Sunday, 15 May 2022

My past week.

 Well, here is another long awaited catch up post. I don’t seem to be able to keep up lately. I’m not sure if it’s inspiration I need or what. Anyway, here  are a few things.

At my Saturday sit n sew I made a pin cushion/bin tidy to go beside my chair. This was a tutorial night workshop our group had while I was away in March. I finally got to do mine. I am very happy with how it worked out.

On Monday we had our daughter and family over for dinner as it was her birthday later in the week and she was going to be working. So we had a lovely night together.
Of course there was a little cake

Never too old for birthday cake.

Our grandson made dessert. Berry fruity dream sorbet in the Thermo. He is 13, now taller than me and did it all by himself while I watched over his shoulder. He did well. Yes I am loving the Thermo.

I hadn’t been feeling well and had left work early so nothing special was made. The following day I wasn’t feeling the best and stayed home again. Spent some time knitting my teabag strings
Donated tea bags

Collection from work

All the tags are off

The strings are ready to tie together.

Where the knitting was

Where the knitting is now

I had a painful Tuesday night so off to the ER on Wednesday morning. To find out I was being admitted with diverticulitis. Oh so painful.

The wards were full so this was my new home for 2 days. The short stay ward.

When I could finally have a meal that I could keep down without any pain I was allowed home. My meal. We always get told to not have too much salt. Oh boy. That soup and mash was hard to swallow. I think they used the whole salt container. I did mange to eat it without any other trouble though.

I had some beautiful flowers delivered by a friend

So here we are on Saturday and I am joining in with Chooky on zoom. I was supposed to be away at a quilt retreat so I am very happy to join in on zoom. I am sewing away with my little hexie flowers.

Well that’s it for this week. Here I was thinking I hadn’t done much but reading this I know I have done plenty. I’m hoping to go to work for a short day and see how I manage.
Thanks for all your caring support and messages.

Monday, 2 May 2022

Machine quilting ruler class.

 It was the Anzac Day long weekend and I had been busy every day. But I needed to get some prep work done for an upcoming class. First up we had a platter of cheese and crackers, dips and wine…

It was a hard decision figuring out what fabrics I wanted to use. But when I was showing Janice my messy room I picked up a bag of fabrics left over from a quilt I had made. That was what I was going to use…

I needed to make 6 placemats & 1 table runner

And here they are ready for the workshop

Now I just need to cut the wadding and backing

Friday, 29 April 2022

Zoom, a special visit and baking

 I was out to dinner with my daughter and Chooky called an impulse zoom. I could join in when I got home to see her finish another binding. Progress is great. So fun to chat.

I got a call from  Janice  and she was camped nearby. So we agreed for her and Mick to share morning tea with us the following day. Well I know they love baking and eating cakes. So off into the kitchen straight away. I decided to make an apple and walnut cake. I had everything for it except my usual cake tin. Who knows where that went. So it was made a bit thinner into a small casserole dish. It still cooked ok.

Janice bought along her slice and we swapped recipes. 

We chatted away. I showed off my messy sewing rooms. The guys chatted about their toys. Bikes, campers, travel etc… so many things in common. The time went fast and we had a great time.

Then for the photo shoot. A close up with the messy back ground.

And from the other direction. Thanks Mick for your camera skills

It was wonderful having you visit and we can’t wait to meet up again and go on a bike trip with you both. 

Wednesday, 27 April 2022

Show n tell retreat style.

 Oh my, what a display of fantastic work and finishes over the past year. This was an amazing display of talented quilters who were so welcoming and their finishes are just so inspiring. I can only hope that I am able to make this style and quality one day.

Thankyou everyone for sharing your talents and welcoming me into this group.

Please enjoy the following photos.