Saturday, 18 July 2020

Covid-19 madness Knitting with teabag strings

I was given a pre rolled ball of strings and I got out my 4.5 mm needles. Cast on 40 sts and stated knitting.

I received a package of strings in the mail... 

Taking the tags off I am left with different lengths of strings. The more stained the better.

I have a little ball. As you can see it's not very big. This will take some time. I only drink 1 cup of tea a day so I collect them from anyone who is willing to save them for me.

I need between 4 - 6,000 strings... OMG... what was I thinking.

This is where I am at now.
I need more strings

Sunday, 12 July 2020

Playing around with blogger, posts and a little bit of sewing...

Working out blogger. I'm not sure how to do this really. This attempt is just doing a new post and inserting the photos. I don't know what will happen when I delete the photos from my photo album. Once they are on my blog I take the photos off my iPad to free up space. Doing it this way used to delete them from my blog as well. Let's see what happens now.

I usually email my photos one at a time to my blog and then edit them. That's how I got the photo to stay visible and I easily did my posts.
Now, if I email them and they are a draft I cannot work out how to edit, type a message, see the photo or even preview it. On my iPad the only thing that shows when I preview is half my header photo. Chooky has offered to help via a call so if I get frustrated I'll be taking her up on the offer. Until then I'll try a few things.

So if you don't see me for a while know I am reading your blogs but not successful with mine.

Please keep safe everyone. 

I bought this beautiful pack of Japanese fabric squares when I was on my sewing cruise many years ago. As we all do, I didn't want to cut into them as they are sew pretty. But the time has come and I am going to be brave.

Working out what to do to showcase this fabric.

Cutting and sewing back together again

I am trying these little blocks out for a bit of fun. I'm not sure what will I will end up doing with them. I just wanted to try a pattern out.

Monday, 8 June 2020

QUEENS birthday weekend 2020, Chooky' 8th birthday & overcoming COVID-19 social distancing... QUILTERS RULE....

WOW. What a weekend I have had.
CHOOKY invited anyone and everyone to join in celebrating her virtual 8th birthday party via ZOOM. It was amazing. There was about 30 ladies that dropped in and out over the day. Ranging from 8am to 11pm. Well done CHOOKY.
Thankyou from all of us who joined in. It was a real winner.

It was amazing to be part of this ZOOM meeting. To see all the people on the screen and be able to chat with each other. There were ladies from all over the world, Belgium, Germany, France, England, Canada, USA, New Zealand, and of course us here in Australia. Due to the time differences, people were coming in and out of "the room". Most were sewing while they were chatting, by hand or machine, and some were knitting or cross stitching. I started the chat at 8 am in bed. Moved into my lounge room and then into the sewing room. About lunch time I ducked off for a sower, some lunch and a stretch. It was so good seeing and talking to people I have been blogging with for a few years. Some I have been I swaps with, others I have been chatting via email. It was great to hear a voice and put faces to blog names. There were even new contacts which I will enjoy hopping on to their blogs and doing a catch up read....

CHOOKY has put up a list HERE of everyone who joined in.
I will have a great time linking in and seeing what they are all up to.

While sitting and chatting all day to ladies around the world I was working on my BONNIE HUNTER FROLIC MYSTERY...
My blocks are now all sewn... What a job...

Now to do the  I must have been too busy talking...
Oh my... I read that I had to cut for my sashings 1.5" * 12.5" neutral strips for the sashings of my blocks. So I cut all 64.. Guess what.... I was wrong. The total unit was to be 1.5" * 12.5"..
So I had to trim all the strips I had cut.... These new strips had to be cut back to 4.5". What a silly mistake.... but I am back on track...

I am busy sewing these strips together... They shouldn't take too long.....

Here are my sashings Resewn and ready to attach to my FROLIC QUILT.
Well those leftover 1.5" * 8" strips are just going to have to be used up into a quilt Deana is working on. TRAIL MIX....

Have a look at what Deana got up to....
This is what Deana has already made.

