Thursday, 20 September 2018

Baby Boy Bandanas

I wanted to make some bibs to add to my Pepe pee tee pee gifts...

I used the pattern from. but it is now no longer available. It is such a great
pattern. So THANKYOU for making it easier to make my gifts...

I managed to get 5 cut out of the stip of fabric that I had.
Now to sew them right sides together..

I ironed on some interfacing so give the clasps a little more strength.

I clipped the curve before I turned them right side out..

Here are my 5 sewn, now to work out the finishing clasps...

I tried using these great pressstuds. I used to use them on my children's clothes when they were little. BUT.... The flannelette & towelling was too thick for it to work.
Unfortunately I banged my finger itch the hammer.
Instantly my nail was black... boy it hurt...

So I decided to use standard sew on press studs.
These were out of my bag of goodies from my mums stash.
When we cleaned out her home I couldn't throw anything out because I knew one day I would use them. Here we are 3 1/2 years later they are getting used...
Look at the old price on them. We stopped putting price tickets on stock about 25years ago... 43cents... Amazing..
Here they are finished after I sewed the press studs on.
Green towelling one side and boy flannelette..
I got 5 made out of a strip that was 30cm wide by 1 metre...

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Stops along the way

A beautiful view of the falls. In a few days we will be going over these falls in the Skyrail Rainforest Cablecar in Cairns... This is just a different view.

The train stopped at Barron Falls for a photo shoot. It was a lovely view.

Mareeba memorial

We stopped at Mareeba for a coffee break. We had a walk up and down the Main Street.

Einasleigh Hotel......
Another lunch stop

It was rare to see the waterfalls in the dry season. They are so pretty. Imagine what it would look like during the wet season where there was so much more water.

It was lovely to sit back and enjoy the view...

Sunday, 16 September 2018


After spending a day cleaning my sewing room I actually managed to do something this weekend. I haven't sewn on the machine in about 8 weeks....

Something easy to start with I think.

A colleague of mine is having a little boy and leaving work in 3 weeks. She wanted these TEE PEE TENTS made. I had never heard of them so I searched Pinterest. Oh, now I get it..
They looked simple enough. So off shopping I went.
Flannelette dinosaur print and a soft mint green towelling.

I traced around a salad bowl that was about 6 1/2" diameter.
I then cut it out, folded it in half 3 times and cut out 3 sections leaving 5/8s of a circle...
Cut out 1 piece in flannelette and towelling. Stitch them together...

These are very quick to make.
I used a 20cm strip * 1 m wide of flannelette and towelling.
I managed to get 8. You can't really see that it is a shape like a witches hat but they should be ok.
I think maybe I should have got a photo from a different angle. 

I got the idea after looking at many sites on Pinterest but this is the one I followed.

Friday, 14 September 2018

Savannahlander to ALMADEN

The Almaden Station..
Our lunch time stop.

The view of the town known as COW TOWN.
That's about all that is here.

The one and only pub

The sign on the station.

Monday, 10 September 2018


Thank you everyone for visiting my blog. I have been absent this past week and really haven't done any blog reading or answering many emails. We have just got back from a 2nd family funeral in 7 weeks. I am emotionally drained. Instead of feeling refreshed after a months holiday I am now wanting another one. I will slowly get back to the blogs and sewing after I have settled into my new position at work. Yes, I have had a small promotion and side step in the company. I have something new to explore and keep me busy.
Anyway, thanks to my readers for your support and patience.

Now back to a holiday post.

On board the SAVANNAHLANDER for a 4 day trip to the outback of QUEENSLAND.

We are headed for FORSAYTH

Our morning tea stop.

We were let off the train so we could get an action shot of the train going over the bridge.
The train was even held up/robbed by the Ned Kelly gang... Hahaha.
These kids do this weekly and it gives them some spending money for their holidays. If you want to donate to this home schooled family it is appreciated. No one was forced to give anything.
You could donate cash, lollies, books, pencils or whatever you had.
I'm not sure it's teaching them the right thing and I hope they don't do it for real when they are older.

Saturday, 8 September 2018

A special project.


This is the quilt I have made for my participant in the games.
He is in Archery and cycling.

Here is the general side of the laundry bag

Both sides of the laundry bag

I finished making them, got them in the mail and they were presented to the team and my recipient.
Meet the team.


I'm happy with the finished quilt.
I had fun doing the quilting.

 The personalised side.
Here is the main side finished.. 

Have a look at this link to see all the bags and quilts that were donated to the participants of the games.


