Sunday, 17 December 2017

A Country Care Christmas & more Little Letters.

We had our work Xmas party at the beginning of December. 
They are a great family orientated business. 
They have supported me with my Aussie Hero quilts and put on a great night.
If you need mobility aids we are the company to go to. We also support out Veterans too.

This was our Christmas gift..
Thanks Rob & Rebecca

Next on to some sewing

I have the green blocks laid out so I can plan the cutting of the left over letters.

They are all cut out and ready for sewing. 
I am enjoying making these again..

I have been sewing them together. They are getting there..
Thanks Sheryl for this amazing cot quilt pattern. This will be my 5th quilt I have made using her pattern. Please take a look and give it a go...

Friday, 15 December 2017

Garage sale Fabric shopping...

Oh wow... The other Saturday I got a call from a fellow quilter, Karen....
There's a garage sale with cheap quilting fabric. Only 15 minutes from home.
I quickly shower, make a few calls, pick up another friend, grab a coffee and set off.
We get to the sale... WOW...
Call another friend... By the time she tirns up here is my shopping pile...
 I have measured, folded & sorted into lengths for easy finding.. 

All measured, folded and sorted. Ready to pack away...

$150 later, 160 metres, 1 polyester quilt, 2 cushion inserts, 1 plastic storage tub and a pile of magazines to flick through... It was amazing. Thanks for thinking of me Karen. I am sure to get a lot of charity and Aussie Hero quilts made from this win...
My other 2 friends also scored a bit too.

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Chookyblues SSCS Secret Santa Christmas Swap 2017

I have been doing a lot of secret sewing to participate in
Chookyblues SSCS Secret Santa Christmas Swap 2017

We were to make an ornament/decoration and a lovely gift. We are sending overseas so it couldn't be too big or heavy.
I loved what I made and hope my partner does too. Here is Martine's blog....
Here is what I have sent and I know she has received it too. The parcel can't be opened until Xmas day..

 The decorations can be hung now and the card can be opened...

I do hope you like what I have sent.
You will have to wait until Xmas to see what I sent. It will be a long wait..

Well, we are in a heat wave at the moment...  It was 43 deg Celsius on my way from work. This is on my car temperature gauge.

Here is the conversion.

Thankfully we have good air conditioning....

Monday, 11 December 2017

My movie challenge is quilted, bound and completed with label..

How cool is this. My quilt is done. I love the backing too.
Mickey Mouse.. Fitting for classic movies... Oops I haven't got a photo of the back...
I have already given it to the granddaughters... I'll get their mum to take a photo and send it to me...
I stipples it in the white areas. Cross hatched in the checker board row, in the ditch with an extra row in the braid row.

Here are some other entries...

Unfortunately these were the only ones that were finished and on show.

Well, I was lucky enough to win 1st prize. It was worth all my troubles.. Here is my prize.

The thing is, last week I nearly ordered a new rotary but I thought it could wait until after Christmas. Lucky me doesn't have to buy one now...

We also had to supply a gift for Kris Kringle to the value of $10.. Not made but bought. I didn't get a photo but my gift was a 1/2" ruler, self threading needles and some u pins for piecing.
In return I got a magnetic pin bowl. I have always wanted one but never got around to buying one.

We also had pass the parcel and I won another gift.  Some wonder clips and a  3 metre Quilters tape measure. I have also wanted these clips but not something I wanted to buy.

Now for the decorations and table layout. There were 40 of us and it was a great catch up day for me. I hadn't seen these women for 16 months. We also enjoyed a fantastic Christmas roast lunch with a yummy dessert or two or three. (Mmmmmm)

Thank you Kilmore Quilters for a great day.
See you all next year..

Saturday, 9 December 2017

Kris Kringle booklets

I have had fun making these little booklets for our Kris Kringle night.
The booklets, tags, numbers and story is all ready. We just have to wait for the night next week...
Here they all are laid out ready to be paired up with their numbers.

The front cover was decorated with either a poinsettia or a folded doily Xmas tree.

Here we have a page for a welcome greeting.

And the little pocket where the tree tag sits. Showing you your lucky number

Our little message

The back cover

And all this is made from just one piece of A4 paper.
Thanks to Asami for showing me this many years ago. 

Thursday, 7 December 2017

Bonnies Mystery part 2--- ON RINGO LAKE..

Another week has passed and another clue has started... I have convinced my friend to sew along too.
She has changed the colours up and they look great.. She hasn't done too much small piecing so it's a great learning curve for her.

 I'm doing the no waste technique. 
4 at a time works for me. As there are so many to make this week.

Happily sewing away...
 Lots of flying geese.

These are all finished..

Week 2 link up are here.....

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

My Classic Movie Challenge

I am all set to hand in my movie challenge.
I have finished the top and am happy with it.
I have even included the words to Return to Sender by Elvis Presley.. it was one of my mums favourites
I struggled with the last month as I couldn't make up my mind. In the end I went with my original idea .. National Velvet.. thinking horses and winning and regal/royal. I decided on Grandmas Braid. In Red, white and blue. The red and blue are actually Velvet fabric too. The way I did the colours create the bottom border.
 You can see the envelopes with a letter inside & some with the message.. Return to Sender.

Now for it quilted and bound.
I haven't taken a photo yet but will some of all the other entries and do a post next week..
I can't wait to see all the other entries..