You can get the FREE pattern HERE for TRAIL MIX Janice might be starting it too.
I wonder who else might give it a go.....

I have also finished my AUSSIE HERO QUILT... It's quilted, binding on & label on..

Look at this backing. It has all the landmarks of Melbourne. I was raised in Melbourne and know these landmarks. So this represents my input. We do not know where our recipient lives but we can surely share our part of the world..

Here my recipient is racing his bike around the PHILLIP ISLAND TRACK. This quilt is personalised just for him.

Check out AUSSIE HERO QUILTS HERE to see what it's all about and how you can help....
I have been saving tea bag strings for my friend who has been knitting scarves. They are lovely Lacey designs. Just knitted in plain knit stitch.
But now she has said she has done enough. So the strings I had sitting here I have tied them together and now I am going to knit. Call me crazy but now I need more strings.
If you want to help out I need strings. No tags.
Please send me some...
I am going to start knitting tonight ..
I need between 4,000 - 6,000 strings to complete my scarf.
No. 4.5mm needles and 40sts... Here I go....

Happy sewing everyone.
Keep safe and be happy.....

Thursday, 4 June 2020


Who is going to join in for some on the weekend to celebrate CHOOKY'S birthday.

Click on the above link to find the details..

See you all there..

Saturday, 30 May 2020

AHQ in progress ready for a HERO

I have decided to do an urgent AHQ.
Request was for--- RED,WHITE & BLUE, Honda Racing, photos of recipient racing his own bike and some other emblems I don't know what they are so are not being included.
I started out with red, white & blue 2.5" strips and sewed them together like the well known Jelly Roll race. It was wide enough but not long enough for the specifics of an AHQ.

So I added a blue strip....
This was already in my cupboard. So when the request came in I knew I could do it easily. Without too much fuss.

Now to unpick the blue strip.
Print some photos, add an emblem appliqué, join them to fit and sew them back into the quilt.....

I am happy with what I have done with this AHQ. 
The photos are of the recipient at Phillip Island racing around the track.
By the sounds of it he loves his bike and racing as these photos were part of his request.

Sunday, 24 May 2020

I've been working on FROLIC....

I have decided to drag out BONNIE HUNTERS MYSTERY FROLIC to see where I am up to.
I have them on my design wall. Sewn a few flying geese. Trimmed a few and well on my way to some completed blocks. I am not a fan of sewing flying geese. Especially the amount required in this quilt but now is the time to get on with it.

So, I have managed to sort out what blocks I have, what I have to do. Now I can get started and leave them on show.
Hopefully during this isolation time with COVID-19 I can keep myself busy and happy on my weekends.

I am having fun and making progress. So far this was a full days work...

I have been busy working on BH.. but I think the corner block has the wrong colour neutrals...

I have now got all the full blocks made. Errors pulled out and resewn. 
If you notice the outside borders have a darker neutral because I ran out of the lighter fabric. I'm not sure if I have counted correctly but I think I need that darker one in the centre. 
Hopefully I can work on the half square blocks next weekend.

There still needs sashings but I am happy with my progress. Once the set in blocks are done I will need to move a few around to seperate colours.

I am so over this quilt but it is coming out so pretty.
I have someone in mind this will be gifted to so it will get finished.
I am going to leave it on my wall so I keep working on it.
There is still a lot to do.
I do have all the half square triangles made for the borders and parts of the sashings cut out.
Now I need to cut all the neutrals for the sashings.

COVID-19 restrictions are being lifted. I still am not sure but I want this fininshed as a reminder of this time.


Sunday, 17 May 2020


You all know I support AHQ.  Well, this week, along with everyone else I was shocked to hear of Jan-Maree's illness. She is not looking for sympathy but understanding and support.
We as quilters have know so many over our sewing years that have needed support. So many have gone through stressful times. We will continue to sew and support in the ways we know...
Thinking of you Jan-Maree.

I would like to share with everyone the fantastic work everyone does that sends off their quilts to the troops.

Have a look here to see some beautiful work sent to cheer some people up.

