. Never.
When Jackie Gillies (@jackiegillies) reached out and asked for a donation of Tic Tac Toe Blocks to go towards helping her make quilts to donate to a domestic violence refuge I jumped at the chance to show my support. Jackie says, “I wanted to wrap these women and children in something warm and made with love…” and this is a sentiment I can whole heartedly support. Nothing provides warmth and comfort like a handmade quilt.
The response has been great so far and Jackie has now decided that she’s going to make 8 quilts and donate them to a Women’s Refuge in each State and Territory of Australia. I’ve made 3 quilt blocks to donate (one for each member of our family) and I’d love it if you could help out as well (but only if you can!).


Block: Tic Tac Toe – it’s great for all skill levels (there’s no HSTs!) – click here to get the tutorial.
Colour Palette: Bright centre cross with low volume background fabrics.
What is Low Volume: White or cream with a grey/black/white print. See blocks on the hashtag #quiltblockstohealviolence for examples.
How Many Can You Make: As many as you would like.
Who Can Donate: Anyone!
Where Do I Send The Blocks: Quilt Blocks To Heal Violence, 7 Barton St, West Footscray, Victoria, Australia 3012.
Closing Date: Donations will be accepted until the end of October. Jackie is aiming to have them pieced, quilted and bound ready to be gifted before Christmas.
Got a Question: Click here to email Jackie
If you would like to donate cash to support the end of violence against women then you can donate via White Ribbon by clicking here.
If you are in need of support you can find help in Australia by clicking here. You are not alone, you can get help.

Friday, 25 September 2015

Australian (Americana) & Spring SAL

I have worked very hard today cutting and piecing.. I still need to do all the hand stitching but that will happen later..
I made only 2 Betsy Sues with the Australian flag. I still need to add a frame around the flag. I only did 2 because my quilt isn't going to be as wide. I will do all the calculations and add in places if I need to. I kept with the red, white and blue. Still sticking with a similar theme to you all.

Next up was the picket fence. Wow it is a big fence. I thought I had enough of one fabric but didn't. Then I added a lighter fabric to finish off. That hasn't really worked too well. It blends too much with the fence. I will need to do a but of outline stitching to help it stand out. I have added some climbing roses which I will raw edge appliqué. I've even added a bird house.  It is cute...

I then went back to last months Spring SAL and joined up the houses. I used the left over picket fences to join them and added some trees, a dog and then the lines for the quilts.. Hand stitching needs to be done but at least the row is now together...

Until next month.

Thanks Deana. Hope your life at the moment is travelling ok....

Thursday, 24 September 2015


My Grandson, Nicholas, is having his 7th birthday soon. He just loves MINECRAFT so I decided to start making a quilt for him. This is a really quick quilt to make....
MINECRAFT is started

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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

A relaxing few days with a kookaburra

I am away with my daughter and the grandsons for a few fun days.
The weather is so much better today than yesterday. It was very nice with the sun out and sitting beside the campfire. Having a clean up and seeing the kookaburra dive for food. We found a witchety grub and put it on a tree branch. It swooped and grabbed the bug. It was so good just sitting and watching.
Kookaburra watching to see what food he can get

Kookaburra waiting for the right time to swoop

Relaxing by the campfire. Of course with a drink in hand

Monday, 21 September 2015

A few more dishcloths

I made another 2 knitted dishcloths and gave them to my friend Keryn. I know she loves Christmas and I hope she enjoys using them..

Santa face dishcloth 
Xmas Tree and house dishcloth

2 more to add to my OPAM  & 1XiAM  linkups

Santa & Xmas tree dishcloths

Sunday, 20 September 2015


This is what I got up to on Saturday.
After a fun Friday night being spoilt by Keryn and her hubby, Ross. I was looking forward to an exciting sewing day. I awoke to the beautiful smell of scones baking... Oh so yummy.
To start my day I came out to the kitchen to see the table set ready for the group that was soon to arrive...
All ready for morning tea.

