Thursday, 30 June 2016


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Now for JUNE's OPAM

With sitting at home now all day I have some finishes this month...

Wednesday, 29 June 2016


Just to keep all you lovely people out there updated with my progress...
Well, we headed off early to the hospital today for a check up. Expecting to be there for quite a while.  
We arrived at 8.30 for my first appointment. X-rays....
By the time my hubby booked me in, found a wheelchair (I'm no good at these crutches), got me out of the car, parked the car and got me inside. It was time to be called in .. NO WAITING.
Back around to reception A to see the Dr.. Yep all is healing well.
Go and have the cast off
The renovator cutter is about to cut the cast open

The cast being cut through

The bruising and swelling has gone down after 2 weeks

The new cast is put on...
Wrapping my foot/leg with the plaster mesh

And then X-rays again.....
Back in to see the Dr...   All is good. See you in 4 weeks....
All of this only took 2 hours. So we were home for lunch. Then a sleep.  
I am very happy that my ankle is healing well and I don't need to have it pinned. That's a relief...
My new purple cast for 4 weeks

4 more weeks of stitching, resting, knitting and crochet....
Hope to get heaps done...

Monday, 27 June 2016

I like these finishes....

First up is the jumper I showed earlierr in the week. I managed to spread the wool enough to get it finished. It looks good too.
Size 26"

I went to work on my X stitches on Friday night and finished the 3 of them. Boy I get into a mess when I use glue...

The Xmas music book decorations in progress
X Stitch Song Book

Carol Singer song book
Santa in his hoop
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Saturday, 25 June 2016

On to the knitting again

I haven't done much sewing. I started on my HEXIES Splendid Sampler block.
All prepared ready to go....

I did get started .. 3/8" hexies 

A little bit of secret sewing so here is my knitting...
Here is another back that was started by my SIL.
This is a size 25 1/2" jumper..
The back and the spare wool.

 There is not enough wool to do the main colour so I have altered it for the front. The sleeves I will do the same as the back..
The front

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Working on some crochet...

I have picked up mums crochet to do some more....
When I was sorting out mums patterns I actually found the pattern book. It gives the directions for the 4 rows of the pattern, not the size of blanket. That's up to you... Mum has retyped the pattern and stapled in the book so it was easier to read.
Flower Cluster pattern

A weekly subscription craft magazine from 1981. Aust..$1.75

I'm going to keep going until I run out of the green wool I'm using for the stems.. There was no more..
The flower garden is growing

Here is my tension on the left and mums on the right. Yes they are different but with some use I don't think it will really show up. The photos look a bit different. I think it might be the angles I took them on. It really doesn't look too different.
Different tensions

Look here to see when I started it...

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Some knitting I have finished...

While I have been sitting here chair bound I have a few finishes.  These were started by my SIL...
The first is the back of a small jumper that was started. I had no extra wool except for the bit of a ball still attached... This is what I did with it... It's now a BEANIE....
From the back of a jumper to a beanie...

There was another bag of odd wool with a navy blue back already knitted.. Not much navy left and bits of other colours. Here is the finished jumper. I even managed to get the buttons on too..
Size 32" kids jumper..

Next on the list was to finish a little baby cardigan.... Very cute...
Cute new born size cardigan

Sunday, 19 June 2016

keeping busy....

THANKYOU to all my quilting and blogging friends, family friends, daughter and husband for all your help and support.
Hubby is doing a great job of looking after me.....

I finished knitting a baby cardigan and started working on another kids knitted jumper of my SILs yesterday. 2 jumpers still need buttons.
This is what I have started today... 
My X stitch started...
 This is what I am copying. I saw it on Pinterest and went to the blog. There were no instructions only a photo. I'm not sure what I will turn it into though.. I'm just sitting stitching..
A link to Pinterest 
And to the blog

Friday, 17 June 2016

What a week......

I just don't think luck is on my side this year.
My hubby is doing well, I thought my foot was slowly easing... Haha.
Well, I put a stop to that. 
Monday night I rolled my ankle, yes the sore one, and fell. Now I have a fractured ankle..
After a Drs visit, X-rays and then a trip to the hospital I came home with a half cast on.
The plaster only covered the underneath side of my leg until the swelling went down a bit.
My neighbour brought over some beautiful flowers.
Flowers from Noel

Back to the hospital today. 
Emergency waiting room

I went from this.......
Half cast waiting in Emergency
To this.....
Lovely GREEN full cast

I have to go to the fracture clinic at the Northern Hospital next week, if I can get an appointment, to see what they say...
Meanwhile I have knitted another jumper for my SIL. Oops a photo will come tomorrow... And have been working on my Xmas X stitches..
Xmas Carols

A little Xmas tree

 I have also joined in with the No Fuss Swappers again. This time it is. CLAYTONS XMAS.

I am linking up tonight with Wendy for FNSI

Have a look here for some great work by other X stitchers 

Thursday, 16 June 2016


While I was away on retreat I worked on the next instalment of Dear Jane blocks. I am up to date again.....
C 9
E 10
A 8

L 4

Here are the full pictures of my 2 row by row quilts. These are far better ones than I got.
These quilt tops will be stored away until I need them.