This is another one that has been posted....

And my Lorraine Cocker quilt has been quilted.
This was a UFO CHALLENGE for me... NO... 2 is completed.

Here they both are together.

A happy finish of 2 quilts..

I am happy to be making these quilts for our troops on deployment but Australia Post has made it more difficult to post them. The boxes they sold that fitted the requirements for free postage to the troops are no longer being sold at the post office. This size fitted a magazine, a quilt and sometimes a pack of biscuits or chocolate. All this came in under 2 kgs so was free. Now the boxes are way too small to fit a quilt or too large that you need to pay postage. Thanks for your support Aust Post.
I was told you could get them from Officeworks but no, not in Mildura. Getting around in these COVID times is hard enough let alone searching for boxes. I then tried BUNNINGS. Yes, Fantastic. They had a smaller box than the original we used but a quilt still fits perfectly. Not sure what else you could squeeze in as it only weighed 1.5 kgs...  They were also sold  seperately too.

These are what they look like as a flattened box.. $2.69 @ BUNNINGS.....

I was so happy to find these at Bunnings that I sent a message to thank them. I got a lovely message back from Steve the manager. He is an ex serviceman who was in the forces for 12 years and thanked me for what I am doing. In return he offered to supply me with more boxes.

Thankyou STEVE @ Mildura BUNNINGS for your offer to supply me with more boxes as required. I appreciate your support and I will accept the boxes.

Saturday, 9 May 2020

QATW Bookcase quilt is nearly done.

Well it's not a finish but the top is nearly there. I have the borders to do which include the outside edges of the bookcase and to include 2 more blocks in a different way. I'm happy with all the book titles. I did seperate a few book blocks to space them out. I trimmed the camera block and made it into a book called I SPY WITH MY LITTLE EYE, placed it front on for the display. I even added a book in the top left called QATW... I trimmed the jug, fish bowl & jar blocks so they weren't so big. All is going along nicely.

Saturday, 2 May 2020

AHQ Braids

I have spent a week or 2 thinking of ideas to surround this map of the world for an amazing AHQ.
I did not just want to add plain borders. It would look like a bought quilt then. Wow. I thought of this idea. BRAIDS. By adding a 6" braid border all around it came out the perfect size. 

I carefully trimmed the borders and have them attached.


Saturday, 25 April 2020


So here are my piles of blue scrap fabrics.
I am doing strip, QAYG piecing.
This will be made into an Aussie Hero quilt.
Unfortunately it didn't use up many scraps.
I still cant close the blue tub but I am happy with the end result.

Here is the finished quilt. I love the look of it but not sure if I like doing QAYG this way.
It has the binding on the front but not the back. The seams were very bulky.
The recipients name has been covered up for privacy.
There were a few mistakes as I had cut the blocks out to sew a certain way then I decided to follow a different tutorial which didn't match the cutting/sewing measurements. The seam lines don't match but are still ok. It was a learning curve for me. I am still trying to find a QAYG method I enjoy and that works or me. This is now in the mail...

Look at this fantastic backing fabric I have used.
It shows all the icons landmarks in Sydney & Melbourne

I have sent off this Laundry bag too. Obviously the recipient is named Bob..

Saturday, 18 April 2020

About time I did a catch up post after being missing in action for 2 weeks.

I know I haven't posted for 2 weeks but here is a catch up.

Well, isn't it a strange time we are all living. Social distancing. I can surely say that there are so many people around that do not understand what this means. 
All I seem to be doing is working (I am one of the lucky ones to still have a job) then coming home exhausted, not seeing anyone and not doing anything during the week. 

I spent the long weekend in March painting some feature walls in my house and hanging picture frames. We have lived here 4 years now and I have only decided what I wanted to do.
My daughter and family were supposed to come up here for a weeks holiday but that's not allowed atm.. so we have to wait. It's very disappointing but we are catching up on facetime. No cuddles with the grandies...

