Saturday, 16 January 2021


HELP NEEDED...... Can any one give me suggestions how i can get my links to work. When I am doing my post I click on the link button, paste the copied address, but when my post shows on my blog nothing shows. No link or address shows. I have tried everything I can think of. Logged out, updated, logged in,tried again manytimes over. Nothing is working. I have never had this problem before....AND I cant get spaces between my paragraphs or when i want something to start on the next line it just continues into one body of text... *************************************************************************************************** Well, I didnt sew these on Saturday but I did do them during the week so I could link up today. I was given a bag of brown scraps that had already been sewn together into strips and crosscut into 1 1/2" strips. What was I to do with them.
I know.. Cut some 1 1/2" strips of neutrals and sew them together. Round and round we go.
Until they get bigger
Then make more.
So I will continue to work on these as a UFO challenge this year. Have a look at to see what Cheryl is up to and Kathy for FNSI -

Wednesday, 13 January 2021


I have pulled out my pinks and decided what blocks I want to make for my RSC21 with Angela... So on Saturday I played araound with the block I designed for RCS19TINY TUESDAY..
Here is the progress of my PINK blocks...
Now I just have to decide which layout I would like .
You can see all the links to the blocks for the year on Angelas RSC19 TAB at the top of her home page.....

Sunday, 10 January 2021

The Quilters Garden is Finished.

What a start to the year. I have finished my Quilters Garden quilt designed by Deana.
I just love it. I even hand sewed the binding down on this one.
I am linking up with a few groups this time round. A few ticks for me. MY FIRST FINISH FOR 2021. 1. January UFO finish for my local quilt group 2. FNWF with Cheryll.
3. WOOFA with Cheryll.
4. Slow Stitching Sunday with Kathy

Monday, 4 January 2021

A new Pergola

It gets very hot where we are now living and the all day sun beats down on our patio so we have decided to add a 3 * 3 metre pergola to give a little extra shade area. laying the frame base area...
starting on the framework
looking at the frame
now for the roof and the gravel has been laid...
I sewed a shadecloth awning to protect from the sun.
It sure makes a difference to our outside space. The patio is a bit cooler. and we are loving it.

Friday, 1 January 2021

Welcome 2021. Thank you Chooky for ZOOM

We can only hope for a better, healthier year. I can truly say it has started off well thanks to Chookyblue with getting us all together via ZOOM. If nothing else, we have learnt to communicate via ZOOM instead of getting together for our quilting gatherings and retreats. ZOOM has connected us with overseas quilters and bloggers. It has been amazing actually talking with bloggers that we would normally only comment on blogs or email. Putting a face and voice to the blog person has been wonderful.
Over the day, from 7 am- 10 pm, we had about 20 ladies join in from AUS, USA, CANADA, GERMANY, NZ & FRANCE. The topics discussed were varied and I was asked to put up my Easy ( non traditional ) Xmas steamed pudding. It is great for diabetics as you can add any dried fruit you like. It doesn't have flour or sugar and is made in just over 2 hours. I actually make it, cut it into portions, then freeze it. It is then ready any time I need a quick yummy dessert.
This is what it looks like before cooking.
Then after cooking
Now what was I sewing. Well I had an amazing day. The last Zoom we had I said to Deana that I would get the quilt she designed quilted. It was a SAL but I didnt make the full size or design as what she had designed. Check out the pattern here. I can't seem to get the link to work so have a look at and search for QUILTERS GARDEN ROW QUILT. Deana is selly this pattern on Etsy too. Yes I got it quilted.
The binding is on and I am hand stitching the back side down.
Then I spent the later part of the day trimming and adding the borders to Bonnie Hunters FROLIC 2019 Mystery quilt. It is now a completed top ready for quilting.
One discussion was about what happens on new years day will happen throughout the year. Well I am off to a productive year. Let's bring on 2021 and let me continue on a great, fun, sewing year. Have a great day planning the restof your sewing year with friends.... Can't wait for the next ZOOM. Thanks everyone for sharing on their blogs and following me, It is greatinspiration and helps the soul...

