Friday, 29 March 2019

Pouch sewn, unseen, repaired and completed

Look at this fabulous pouch I made at a workshop with our local group.
Oh boy did we all laugh.

It is a great pouch that I have made but unfortunately it cannot be used like this...

At least I found the cut off piece so I could put it back on.
Now to unpick that beautifully sewn binding.
(But only where I have to.)

It may have taken 40 minutes but I got the zipper pull back on and it works.

Now to resew that binding.

Tassle is on so it's absolutely finished and usable.


Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Red curved log cabin is done.

Catching up on my blocks ..
I hadn't done RED

I covered my table with my scraps and got stuck in.

Time to trim up....

but here it is..

Here are my 6 all together.

With the help of friends while away on retreat I came up with the idea to border it in strings about 3 1/2" wide. These colours will match the blocks around the sides to the corresponding blocks.
These 6 blocks will make a quilt about 46" x 66"..

My butterflies are all caught up too.

Monday, 25 March 2019

Weekend retreat and clothes making..... ITS STILL SEWING.

While away on retreat the other weekend my friend brought her overlocker and helped me make some tops.
I've been wanting to make them for a while but needed a push.
It was a beautiful weekend at the lake so outside for some photos we went.

Top no. 2 
This was a copy of a top I have had had for about 10 years. We actually made it a little bit longer and I love it.

Top no. 3
This is a very comfortable top that is flowing.
It can be made in stretch fabric or non stretch...

Thanks Maxine for all your help with these patterns.
I hope I can make some more soon.

Saturday, 23 March 2019


Everyone is shattered with the tragedy in New Zealand.
This is my way of showing that I care.
I will be posting these on Monday so they can be part of the healing.

I normally sew for my RSC PROJECT and this month is green.
Today's sewing was in green but sewing for NZ was my aim.

ANGELS IN GUMBOOTS have this amazing heartfelt drive happening.

Read here for the story and how you can help.

Please support this worthy cause and have a read and see what Sarah made.

My birthday flowers opened beautifully
Life should be celebrated.

Thursday, 21 March 2019

Sandra's scraps

Sandra from my local quilt group donated to me for charity a whole pile of unwanted blocks.
She had made a pile of sting blocks, cut them and resend them into mixed blocks.
They looked very messy and she lost faith.

(Sorry, should have got a photo)

So I sat there one night and unpicked all the blocks. It left me with a great pile of string triangles. There was also a strip of matching fabric.

I packed them all into my retreat bag and got them out where I had room to play. 
I put my thinking cap on and came up with the idea to pair them as half square triangles.
I used up all the fabric but not the blocks.

They ended up 10" blocks so now measures 40" * 60".
A great charity size.

I'm happy with this design. I also have all the odd bits left which will go towards another quilt one day.

This is the backing that I had donated as well
It matches perfectly.

The quilt is all basted ready for the quilting.

Tuesday, 19 March 2019

My Birthday celebrations lasted a week.

Not only was it my birthday but we also celebrated our 36th wedding anniversary.
We don't usually buy presents for each other as we buy things for ourselves all the time.
We do make a point to go out for dinner and spend time together.
We went to a new to us restaurant which was very special. It was also close to home. Only about 7 minutes drive.
For the people that know me I love pastas and seafoods...
Crab risotto. Filled with mussels, prawns and scallops.

My husband had a duck dinner.

A lovely surprise delivery at work.
My daughter, son in law and grandsons had this beautiful bouquet delivered to me. They were very beautiful and the lilies opened up over the next week and were so pretty.
My daughter didn't order the balloon so I say it was my sons way of coming through saying happy birthday.
His favourite colour was green and every year on his birthday we release a bunch of green balloons up to him. It's something the grandsons remember to do each year and it's their way of remembering their uncle.

I meet up with my friend for lunch on my birthday at a local Chinese restaurant.
It was delicious. Then the staff surprised my with this lovely dessert and singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
I was away on the long weekend in March and there were more celebrations.
My wonderful friend put together this fun cake.
Caramel mud cake, profiteroles filled with custard and salted caramel profiteroles. Surrounded by flowers from her garden and lemon verbena leaves for a nice cup of hot tea.
The candles weren't forgotten either...

Sunday, 17 March 2019

Green logs, crumbs and scraps.

I have been making curved log cabin blocks for quite a while.
I started about 3 years ago. Not many have been made so I am back on the line getting them done each month.
Here is my green block.
The green strips are cut at 1 1/2" and the creams are cut at 1". This block measures 21".

My scrappy green crumbs have been stitched together to make a lovely spring BUTTERFLY.

I'm linking up with Angela for her So Scrappy Saturday

There are so many colourful projects being done.
Have a look at all the people that have linked up.

Thursday, 7 March 2019

My YELLOWS are sewn, quilted and I have caught up....

I have finally caught up with my TINY TUESDAY blocks..
Now on to GREEN MONTH...

Look at this great block that was designed by Mari.

If you want to join in with this TINY TUESDAY SAL go HERE to get all the great patterns.
Thanks Angela for organising this SAL

All my blocks so far.

Tuesday, 5 March 2019



It is my turn to design a block for everyone to make. It finishes at 4.5" so we are working with small pieces. I call it MULTIPLY as the pieces start off small and get larger in each round.

Here goes.

I made mine with 10 different fabrics/shades of GREEN

Cut 4 @ 1 1/4"
Cut 3 @ 1 5/8"
Cut 3 @ 2 3/4"

Lay your pieces out with the pieces in the correct place to make it easier when assembling

Sew the 4 * 1 1/4" squares together to make a 4 patch
Trim this 4 patch to 1 5/8".

Sew the 3 * 1 5/8" squares to this assembled 4 patch to create a new 4 patch.
This new 4 patch should measure 2 3/4".

Go ahead and sew the last 3 squares to make a completed block.

Here we have the block measuring 5". This means it will be 4.5" finished

Hope you have enjoyed making this block as much as me.

Here are my other colour ways in this design to give you ideas of colour placement.

I have designed this block to participate in SoScrappy RSC19.

Angela will have a PDF of this pattern for you to print. Click on the following link.

Every week there is a new block put up for you to make. Each one is designed/chosen by fellow quilters.

Each month there is a new colour.

Saturday, 2 March 2019

Tiny Tuesday is going QAYG

I thought I would try QAYG with these cute Tiny Tuesday blocks.
Every Tuesday Angela has been putting up these wonderful blocks either designed by her or other bloggers/quilters.
Sewing them QAYG style will hopefully keep me going and won't take long to finish later.

My background borders, wadding & backing is cut.

This is what not to do

Here it is all fixed and quilted.
Looks a bit better.

Time to assemble QAYG style

Here are the blocks all together that I have already sewn QAYG style.
I hope one day I get many blocks to put together easily by way of joining by sewing strips to join my blocks together. 

Angela over at So Scrappy & Scrap Happy Saturday & even more so Tiny Tuesday is a great inspiration.