Saturday, 3 September 2022

HELP PLEASE …… Temperature Quilt help….. ALL SORTED

 Our group might be deciding to make some temperature quilts but I need help.

If you have made one or are making one could you please comment and add a link to the pattern of block/quilt you are making.

I think I have an idea for myself but would like to see what others have done….

EDITED…….Thanks everyone for your help. Janet sent through this link at Canuck Quilter blog

Joanne has a great post about her temperature quilt, how to go about starting and explains the whole procedure of making one. She also has a free pattern for anyone who wants to make their own. So go have a look see and enjoy reading about other projects she makes.

Wednesday, 31 August 2022

2 Panel swap quilt bindings are done.

 Here are another 2 bindings done. These panels are beautiful. They are to go on my single beds in the spare room for when the grandsons stay. A while back I made some panel tops and sent them off to the USA for a swap or two. I had them quilted and now the bindings are done.. Look how wonderful they are.

This one was from Candis

Look here to read about the swap.

And this was from Sheila.

And here is the story about this one.

Thank you QATW panel swappers

Wednesday, 24 August 2022

Wine glass coaster workshop

We had a quick little tutorial night at our patchwork group.

Wine glass coasters.

These are made with 7 hexagons. 6 are folded in half and placed level around  each edge. One is kept flat for the base.

The other thing about this coaster is that you can put the base of the glass inside the coaster and when you pick up your glass the coaster comes with it. You will always know which glass is yours. It also will absorb the condensation and no mess on the table.

It was my friends birthday so I made her this cute little tag to go with her gift. I wrapped her gift with fabric and tied it up this tag.

I am trying to start the 52 weeks tag challenge. Every week you make a different tag.
I hope to use these for gifts and if I really like the design one week I might just make another. 

I saw the idea on YouTube.

Saturday, 20 August 2022

My sewing space is a mess

I didn’t realise this was going to post live. I have been extremely busy and hadn’t got back to adding the text or editing this. So a quick edit it will be.  
As you know my hubby has been away. I cleaned up for some friends to come over to sew with me. It then became a huge mess again. Why does it get messy so quickly?

Anyway…….. Clean up, make a mess, clean up and make a mess again.

I spread out into the kitchen and dining room.

Now I can actually see my table

But not any more. Well it was like this for a short while but it is now back to normal with stuff everywhere.

I do have to get back to my flower border of my round robin.

Tuesday, 16 August 2022

Scrub Stitchin’ Sashiko Pin Cushion

 Our little gift from Scrub Stitchin’ was a beautiful wooden pin cushion base with all the kit to complete it. We had a design of Sashiko, the fabric, thread and filling. I did keep it in its packet for a while.

The time has come to make a start. I like this design

Print out the pattern

Trace it on to wash away.

Mark a 6.5” circle to show where the stitching has to go

Place it on the Open weave fabric and stitch away

I have rinsed the wash-away away and cut the circle out. I also wanted to make a bag for the crushed walnut shells for the centre of the pin cushion.

I have a large bag of finely ground walnut shell and a smaller amount of crushed shell to mix in.

The walnut shell has now been made and fully enclosed.

Now to fill the cushion with toy fill and pull up tight

Push it into the hole and it’s ready to use.

Thanks Chooky, I love it.
Chooky organises the Scrub Stitchin’ retreat and inspires us all to sew along with her

Kit by Debbie Donegan
Everything Country Telegraph Point NSW
Go and have a look at what she gets up to over on Instagram
@everythingcountry___ (3 underscores) OR her brand new Website  
…it is continually being loaded with new things everyday!!

Friday, 12 August 2022

Maple leaves in Autumn

  Years ago I did a great workshop in Heathcote with a group I was part of. Actually it was back in 2013. It was a Helen Godden class.

And another swap I was involved in.
So being part of these swaps gave me a few blocks sitting in a container. So I just wanted to join them all together. 

This is the quilt now.

All quilted and bound.
The backing is just as beautiful.

It is lovely.

Monday, 8 August 2022

Another round on my Round Robin. 3d

 My thought process for this next border was it had to be a bit lighter too get away from the heavy braid. My choice was prairie points. I had seen on Pinterest a different way to do a 2 coloured prairie point. Now I had to make it fit. I did a practice piece but this was a bit small so I made it bigger. Drew out the measurements and plan.

And guessed 

Cut 2 different coloured strips 3” wide, and sewed them together lengthwise.
I marked the squares 3” apart. Alternating the top row with the bottom row and snipped up to the seam line. Then ironed all the points over.

Double prairie point tutorial.  Not in English but I followed the photos.
Now that the strips were made I had to get them to fit. I sewed plain white 3 1/2” borders all around then placed the points on top

I have taken over the dining room as an extra sewing space while my hubby has been away.

Positioned the points to match on all sides

 Now to work out the corners.

WOW, look at it now. I am so happy with

Thursday, 4 August 2022

2Charity quilts are finished

  I made these quilts a while back. They are the size for AUSSIE HERO’S and are completed. 

I found 4 fat 1/4s in the red, white & blues. Sewed them together and cut the strips using my new stripology ruler. 

This was really easy to use and my strips were cut in no time. All joined in to one length and ironed in half. 

Got them all ironed

Rolled them up and started to sew.

The bindings are being attached 

This is one side of both of them..

But the reverse sides are different.

This one can be used either side.

Now I just need to wait for a suitable recipient.

Sunday, 31 July 2022

The next round on my Round Robin. Braids

 Omg, punishment plus. The next round was to do a braid.

I tried a practice block or two to decide on the size. Well it ended up being cut 1” strips. 

I made the strips and attached the 2 sides but forgot about planning the corners.

So now that was a challenge. I didn’t want to unpick the ends of the sides so I had a play.

The corners are different and are not completely correct or even but I made them work and the little one that ends up with this quilt won’t mind.

I am so happy this round is done. It has made the quilt heavy so let’s hope the next round is. Quick, light and easy one.

Thursday, 28 July 2022

A puzzling block - more photos

 Our group had a fun tutorial night. It was to make a toy puzzle block. These are fun to play with but fiddle to make. They are easy enough to make though once you get your pieces all pinned on in the correct place. Now that was fun!!! Choosing your fabrics was the hardest. 

I had made one many years ago and thought I’d be smart to make it with different animals but all the colours seemed to blend and it didn’t look too exciting.

This time I added brighter colours. I am still sewing it together.

Here is a YouTube tutorial of how to make it.

And it is getting done….

OOPS I forgot to add the finished photos… 
Here it is all finished now

And I have another set of blocks to stitch up.

Mmm what fabrics to use this time. Do I use plains or prints or novelties or a theme?