Thursday, 6 September 2018


We camped at the Longreach caravan park for 2 nights.
The WOOLSHED was the restaurant and entertainment was on the premises and it was a great night of fun, music, food, stories and laughter..

Stockman turned singer entertains nightly - cracks a few jokes

Olly the Brahman and Henry the collie assist in the entertainment

We were sitting at our campsite and had this visitor. A BROLGA...
A funny story ... We had some loudmouth know it alls camped behind us. You all know the ones I mean... Well, they didn't know too much as they kept talking about this bird, over and over again. 
"what do you think of the FLAMINGO. ISNT THE FLAMINGO PRETTY."
We laughed. We will remember this time for a long time to come.

Longreach is the home of QANTAS airlines.
It was fascinating to walk through and look at all this history and where it all began.

Had a walk through the STOCKMANS HALL OF FAME.
It was very interesting to see all the old tools and stories of how life was.

Sitting at our campsite having morning coffee and the entertainer comes riding through on his bull to say "HI"
How comfortable is that.

Tuesday, 4 September 2018

2018 Online Quilters Meet & Greet

I have been invited by Benita to join in with an Online Quilters Meet & Greet.

It's to spread the word about Quilters through our blogs and get to know more about them.

Now, I'm to tell you about me.
I started quilting back in 1998 when I did a HAND Sampler Quilt course. It was hand pieced, appliqué and quilted. I still have it and use it now.
 I had no idea what type of fabric to use, colours or any technique knowledge. This was a gift to me for my Mother's Day present.
 I was hooked and have not stopped. Every quilt I made after this was a little bit different. 

My 2nd quilt....
An all appliqué calendar quilt which took me a year to make and done by hand, machine pieced and hand quilted.
The sun even has beading on it for the rays.
I had fun with the label.

I started this 3rd but finished it 2nd...
At the same time I made my mum a hexagon quilt for her 60th birthday in 1991.  I have this back with me now.

My first curved piecing quilt was by hand as well as the quilting.
It was for my sons 6th birthday. He used it all the time with his little cars. His own race track. Now my grandsons use it 18 years later.

After my husbands grandma passed away back in 1999 we decided to hold a family reunion for a happy reason. Just to get together. I decided to get everyone to sign on some fabric. I designed this quilt to suit around the centre photo. Grandma was wearing a cardigan I had made her.  

I also backed it with a crochet blanket I had made for her.
I really was new to quilting and added wadding in the middle. It made it very heavy. 

Next, I went and did a Candlewicking Quilt class. This was made with hand dyed silk thread. It is very pretty and I haven't given it to anyone yet. I was hoping for my daughter to one day have a girl but so far she has two boys.. who knows what will happen in the future. I have made about 12 more of these quilts for gifts. They are very easy and relaxing to make.  

As you can see I love to sew, quilt, crochet, knit and even scrapbook. I also do a little bit of beading. I like to try different things and make special gifts. I enjoy being part of groups where I get a lot of inspiration. I thinking the blogging world is great as I have meet so many people through it. I talk to so many more everyday all over the world and I feel I have made some very good friends.

Back in 2012 I lost my son in a car accident. My world was hit hard. I wasn't being very active and one day my husband and I bought an iPad each. Sleepless nights playing, reading and learning how to use it led me to start my own blog. Here I am today and very thankful to all my followers, friends far and near. There are many of them I want to still meet.

Being part of groups helped me with many classes learning many techniques. This was a great project.
My pixelation quilt.. These individual pieces were cut at 1/2". There are about 4500 pieces. My tribute to John, my SON.

I am married to a loving, supporting guy. I have a married beautiful daughter, son in law and 2 grandsons, a stepson with 2 little daughters,  a step daughter with a daughter.
I work full time in an office job. I enjoy going away in our bus and being on the back of our  motorbike.

I now spend a lot of my time making and donating quilts to AUSSIE HERO QUILTS & LAUNDRY BAGS. These go to our defence force while on deployment. They are the only defence force that receive them while away from home and seeing overseas.


Here is his quilt. 


So, if you got this far, WELL DONE.

Why not continue to read others blogs.
You may even get inspired. Leave a comment if you'd like so I can see more about you.


Go over to  2018 Online Quilters Meet & Greet to join in the fun, meet new Quilters & be entered into the draw to win some great prizes.

And, THANK YOU to Benita for asking me to join in. 
I'll enjoy reading and following Benita's blog.

Don't forget to go and visit HERE to see the prizes