Friday, 3 April 2020


All I can say today is
Who would have been 26 today.

As we do every year, these are the balloons we let go into the sky for them to fly up to him.

His light is glowing in his favourite colour.

The rest says it all.

Thank you Jo.....

Saturday, 28 March 2020


This COVID-19 has gone crazy.
Quilters have plenty to stitch at home but we miss the group visits and chats.

Our group got together for an International Sisters Workshop.
It was a relaxed fun night. If we only knew what was to come.
I had a sample block made and some more cut out. Most people made 2 blocks.

The ladies from the other end.
We are very lucky to have this space available to us every week.
We now appreciate it even more now that we cannot get together and use it.
 I think we should have a party when we finally can meet again.

Here are the nights efforts made by this group of ladies. It was a fun tutorial night.

Preeti kindly gave me permission to share her pattern at my group.
Let's all support her too. Go over and see what she is up to.

I really want to thank PREETI for her kindness.

And here are my sisters breaking the social distance rules and sticking together as one.

Friday, 20 March 2020

Spotlight sit n sew..

I have been a bit distant lately and now it is time to catch up. I haven't  sewn for quite a while.

Our group had a sit n sew at our local SPOTLIGHT store.
There were 7 of us for up to 4 hours. Sitting sewing, chatting, knitting and talking to customers.
It was a good day.

As you can see I was working on the baby quilt from the ones I have shown finished.

Wednesday, 26 February 2020

Finished quilts --- 2 baby quilts and cuddle bunnies FINISHED

I've been busy knitting and sewing some baby quilts for my brother to give as gifts.
2 knitted cuddle bunnies.

And I even had matching labels...

These are the 2 lovely, cuddly baby quilts finished withtheir matching cuddle bunny.
These were knitted with chenille yarn.

We went for a drive to deliver them to my brother.
The drive was 450 kms each way.
So a drive there, out for dinner, stay over and then home again the next day.

While sitting having our morning coffee a little friend had a rest on the fence.

Wednesday, 19 February 2020

Bird cage Key holders

I started these key holders a while ago. Maybe a year.

That are my no.11 on my UFO 2020 list.
When I drew out the numbers to be worked on in January I drew no. 7.. For some reason I pulled these out of the cupboard and started sewing. Crazy me then realised they weren't what I was supposed to be finishing. Anyway 2 are done but I do have another 4 to finish when no. 11 does get pulled out to do... I might just get them finished.
They are great to have in your handbag as the keys don't rattle around and they are kinda cute.

Sunday, 16 February 2020

Visiting Sisters from New Zealand & Canada.

Fabrics from Raewyn from New Zealand & a special one from Canada..

A Sister from Canada.

Sisters fromNew Zealand.

Wednesday, 12 February 2020

Baby boy and girl quilts nearly done.

I wasnt feeling well when I first got up Saturday morning so I went back to bed for a nap. Got up at 11.30 and did some grocery shopping. Came home and sat about not really too well. I just read some blogs and watched tv.. once again I was falling asleep so off for another sleep. Woke up hungry and ate. I finally felt like I was awake at about 10 pm...
Hubby was away for the weekend so I focused on the 2 baby quilts I need to finish this month.
I managed to get the tops done and I'm started. posting this from my bed at 3.35 am - Sunday 
Here is the boys one .... ( sorry about the lighting but given the time I can't do much about it).
And the girls one
I want to quilt them when I get up. I hope I feel bettter...Otherwise it will be next weekend when I get back to them...

Simple quilting design.

Baby boy quilt quilted, binding on ready for hand stitching down.

Sunday, 9 February 2020

Winter mug rug Swap...

I was part of a winter mug rug swap.
I received my mug rug from Tracey in QLD. It is just lovely. About A4 size.
Tracey used astiff bag batting which I have not seen done before. It makes it more sturdy than usual.
I might try this with the next one I make.

This is what I made. First up was some fun stitching.

A cute little Dresden snowman. I had a lot of fun making this one. Not your traditional mug rug.
It measures 8" from point to pint.

Thursday, 6 February 2020


Bloggers are so generous. 
I received this beautiful Texas Wildflower fabric from Karen at

Well , I have put this fabric to use and made my first block...

I have seen this block on a few sites and wanted to join in.
Read this funny story about how the blocks multiply..
If you want to join in with making these girls go to see the post PREETI has done with a tutorial.
I think PREETI is amazed with how widespread this block has become.
This is how the began.

Monday, 3 February 2020

Loving my Bloc Loc rulers....

I don't really do written reviews but here goes.

I saw these Bloc Loc rulers a few years back and thought they were interesting. I watched a tutorial at one of the quilt shows and thought they would be a great addition to my ruler / tools collection. When I saw the price my thoughts were put on hold. UNTIL THIS YEAR. I finally got around to purchasing a half square triangle pack. That was in July. They have sat in their sweet little packet until this years BONNIE HUNTER MYSTERY. We have had to make 100's of half square triangles. So what better time than now to learn how to use them.
WHY DID I WAIT SO LONG. They are brilliant. They make it so easy to trim up blocks, accurately too. Paired with a rotary cutting mat and the job was done super quick.
Anyway, now I'm on the hunt for the flying geese ruler set. In this mystery we have to make 100's of geese and I am not a fan. I won't get the rulers in time to use with this project but they will be bought soon.
As I said they are not cheap but well worth it. I have only found them at Punch With Judy (Australia) as I don't do online shopping well.
Hopefully you can get the chance to try these rulers and some might suit you. Treat yourself to a great gift..

Perfect every time..
This shows just how many half square triangles I have trimmed...