Okay, so it was the EASTER weekend and I spent 2 days catching up on filing, sleeping, cleaning out cupboards, linen press but not my sewing room.
I finally got around to taking some photos and doing some sewing.

I hope you enjoy this catch up and unusual long post from me. Please sit down, relax and enjoy the read.

It was my birthday in early March and at my quilt group we have a swap on. 
I was lucky enough to be given some fat quarters at the end of Feb, well before stay at home social distancing started. These are only half the amount I will receive. I suppose its something to look forward to when we can meet up again, receiving the rest.
Anyway thanks to those who gave these beautiful 1930's fat 1/4's.
I think they might be used in my Farmers Wife quilt.

I have made a few masks and here is my selfie.
I know hairdressers are still working but at this time I do not think they are essential and do not want to be too close to them knowing the amount of people they are in contact with.
So I have to deal with the messy hair...
At least my nose and face are covered if need be..

This is what I ended up making. A total of 15. I have given them out to a few people at work. Not that we have to wear them yet but there are some that want them and I'd like to have them ready.
There are so many free patterns and tutorials around and this was the one I was happy with.
I like the ties because they can fit any size head. The elastic ones would make annoy my ears.

I wanted to sew a little project for a bit of fun.
I had a small strip of QAYG left over from an Aussie Hero quilt ( next post ) and didn't want to throw it away. I also have a big tub of zips. I searched Pinterest and came across a great site with lots of free patterns and tutorials 

Make a cuppa and have a browse

I saw these on a blog a while ago. I thought I would make some for gifts. I already had the shelf liner and of course, plenty of fabric. They were quick and easy to make..

Have a look here.

I cut them about 6-7" square depending on the size of shelf liner you have. Just cut it to get the most out of the piece. I back it with 2 pieces of fabric so when sewn and turned the seams are enclosed. I have added ribbon for the loop. I can hang one on a hook on my fridge so it can be easily found.
Here is one pictured with a Vegemite jar so you can see the size.

I've finished a few more jar grippers. These are great gifts and not too much to put in the post. I'm happy I've made a great start for the gift box.

I am doing the number draw afor my quilt group. Here is where we are at. I did a short video of the drawing so it could be put on Facebook. I'm not on there so another member put it up for the rest of the group to see. We putit in our newsletter every month so are always a month ahead.

No. 12 APRIL UFO PROJECT is to make 2 BORO bags.
Here is the first one. All the pieces are hand stitched. Now for the bag .

I actually got this project bag finished. Zip an all. Last time I made this pouch I was putting the zip in and I trimmed the size. HAHA, I cut the zipper pull off but not this time. That mistake is embedded in my brain to not do it again.. Here is my number 12 project finished. I did have on my list to get 2 finished in April but I'm not sure of that. I will try and get another Boro piece laid out and start to stitch it of a night. I think I will make it into a smaller bag.

I am so glad it is the weekend. I have had such a busy week at work but I cannot complain ... at least I still have a job. I am looking forward to a sleep in, some sewing and some good food.

We have not been allowed to eat out for a while and I was getting sick of the usual sandwiches so today I had a bit of fun. I put together a beautiful latter that I enjoyed very much. I called it my isolation, social distancing and celebrating life lunch. Boy did I enjoy it.

Now I am in the mood for some sewing.

I have had my Bookcase quilt blocks up on my wall for months now. It's about time I got started with something to get them finished but I didn't know how I wanted it to look. Finally an idea has come to mind so a rearrange happened. Of course that meant I need to make some more blocks. I'm doing that at the same time as I sew the rows together with the new layout. All I need to do is figure out where the book title selvages will be placed.

I have started to put the book titles on some books using selvages. There is also a book bark added to one.
I split some blocks and added black to each side so the shelves weren't over crowded. 
2 rows joined and looking good.
Hopefully I'll get some more done tomorrow as I sit and listen to an audio book.

QATW April UFO challenge was no 1. -- My Bookcase quilt...

This is the link to QATW.

Hopefully I can get a post done about the AUSSIE Hero quilt & Laundry Bag I have completed and posted off.