Thursday, 31 December 2020


Well what a year we have had. I haven't had much inspiration or motivation this year. Yes, I have done some quilting, followed blogs, been on Zoom with great friends, joined in with QATW swaps but I haven't felt the same as usual. I have missed our group, weekends away, catching up with friends and of course, quilting retreats. Our daughter, husband and grandies have moved to our town. This has been great but be still have to fall in to a routine of seeing each other. Covid interrupted. They have both secured jobs which is so wonderful and makes things so stress free. I had a great day sewing with my friend today. I got 1 border ready for BH FROLIC.. I have a Zoom with CHOOKY tomorrow and hope to get it attached.. 2021 is going to be better. I had a wonderful few days with my brother at Tocumwal. Met some great friends of his. Some of which we will be going through the middle of Australia and to the top end in May 2021. Another lady who says she doesnt quilt much but has been sewing for 10 years. She is doing EPP hexies. Something I dont do. She also lives in Geelong and doesnt know any quilters. I hope this can be changed in 2021. Nerida, You are amazing. To all my friends in blog land, my quilting world, my friends and family I can only hope and wish for a much happier, healthier and safer 2021.

Sunday, 27 December 2020


Well, I hope everyone had a lovely Xmas day. It's now the end of Boxing Day and my plans have changed. We were expecting to be on the road to visit my mother in law.. Due to covid and travel, work and other plans, my hubby fractured his little toe a week ago and is on crutches. He cannot walk so is feeling a bit uncomfortable, cannot work until he can put steel cap boots on. maybe 4-6 weeks away. We didnt know if we had time available for a trip. Anyway we hadn't booked. So I looked online and I could't find any accommodation. My mother in law lives 10 hours away. We decided to stay home and not risk the teavel and not randomly finding somewhere to stay. Being school holidays, Victorians now allowed to travel & Christmas everyone has decided to be away. I say, take advantage and clean that sewing room...
Choose one of the multiple UFO'S .A while back I was on Zoom with some Quilters. I think Chooky's day and I showed Deanna's row by row SAL & swap quilt from a few years ago. I said that I really should get it quilted. Well today was the day..
and start to work on it.
So I did... Here is my progress..I decided to use a darker thread than what I normally use. I am not that even when quilting and it is all free motion. This is new to me. I usually use the thread the same colour so it doesnt show because my stitching isn't that even. I am out of my comfort zone. The thread is darker but the photos show uneven tension and holes. It's not really that bad in life. I am happy with it so far.
My UFO's are many and I am so overwhelmed I am not sure where to begin. I just look and then walk away. I really need to focus this year and get some finished. I want to try and finish a quilt every month. I already have some basted ready for quilting. I have some tops completed and many more tops that need completing and so many more projects that have a lot to do to be anywhere recognisable.

Saturday, 26 December 2020


My local quilt group has been putting in the newsletter patterns for embroidered Mandalas. 4 so far. Here is the first one I have started.
and now it is finished...
No. 2 is finished
No. 3 is half done
& No. 4 is drawn out
No. 5 is not far away either and will be in our next newsletter in January. Better get a move on.

Thursday, 24 December 2020

Monday, 21 December 2020

Another USA swap.... Xmas Stockings & Beaded Knitted Scissor Keeps.

I just can't help myself.. I joined another swap. Anyone that signed up sews 6 blocks of 2 different designs of blocks that get sewn into a stocking block which measures 12" finished. I had to send 5 of each block to Candis in the USA. She will collate all the blocks and forward me 10 blocks to give me a total 12 to make up into a quilt anyway I like.
block no. 2
I know mine won't be here before Xmas but it will be exciting when I get them. I have been making some last minute gifts. They are knitted and use approx. 280 seed beads threaded on to the thread first. Here are my cute little beaded handbag scissor keeps. Scissor keeps are designed to be heavier than the scissors so that if/when you drop them the keep hits the ground first and not the point of your scissors.
The beads glisten and I think they are a great little gift. Easy enough to mail as well.
Here is a closer look.