The table is setThe view out the window was of the cute lambs. Yes, even the naughty one that were in the septic paddock. But we were assured by Ross they wouldn't get in there. Luckily there were no dramas, no one had to jump fences or chase them..
Good morning sheep

In the septic paddock

The students have arrived. Lorraine, a friend of Keryns who doesn't like her photo taken, Annie, who didn't go in the naughty corner and Mel. Some great blogging friends...
Morning tea time....
Just look at our morning tea....

Now into the sewing room.
A lovely gift bag for us all
There was a greeting goodie bag with our sewing pattern, a fat quarter, Chrissy decoration for the tree, bag of lollies (my hubby enjoyed them) and what was need to make our SANTA NODDER.

Inside our goody bag 
The head is on and the hat is being done.
SANTA in progress

We sewed so hard it was time for lunch.
Mel  & Annie
Our beautiful lunch. 

A yummy Trifle

Keryn had us so organised that we were able to make an ELF NODDER too

Here are what we made.
Our days work

And the SNOWMAN NODDER I bought.
Santa, Snowman & Elf Nodder. Designed by Keryn

All day long we had this beautiful view of the sheep with their lambs...
Frolicking sheep with their lambs
Blogging friends. Mel, Jo, Annie
Thanks for a great day/night Keryn.
You are a fantastic host, great cook and excellent teacher.
Hopefully Keryn will be holding more classes soon. Book in when you see them. Spots will fill fast and they are so worth it. 
Go have a look at Keryns blog. See what she makes and what's up for sale.
Get in ready for Christmas 

Saturday, 19 September 2015


I was very lucky on Friday night to be staying with a blogging friend.
One who won't be photographed and can't be named.... Haha.
More about her on my next post thou..... Aaaaggggghhh the suspense......
We did spend some time sewing and stitching together though.
After lunch at a lovely cafe, a tour of the area, visiting 3 patchwork shops, spending some money and then back for a beautiful meal and a lovely evening here is the sewing photo.

So I am linking up with Wendy over at


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And Shez, sorry, but I took your room....
You were right Keryn is a great host...

Thursday, 17 September 2015

A gift for a friend

I needed to make a special gift for a friend.. So I put together this cute wall hanging...
I just love the colours...
I used it as a practice for the new Westalee quilting rulers.. I used a small clam shell design.,I am very happy with how it has turned out...

I love the jar of buttons. There is still something to stitch on it but I will not be showing that as it might give the gift away....

I'll be sharing my Friday night with a blogging friend so I'm sure there will be some stitching of some sort.
So go have a look, sign up and stitch along with us all
I am really looking forward to my weekend adventure.

Look out for the posts...

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Another crochet blanket

after finishing off a lot of mums crafts there are still a few longer projects to do.
I found this crochet blanket started and I have never seen this pattern before. So I had to unpick some rows to work out the design.

They look like rows of flowers in a vase. It is very pretty.

I have lots of different colours for the flowers so I will just keep working until I run out of the pink or free or it is a good size to stop...
It will take me a while to finish. This will be a job to pick up in between other projects.

Sunday, 13 September 2015

My Table Runner and Centre Piece

I tried to link up with Val on Tuesday but couldn't find a post with my finished table runner...

This was the only post I could find so I am doing a catch up one.

Here are some photos of my lovely finished Compass Rose Runner and mat...

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Such great mail today. Im EXCITED

I am so excited. 
When I got home today I had a parcel waiting for me. I couldn't wait to open it and do a post about it. I had been expecting it.....
A few while ago on a blog somewhere I read about getting your blog put into a book.
I had a look into it and never got around to going through with it.
Then late one night I couldn't sleep so I had a play, hit the BUY button, paid, then had to sit and wait for the finished product.
Like I said.

Here is the front cover.

My introduction.

Contents pages.

Blog post pages.

The back cover.

There are 80 pages all up and it cost $65.
When you order it is in American Dollars so just beware.

So go on over and have a look.
It did take a while to sort it out but it is worth it.
I have already ordered my next book for the year of 2014.
You can choose the dates of what you want printed....


I had to use my lovely pin cushions that were gifts from Cheryl & Keryn as page stoppers. I do use them