Friday, 9 December 2016

A catch up...

I have been in Melbourne the past week. Unfortunately I had to go to a funeral, visit my SIL in full time care and my girlfriend was rushed in to emergency. The funeral went as good as can be expected, it was sad to see my SIL but we do need to accept it, my girlfriend was operated on and is home recovering. She is doing very well.
It was great to stay a few days with my daughter and the grandsons. A night with my brother and a very close friend.
I caught up with many friends. Too many to name but I want to thank them all. I must say when I was driving home it really felt like I was going home. All I wanted to do was get there.   I feel comfortable here.. I am getting used to the weather, people, everything. All I need is to get some work....
Back in Melbourne there were so many good moments. I only got a photo of one. My Monday girls sewing day.... They put together a lunch for me. And passed on my quilt blocks to remember our lovely friend Jill. Thanks Max for my gift. Photo of the blocks and photo of Jill when I decide what design I want to put them into... Here are the lovely ladies....
Barb, Jo, Rhonda & Joy

Tonight I spent sewing and catching up on Bonnie Hunters Mystery Quilt En Provence
Here is my progress of part 2. The night that the next step is released. I did catch up though...
Here is step 2 all made up.
My Magenta and neutrals... I used the Tri Recs ruler I bought years ago and have never used

Here is my fabric choices. It may change along the way. Let's see what the next step is and if I stick to it. I love these colours...
Bonnie Hunters .... En Provence Mystery Quilt fabrics

Thursday, 8 December 2016

Dear Jane and some Hexies

This months Kilmore groups DEAR JANE blocks are getting done. Only 1 left and that has some hand stitching on it....

Dear Jane...... A 1

Dear Jane. .... L 8

Dear Jane ....... E 4

When I went to the lake for a retreat with the Sunraysia girls this is what I was going to work on. The trouble is the storm hit. Home we headed, no sewing just storm damage. Well, I did get back to it. Here it is so far. It has taken a couple of days.
Hexies and plaids

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Little girl knitting.

With all the boy knitting I have been doing I thought I should do some girly things. So I dug into the yarn box and this is what I pulled out... I have made a beautiful jumper and beanie. It might go to our granddaughter for next winter...
Ribbed yolk with bobbles

Multi colour yarn. 

Friday, 2 December 2016

Xmas folded stars

At our workshop night this month we made folded Christmas Stars. Once you got your head around how to start them they went together quickly. I think it only took about 20 minutes to make the second one...
These folded stars are just gorgeous...

Then on to some more Splendid Sampler blocks. I love how this block has turned out. I added the tea bag because I am into drinking peppermint tea now. So it goes together well with the beautiful green..

Splendid Sampler block no...76
Any one for a cup of tea.

Block no... 51
Bee happy 

Block no. 69
I love the rich gold colours

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Val's Quilting Studio

I've been following Val's blog for a few years now. I look forward to the link ups that she has.
It is great to grab a cuppa and sit back every week to read the blog posts that have linked up. You see so many ideas that you want to make, so many stories and so many wonderful quilts.
Over the years we have emailed quite a bit and shared a few stories.

I feel honoured to be featured on Vals blog this week.

So go on over and enjoy looking through Vals blog and hopefully link up on Tuesdays with the theme of the week.

Thanks Val....

Wednesday, 30 November 2016


I have looked on these the last few years. Well, this year I'm joining in.... It all began on October 27 with the fabrics and quantities.
Look at these beautiful colours. I have enough of these in my stash.

Then on November 25th for the PART 1.
Here is my progress.
Scraps of neutrals cut into strips ready for sewing together.

I had to add some florals and of course sewing words.
can you see the kitchen fabric, cute spots and text fabrics.

All my scraps and strips are sewn and ironed ready for cutting again

My strips are all cross cut ready to be made into 4 patches. 

All the 4 patches are sewn ready to iron.  
All my 4 patches are sewn and ironed with the seams turned.
I'm ready for the next step 

the page with all the info
Now on Monday there is the first linky party. When I was preparing this post there were over 100 link ups. Go for a look and some fun reads it, fabrics and ideas...

Monday, 28 November 2016

An overdue post

this post is a month over due...
My daughter came for a visit last month. We had a great time and I finally got to meet the boyfriend.
We went out for lunch, did the tourist things, had a laugh, enjoyed the grandsons and all had fun together....
Kristy went to the speedway with her boyfriend, Damien and Nicholas. Xavier stayed home and we made chocolate mousse. We enjoyed it together.

We also all went on a river cruise together. Yep, on an old Paddle steamer. On board the MELBOURNE... It was fun...

It's hard getting a good photo with the boys.
Nicholas enjoying the ride
The granny kiss
Kristy and Damien

A nice lunch at the cafe