Friday, 3 February 2023

I’m ready for the SAS SAL weekend with my quilt group.

 I amusing my 20” project board for my next Storm at Sea block.

I had previously made the small sailing ship block. This needed to be built up to the 12” that fits into my quilt. So I spent about 1 1/2 hours laying out all the pieces. Then I discovered that I had missed cutting out one of the colours and shapes required. My medium blues in the shape of B & B reverse. I need 11 of each for the quilt. I hadn’t even counted these pieces. 

So I sat and cut around another colour so I had them ready.

Laid out my block. All ready to sew.

Do you like Nemo showing up. I have added a few fun, fussy cut pieces. Hope they all work out as a whole quilt. It is very busy but it should be ok.

Wednesday, 1 February 2023

Pottering around with project boards

 Our group had a workshop to make these project boards months ago. I bought the corrugated board and have had it sitting there as I didn’t make it to the workshop.

Well I have made not 1 but 3 project boards. Here are the steps of how I did them.

I went to office works and bout a sheet of board for about $10.

Once I decided on the sizes I wanted I just cut it up with my rotary. I knew I needed one for my Storm at Sea blocks. When I had all the pieces laid out on my table, when making my ship blocks, I turned on the ceiling fan and pieces went everywhere. This is how I decided on the first size. Now to make a 12” block with lots of pieces you need a larger board. This cut was made first. I just measured the width of the board and cut the first square. 20”. Then with the left overs I got an 11” square and a 9” * 11” piece.

Next I got out my scrap wadding and a light spray of glue to stick them together.

Trim them to size.

Went and got out my scrap bindings left over from other projects.

Now, measure and find a length suitable or join some together to get the required length.

Off to the ironing board and iron the edges into the centre like a bought bias binding.

I found it easier to put around the edges little dobs of basting glue. It dries fast, you don’t use much and if you make a mistake you can take it off. Dob the glue and press the binding around the sides of the boards.

You don’t need much of this is usually used for appliqué.

Once all around the edges I was told to use a hot glue gun to glue the rest down. I have never had any luck when using hot glue guns. I find the glue is nearly dry before I even get the fabric onto it. 

Then everything falls apart. So scrap that idea.

I use white craft glue, school glue or pva. It works for me. Put it all the way around the edges and fold fabric over to stick to the board. I found it was best to put the glue close to the edge of the binding fabric. It holds better.

I used binding clips, clover clips, whatever you know them as, to hold it in place. Repeat on the other side.

Once you have got all the way around remove all the clips, put a cutting ruler or something flat and bigger than the boards top of it. Put heavy boxes or weights on top until completed dry.

I now have 3 great versatile boards to use.

Monday, 30 January 2023

SAS - Another 12” Sailing Ship done.

 Wow. These blocks take hours to do. I am lucky this is the last of them. It was also the hardest.

I have most of the ship made and am now trying to fit the areas around it to make up to a 12” block.

I am trying to incorporate some SAS pieces to blend in with the other blocks. 

This, so far, has taken me 2 hours.

Another 1 1/2 - 2 hours saw me finish the block. What was I thinking when I drew this up. 

And here the 4 ships are together. Next on the to do list will be to make the smaller blocks up to a 12” block. So that means the outside sashing borders can go on.

I am happy how these are looking.
I am on track for our first sewing weekend in Feb to sew as a group.

Friday, 27 January 2023

SAS . My blocks have sailed.

 Okay, so our official sit n sew day for my Storm at Sea quilt SAL isn’t until February. You know what it’s like when it is all cut out and you just want to sew. I have been playing with my block of a ship. I’m glad I did it at home because it took me hours. I think these harder blocks need a lot of concentration.

Anyway, this is the block I wanted to start on. It’s the 9” one.

It took about an hour to find all the pieces and lay them out ready for sewing.

It is looking a bit of a mess.

Well the ships mast is done and some of the boat part too. This was about another hours work. I’m not sure how the overall quilt will look but I will give it a go.

Well, obviously I am getting tired as this isn’t quite right. Oopsie 

Jack has been used many times while making this block but wow it’s looking good. I am happy. I can see the boat. There are a few eye spy blocks too to keep the kids amused. 

Wednesday, 25 January 2023

I have sent off another Aussie Hero Quilt

 You may all remember this quilt I made a while back.

I watch the email every Monday until I find someone requesting what I have already made. Finally I was lucky enough to have someone request RED, WHITE & BLUE.

There have been so many months where the requests have been so hard. They either request so many things or so many hard things to interpret. It gets very overwhelming. I have kept this one simple. This person requested more but we are doing this as a charity so I’m not going to stress.

This is what I have made& sent.

The front

The back

Or which ever way you want to use it.

This recipient loves the Western Bulldogs. AFL

Monday, 23 January 2023

Christmas mini slow stitching

 I have gone back to some slow stitching on my Xmas mini.

Slow Stitching Sunday

Its hanging sleeve is getting sewn then binding time.

The coat hanger was cut down to use.

It looks a bit wonky in the photo but it really isn’t that bad. The hanger has made it look a bit funny.

I just need to finish the stockings now.

Saturday, 21 January 2023

STORM @ SEA Go Cutting day

 Our quilt group is having a sal for the Storm at Sea quilt design. They bought a go cutter die for us to use to make things easier.

 It still took hours to prepare and cut the shapes ready for our sewing day.

And now I have them all cut and ready for our weekend of sewing.

It was also aSaturday so I am linking up with Angela from SoScrappy for Scrap Happy Saturday as this months colour is blue.

Wednesday, 18 January 2023

An easy charity quilt

 My friend was given a pile of fabric for our charity quilts. When she looked through there were a few pieces of fabric that could be used as cushions or blocks put into a quilt. Instead of cutting them apart we thought we could just quilt it as is. There was also enough of one fabric that would be suitable for the backing. As well as a suitable binding fabric too.

Now to get a member to quilt it.

Sunday, 15 January 2023

A relaxing day slow stitching on a Scrub Stitchin’ pouch

 I have continued with my stitching on this cute Scrub Stitchin’ pouch. 

I have all the hand stitching done.

Now time to follow the pattern to assemble the pouch

I got the zip put in. YES I can do it.

The stitchery piece is appliquéd on and the pouch is complete

Friday, 13 January 2023

STORM @ SEA sailing ships.

 I have all my pieces cut out on the go cutter for this quilt but I need to have a few sailing ships to go in there too.

So I sat and had a play. Using up some scrap blues, which just happens to be the RSC colour for January.

Having fun with scraps. Not really knowing what I am doing. Just having a play.

And this is what I have done so far. They are cute..

Here are the 2 blocks side by side. These ones measure 6”.

I need another block that measures 9” and one that’s in between the 2 sizes. I’ll be working on them soon.