Friday, 6 November 2020


Hi everyone, It's just a short post to say Happy Birthday to a frien of mine. She relocated just as Covid restrictions hit and is now settled in her new home. Years ago she made me this beautiful quilt top, the one in my header. mmmmm 5 1/2 years ago. Well it is basted and the hand quilting was started a while back but I haven't touched it for a while. I just wanted to share it and show that I love it and am thinking of her on this special day. It is on my bed and I am using it even though the quilting isn't done. So Deanna, you are not the only one.
SO HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUE.... I have another friend going away to Bright in Victoria for a weeks retreat with my old quilting group from where I was a member before I moved. I am so envious. She is going to have a great time catching up with friends and family. Have a good day everyone