Friday, 29 April 2016

A visit with my brother.

My hubby and I needed some time away with everything that has been going on. We went to stay with my brother and SIL. She is not doing to well so some quiet time together was lovely.
Look at the sunset from their back balcony. We were having a lovely BBQ and a drink. You can see the city of GEELONG across the water and the sun setting over the top of the bay. Beautiful.
A lovely sunset.
It is hard to capture the colours...

He took us for a drive to Queenscliff where we had a walk around town then down to the marina for coffee. We saw the ferry leave for Rye... The weather was ok but it started to drizzle.
You ban just see the guest house my brother used to own...

We also went for a walk up to the Point Lonsdale Lighthouse and Pier...
It is a lovely area...
My brother and hubby at the Point Lonsdale Lighthouse.

About the lighthouse 

Point Lonsdale Pier

A lovely place to visit.
This beach was where my daughter was married quite some years ago.
. Unfortuantely she is seperated now.
It is still a beautiful place..

A view from the lighthouse

Look at those rocks.

Wednesday, 27 April 2016


I am so lucky this week. I have a very special friend staying with me. I think we have worn her out. Taking her shopping, sight seeing, walking, sewing and everything else.....
My lovely friend SHEZ.
Shez having a laugh

Shez trying to do some sewing....

Shez did get some sewing time in....

I have taken Shez to my local quilt groups. Kilmore and Heathcote.
Sight seeing in the Macedon Ranges.
TOP OF THE RANGE CAFE, Mount Macedon, Viewing area of the Melbourne Airport...
I am having so much fun and I hope Shez is enjoying herself.
I am suffering with a very sore foot and a few other issues but am still doing lots.
We had friends for dinner tonight. It all went well. Thanks Shez. What you did tonight to help was so nice of you and such a help. I hope you have had a great time.....
I'm sure Shez will have lots of photos that will be on her blog soon. 

Off shopping tomorrow 

The last of my April Dear Jane blocks...

here is the last block I had to do for Aprils Dear Jane blocks.
F 13.. Dear Jane

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Working with BOW TIES

I am quilting this amazing BOW TIE quilt. It is made with beautiful oriental fabric. Most of the fabrics have gold going through them.
I've started quilting the BOW TIES

It took me a while to decide on a quilting design that I was happy with. It sat for 3 weeks before an idea came to mind. Well, then it just happened. I got to work on. AFMQ pattern in each of the background blocks. Not sure if it really shows up but I am very happy with it....
FMQ design

The thread I am using is GLIDE and the colour SAND. I have not liked using gold or lures thread in the past so I was put into this friend from Anita. HILLSIDE QUILTING.
It is a beautiful colour with others in the range. The thread just glides through the needle and melts into the fabric. I definitely will be using this again.
GLIDE thread, colour SAND

Now I just have to decide how to quilt the borders

Sunday, 24 April 2016

Singer Treadle FOR SALE

While going for a walk in Quennscliff we came across this old store. It only opened 5 weeks ago but look was in the window.
It looked to be in good condition...
I would absolutely love it but I don't know anything about them....
This is from the back... Very nice

Look at the lovely table... I'm not sure how old it is... 
Through the shop window....
Apparently it works. It does need a new belt... I'm told it's about $5 for the belt on line.
In Queenscliff

Go and have a chat with Gavon at REMARKETABLE in the Main Street of Queenscliff.
Gavon.... 0428437652...

Friday, 22 April 2016


My resolutions this year was to finish some UFOs. Unfortunately I didn't get March's UFO done.there was just too much happening with hubby. I might get to it this month. I did manage to baste it ready for quilting though... Fingers crossed I can catch up.
Anyway this month I am to try and get something done on my Nearly Insane quilt.
Well, yes I have started.
I got the box out and I couldn't even remember what I have done.
Here is my chart of the blocks I have already completed. I started this with the Kilmore Quilters group back in Ocober 2013. I kept up until October 2014. Then my mum was put into hospital and my sewing time decreased. Unfortunately my mum passed away in March 2015 and I didn't do much sewing. So now I have decided to do some more on this quilt. Members from the group have finished and I will get there one day.
Here is where I was at... Half the blocks are done.
My plan and how many blocks I've done
 I thought I would get the blocks out and see what they look like.
Pieces and blocks laid out to see where I am up to.

