Saturday 27 July 2019

Harley quilt donated

I have dfinished the quilt top.
I love it and feel really happy about it.

Well, my hubby loves it and is getting a bit too cosy.

It was donated and raffled. It raised quite a bit for the club and everyone loved it.
The local Harley shop even asked for it to hang in his shop until the end of the year.

And here it is hanging on the line all quilted.
Hubby took the photo for me while the sun was out and I was at work.

The AGM went well.

Wednesday 24 July 2019

Brown scarf

I loved knitting the other scarf so I made another one.
This will be put away for a gift. It was so relaxing spending the time knitting.

It is so nice and warm. Lovely....

Here is a post I did with a pattern.
Celtic scarf pattern

Saturday 13 July 2019

Loose change counted for Vals piggy bank challenge

Last year I linked up with Val for her PIGGY BANK challenge. Collect your change and see what you get in a year. It adds up more than you think.
We have only been putting in change when we remember. Not very often but it still adds up.
My hubby enjoyed sitting down to count it.
Total of $71.10.   Not bad at all.

I have also decided to spend it on those small scissors with a cap. I'll buy about 10-15 of them. Then I'll join the caps to the scissors, so they don't get lost, with a bead string.
Hopefully I can then sell some at our quilt show in September.

See what others will do with their change over at Vals.

Tuesday 9 July 2019

OH NO!!!! What has happened....

All my saved sites that I follow have disappeared. They are going to take ages to replace.
Please help me.
If I have been a follower by way of reading, commenting or whatever of your site.PLEASE LET ME KNOW SO I CAN ADD YOU TO MY SIDEBAR. It's going to take me a while to find you all again.
Please be patient...

Monday 8 July 2019

HOG Bike quilt plan for a DONATION

My hubby's bike group was having their AGM.
e wanted me to make a quilt for him to donate.
WHY NOT!!!! I make them for everyone else and give them away.
The only thing was that the AGM was 2 weeks away. So I did a lot sf searching ideas, the fabric boxes and came up with a start. Not a full plan but I knew something would work.
I started drawing, cutting, measuring and hoping for the best.
He started cooking, cleaning and shopping. We work well together.

 Here is my idea so far.

I have cut up my hubbies t-shirt for the emblems of his group.
Ironed on the applique design but still needs stitching.

Now for some borders.

Well I kept playing, cutting and sewing.
Here is what I have done so far.

Making things fit and working it out as I go.

Friday 5 July 2019


I have had lots of interest in my scarf so I thought I'd write how I did it.
Give it a go....

Use matching needles to yarn ply. Not a tight finish.
You also need a stitch holder or large pin for every group of 8 sts.

Cast on 32 / 40 / 48 sts. (Multiples of 8) *** mine was 40sts & about a 12ply yarn  - 5.5mm

Work as far in garter st as you want. I did about 48rows.
Measure the width of work. Across the sts.

Now have your pins/holders ready. Don't be scared.

TAILS...... Only work on 8sts.. either garter st or stocking st.
Work until this is about 1 inch shorter than the measurement you just took. Now put them on to a stitch holder.

Repeat this for every group of 8 sts you have.

Now. Put them all on to one needle and knit for 18" - 22" depending on how tight you want it around your neck.

TAILS..... Only work on 8sts.. either garter st or stocking st.
Work these until the same length as the first group of tails.
Now put them on to a stitch holder.

Repeat this for every group of 8 sts you have.

Put them all on to one needle and knit for the same amount of rows that you did at the beginning.


You can add tassels if you want to.

Here is a tutorial as well.


and another pattern with photos

Pattern & photos

Thursday 4 July 2019


It has been a lot cooler and I haven't been doing too much sewing.
I wanted to do something that was quick and didn't require much thinking.
So I searched Pinterest and this is what I decided...

I can't believe how easy this scarf and hat was to Knit.
It took 2 balls of yarn from Big W.  It knitted beautifully and soft. I think I need to go buy some more in a different colour.

It is very warm and is plenty big enough for a cold winters day.

I love it and will make another one. Maybe a little different for variety.