Tuesday, 30 June 2015

I am away and enjoying my walk around town

I decided to go away for a little holiday. Hubby came for the weekend. We had a good sleep in then went for a walk to enjoy some sunshine.
Back over the bridge from Mulwala, NSW, to Yarrawonga VICTORIA. Hubby doesn't like his photo being taken. Can you tell.

Then getting him to take my photo is even harder. Here I am against the old watch house. Built in
 Looking back over to Mulwala side.
 The power station. The water coming from the lake through the station at a great force.
 Look at the force.

About the power station 
 There is a bird keeping watch. Maybe he might catch a fish soon
Then past the back of the local RSL & Club Mulwala.

Monday, 29 June 2015

JUNE OPAM's total. A whopping 29

Wow what a month.....

Thanks to Peg & Kris for the push along.
I have had a very succesful month.

And for my BINDING BLITZ JUNE TOTAL..........643"

Thursday, 25 June 2015

More baby gifts are made.

Today I had a nice quiet day finishing off some baby gifts.
I used up all the leftover towel to make 4 pairs of nursing pads. I just put flannelette on one side and towelling on the other. These are washable and I'm sure will help the new mum..
I did another 2 receiving blankets in blue, for the boys. It was much easier making them with flannelette rather than Minky.
Then with the left over towelling, minky, flannelette and adding 6" pieces of mixed ribbons I got 4 little TAGGIES..... I'm sure these will be well used by baby...

All I need to do now is knit some little baby jackets then I will have 4 complete sets of gifts. 

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

My busy day of sewing.....

I had a great day sewing at a sit n sew at Kilmore Quilters on Friday. 10am - 10pm... Including a Pizza tea.
This is how I spent my FNSI.
I started lots of projects.. Then I spent my weekend slow stitching my crazy patchwork item.
Monday I was at my Gisborne group and finished off some of these projects.
Then today at the Kilmore Quilters group I finished off more.....
Here they are...
8 x baby Bibs with 50" of bindings on each one.

I bought a lovely towelling bath towel/sheet for $5 and got the 8 bibs out of. I have been making these for years. They are great because the Velcro ones get filled with fluff and the Velcro doesn't stick. With the left over circle I will be making some nursing pads.

2 x receiving blankets.

I used Minky for the first time. As cute as it looks I think I will just do flannelette in the future. I think it will lay flatter.
I followed a tutorial from here

4 x Teddy Bear Pin Cushions. These are so cute.

I am making some gifts for Xmas and some trade table items. These are so cute and I got the idea from here

I finished my crazy patchwork item. I will be showing the Heathcote quilters tomorrow to show what I will be teaching there soon. I hope they like it and they are not overwhelmed with it.
Another 15" of binding....

WOW. I told you I have been busy
15 finishes for OPAM
415" binding.

Monday, 22 June 2015

A crazy slow stitching Sunday

In actual fact it was a whole weekend of slow stitching.
I am making another crazy patchwork project. I spent the weekend drawing it up and then stitching it. Adding beads for bling. All I need to do is add a spider in the web then I can sew it into a project... I will be teaching this class to a small group in 2 months so I will be making another one soon.

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Saturday, 20 June 2015

mums old iron

I was reading here on Egleas blog about her old iron.
As you regulars know my mum recently passed away and I have been sorting out her household things. Boy did mum have a lot of interesting things. I have found this old iron.

 It is very cute. And so much smaller than the irons we use today...
Here it is with my little scissors to give you some idea of size....

Friday, 19 June 2015

More of mums crochet & my knitting

Tonight is FNSI with Wendy. http://sugarlane-designs.com/2015/06/fnsi-sign-ups-for-june.html

I was at my LQG all day sit n sew... 10 to 10. I haven't take any photos of what I was working on but there was about 20 of us sewing away. Hopefully over the weekend I'll get some photos.

In the meantime I have been doing some wool work. Knitting and crocheting..

Mum had a bag full of crochet granny squares made. They are in very soft and pretty colours. This is the design I have laid them out in. I will join them by crochet and then crochet a border.

I also made my eldest grandson, Nicholas, a beautiful knitted jumper. It is in an old pattern. FISHERMANS RIB. The yarn is thicker than 14 ply, a real chunky one, so it hasn't taken me long to make.

Another finish for OPAM..

Wednesday, 17 June 2015


Sometimes I just feel like my life is one big bag of bad luck.
My hubby and I went away for a great weekend together. Just the 2 of us. Relax, talk & enjoy dinner. It was great. BUT when we returned home our beloved 16 yo retriever didn't come and greet us. It was dark and cold so we thought he was just comfy in his kennel.
Next morning I was running late and as I left he just looked at me. He is nearly blind and deaf so doesn't recognise us sometimes. Once again I got home when it was dark. He was still in his kennel.
I had a nice juicy steak for him but he stayed in is kennel. Very unusual. I went over thinking he might be stuck and pulled him out. The poor boy couldn't stand up. His hips had failed and he just laid there. Didn't whimper or anything. It was so sad. I'm not sure if he had been there since late Saturday or not..
Luckily my local vet was just closing when I rang and they stayed open for me.,he had to be lifted into the car and the vet had to help me carry him inside.
Unfortunately there was nothing that could be done so we had to have him put down.
The tears are still flowing....