 I decided to start sewing the quilt top together as I had already cut out the sashings and corner stones.
2 rows sewn together

 I sewed a few rows together and I am missing some ends. So the next step is to fill in the corners. I am happy so far with my progress . 3 side blocks need to be done before I go any further.
Waiting for some side blocks.
Nearly Insne

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

More basting

My Monday group are a great bunch of ladies. We all help each other and we are a great support group in many ways. This week we basted a beautiful quilt made by Rhonda.
She has done an amazing job making this lovely 3D Bow Tie quilt for a male.,it is made with gorgeous Japanese prints. So manly.
Rhondas 3D Bow Tie quilt.

It is a large quilt. Now for it to be quilted. It's stunning....

Monday, 18 April 2016

Pat Stevenson Circle workshop with Kilmore Quilters

Kilmore Quilters organised a sewing workshop day with Pat Stevenson. Pat was teaching us how yo sew CIRCLES. A basic DRUNKARDS PATH block. 
There are so many ways this block can go together. We made 4" & 8" blocks....
Pat showing us her beautiful quilts.
The class at work photo.
Pat sewing a block and using the high tech tool. A wooden skewer

Look at all the beautiful quilting
Pat's drunkards path quilt
Andrea and her block in deep talk with Rosie

The work of Diane, Fay & Heather

I did actually do some sewing...
I got my top sewing together but it is still packed in the car

Saturday, 16 April 2016

SPLENDID SAMPLER CATCH UP ... Blocks 13-18 & bonus...

I managed to have a good day sewing on Wednesday.
My neighbour came over and we got her large quilt basted for hand quilting.
We started it a while ago and there wasn't enough batting. She finally got some more to match and we had time to finish basting.


Then I kept sewing my Splendid Sampler blocks as she sewed the edges down to prevent fraying...
I continued with my Splendid Sampler blocks on Friday and did the block 18 on Saturday.
I was supposed to go to the quilt show but I woke with a migraine so I took it easy and also prepared for a class I am doing on Sunday.

I have caught up.. Yippee.
I am using any scraps I can. These oriental fabrics are from a friend that has just finished a lovely bow tie quilt...
Block 13....... Splendid Sampler

Block 14 ....... Splendid Sampler
Block 15... Splendid Sampler... Paper pieced..

Block 18... Splendid Sampler.
Somehow it wanted to go here so I left it.
It was playing nicely in blogger. 

Block 16.... Splendid Sampler
Look at all these pieces to make block 17.
They were cut at 1 1/4" 
Block 17... Splendid Sampler
Somehow I got this extra block...

Thursday, 14 April 2016


Nicholas has started at his new school and today is sports day. He has been put into GREEN team.
PA supporting Nicholas

1st attempt at HOP, STEP & JUMP.

3rd try at HOP, STEP, JUMP & Nick has a smile on his face

Run Nick Run

Look at that stride and determination

Nicholas won 3 ribbons for the day.

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Our lovely grandson.

Our grandson started at a new school today. It was decided that this school was easier and more convenient for drop offs and pick ups for our daughter with work. It is always hard to change but Nicholas was fantastic. He went off with a friend and didn't care where we were. He settled right in..
NICHOLAS first day at Lancefield Primary School

But he must have been so busy, excited or overwhelmed... He seemed to have forgotten where he left his school jacket. Not bad for the first day. Hopefully it will turn up tomorrow.
Tomorrow is his first school sports day. He is in GREEN house. We will go and watch for a little while. Hopefully he will see us....

I finished off these blocks from the other day. All the stitching is done..
2 were from the Splendid Sampler
Splendid Sampler..... Block 9

Block 11... Splendid Sampler

And 1 from Dear Jane....
Dear Jane.... Block H 12

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Look at the fun I got up to with my daughter.

Kristy and I had so much fun on our cruise. The last night party was the best. The staff were wonderful and the talent was so entertaining.
Have a laugh.
Click on the title below and see a video of us having a great time on the Pacific Dawn Cruise
CLICK ----->.    THE LAST NIGHT PARTY  Then click to start video clip
Sorry the photo is not clear but watch the video. It's a laugh...
Watch video with sound...
 Last Night of our Cruise.
We Could Walk 500 Miles

Monday, 11 April 2016

Stained Glass Friendship Blocks ...... Part 2....

I am in a group and this year we have decided to make everyone a block in a certain theme. I have picked STAINED GLASS...
Here are my 2nd group 5 blocks.
I am not trimming them to size. They will be handled a bit before they are used so I thought I would leave them... There are 16 in the group. I know what I will be doing for my centre. I am not sure when I will get it started....