Sunday, 14 June 2015

Crazy patchwork block is done

I have completed my block and now I am wondering what to make with it. I know there will not be any more of this design made so there won't be a quilt made. I will be searching Pinterest for ideas.

I have spent hours stitching on beads. I am going crazy and just want to keep adding them.  I have to stop. I have really enjoyed putting this block together.
So here it is... Do you think there should be any areas filled. I have to straighten the block and stitch fabric borders around it. Then I will decide if anything needs to fill the corners. I know I have gone close to some of the edges. I will deal with that as I stitch on my borders. Fingers crossed.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

my day at NOTY

Today I went to the NOTY group & I joined as member. I hope to get there once a month due to the drive, even though they meet every week. It takes about 1 1/2 hours for me to get there but it's a great day out. The ladies are so friendly and welcoming.
I have even booked in for my first class next month. How exciting.....
Thanks Kris for taking me.
It was also great that I met a few people I have crossed paths with.
Rosalie from Kilmore quilters. Can't ever remember meeting her but it was great to talk today. I know she follows my blog.. (thanks Liz).
Carmen, I met at the Phillip Island retreat in the same workshop as me.
June, who was at a retreat last year in my home town.
Jackie, who I have emailed a few times. Can't wait for the school holidays to have a real chat.
Lastly, I caught up with Anita. Can't wait for my first class.
Sorry if I missed anyone. It is very hard to remember names, especially for the first time. It was great meeting you all.
Anyway, I took some hand sewing... Hexies. Mmmmm but what will I be doing with them. you will all have to wait and see.

I had a busy day yesterday doing my homework for my next QUILT AS YOU GO class.
We had to complete all the blocks we required. For me I need a total of 32 blocks. 4x8 blocks.
It is a strange size but I will be making this for an AUSSIE HERO quilt.
To get the length I am putting a strip across the centre.
Guess who it is be made for..  Hi request was green..... I know I have put in florals but I have used up a lot of scraps.... It is still a quilt to be used.

My blocks, borders and batting are all ready to go. The best part is I'm not doing it at the last minute. Plenty of time to spare. Class date is the 24th June...

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Wednesday, 10 June 2015

What a great weekend. ... UPDATED...

I have had a fantastic weekend of sewing. I went to Heathcote for a little sew and chat on Saturday. Worked on some secret Xmas sewing.. Sorry no pics yet.

Then my idea struck me for what to make for my next Aussie hero Quilt.
My guys request was for RUGBY & JAPANESE LINGUIST...  This was a challenge.
I must admit I love Japan, the people and the fabrics. I cannot speak or write it. As for rugby, I am not a sports person and I know nothing about it.
So WHY did I choose this request. I love a challenge. Once an idea comes to me it usually doesn't take long to do.
I hope I have got it right. I was emailing a friend in Japan for help. I hosted her as a student and we have remained friends. We have also visited her. Thanks Asami....
The word at the top says THANKYOU . This first version had a mistake so I hade to fix it..
Here is the correct version. The first letter didn't have the curved bit on it. The printer had chopped it off so I hadn't seen it. It is now there.. THANKYOU

 AND the new finished quilt

and at the bottom it says AUSTRALIA.

The fabric at the sides is Feng Shui and says WIND & WATER

Jan-Maree had this great backing for me to use. THANKS JAN-MAREE.

And here is the laundry bag to go with it.

2 finishes for OPAM

Sunday, 7 June 2015

FNWF Secret sewing for Xmas in July

I have had so many ideas of what to make but what do I actually get started on.
I thought, take it slowly and simply, don't be overwhelmed, calm down.
So that's what I did and here is the start. A sneak preview.
Isn't he so cute

I also did a little bit of this too.

These projects are all finished but will not include them in OPAM or 1XiaM until July. After the reveal.

So this was how I spent my FNWF. Thanks Chez for organising.
Go over HERE to see who else joined in.

Saturday, 6 June 2015

my mums crafts are getting done

My mum had a wonderful craft group going on every Wednesday. They are helping me finish of mums work that she had started.
Here is a cute little babies jacket.

And then we have a lovely scarf made with KAFFE FASSET yarn.
Won't the girls just love this.

Thank you Marj and Glenys.

I have finished the CHEVRON CROCHET BLANKET..

My first OPAM for JUNE.....

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Quilt as you go workshop and more CRAZY PATCHWORK...

I did my first days workshop at Heathcote last week. The first lesson was to show us how to construct the block. It will make a reversible quilt. I decided to only use my scrap greens on both sides. I'm sure it will still look ok.
We have some homework to do before next months meeting.
Here is what I am up to so far.

I am happy with how they are looking. They still have to be trimmed to 8.5".  I think I might make it the size for an AUSSIE HERO quilt. Then it will be waiting for a home to go to...

Then I went on with my next step in the Crazy Patchwork course. Task # 9 was to create the lovely woven roses. Task # 10 was to add French knots with leaves and gathered roses.
I have added some seed beads as a filler and to add some sparkle.
I love them. I'm so happy....

It is starting to fill up...

mmmmmm what will I be working on.....

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