Honour Quilt 2014

Here are the no's of blocks I have completed, with the links to their photos, for the Kilmore Quilters Honour Quilt organised by Maree.
 I am doing mine in scrappy blues. 
It will be a project done over a year with 4 blocks handed out each month.
 Maree has chosen 49 blocks, paired them up with people that have passed away in the war. 
All the people are from our local area. Kilmore, Pyalong, Broadford, Wallan etc....
 Maree has also included a short story of the persons life & death. It is a sad thing to read about. There are about 31 members who are going to sew a long with Maree. 
Let's hope we all complete them.
We hope to have all the blocks made by Christmas 2014 and the quilts completed by ANZAC day in April 2015. There is going to be a special display in Kilmore and we hope to have all our quilts on display too.

 And POPPIES for the back.

I have added all the stories of each persons life... Please read and remember these are tragedies.

1a..  MICHAEL JOSEPH MEAGHER    Michael enlisted on 23 December 1914 at the age of 24 years and 8 months. He embarked on the Persic on 28 May 1915.

1b..  James Joseph Freyne.   James worked as a farmhand at the time of his enlistment on 22 May 1916. He embarked on the Shropshire on 25 September 1916.
James was reported as missing in action 3 May 1917. A Court of Enquiry held on 24 November 1917 determined that James was Killed in Action. They believed that he was killed by a shell in the trenches at Warlencourt. His is officially deemed as having died on 3 May 1917. He was 21.

1c..  THOMAS De Courcy Meade  Thomas worked as a draper in Kilmore before he enlisted on 19 August 1914, two weeks after war was declared. He embarked on 21 October 1914 on the Orvieto.
Thomas served on Gallipoli where he suffered a gunshot wound to the groin. He was taken back to
England for convalescence. Later that year he returned to his unit in Egypt. Thomas was promoted to Corporal on 25 February 1916 and then to Sergeant on 18 May 1916. He was then sent to France with the rest of his unit where he participated in the battle at Pozieres on 25 July 1916. He was listed as wounded but that was revised on 14 October 1916 when he was listed as wounded and missing.
A Court of Enquiry was held on 26 November 1917 declared that Thomas was Killed in Action on 25 July 1916

1d..  MICHAEL FRANCIS RYAN .    Also known as Joseph McKinley.
Michael enlisted in New South Wales at the age of 34 on 21 December 1914. He embarked from Brisbane of 13 February 1915 on the "Seang Choon". He enlisted under the name of  Joseph McKinley and gave his next of kin as his father James McKinley of Seymour. This was untrue and is not known why he did this.
After his death it was discovered that he had used an assumed name and a search was made to find his true identity. His had then to prove that he was indeed her son and show his correct name so that she may then receive his personal effects and his was pension.
Michael was killed on 8 August 1915 in Gallipoli and is commemorated on the Kilmore War

1e..  ERNEST BROWN  Ernest was born in Pyalong on 2 September 1893 as one of 11 children. He spent most of his time though in Broadford area.
He enlisted on 17 November 1914 and embarked on the HMAT Runic on 19 February 1915. Two of Ernest's brothers also enlisted in the war - William & Frank.
Ernest was 22 years and 10 months old at the time of his death on 26 July 1915. He died of gunshot wounds to the head aboard the hospital ship "Somali". He is buried at the Beach Cemetery Gallipoli at ANZAC Cove.
He is commemorated on the Broadford War Memorial.

1f.. Richard Thomas Randall.  Richard was born in 1898 and was one of 9 children, four of whom died in infancy.
When Richard enlisted on 19 July 1915 he was employed as a printer and by my calculations was under 18. He embarked on 13 November 1915 on the Clan MacCorquodale.
Richard was a trooper with the 3rd Light Horse Machine Gun Squadron in Egypt at the time of his death on 23 April 1917.
Richard is commemorated on the Wallan War Memorial.



2b..  WILLIAM HALLET STOCKDALE   WILLIAM was born in 1887 in Kilmore the eldest son of WILLIAM and Agnes and the 2nd of their 14 children. After Britain declared war on Germany on  4 August 1914, WILLIAM gave up his life as a farmer in Wallan and enlisted 2 weeks lantern 18th August. He embarked for the Aaron 19 October 1914 on the Hororata. His younger brotherPeregrine (Perri), aged 21, who had enlisted 6 days later than WILLIAM, embarked the day after him on the ship Shropshire.
William was a member of the 6th Battalion. He was killed instantly on 8th May 1914 while disembarking at Cape Helles, Gallipoli. H is buried at the Helles Cemetery and commemorated on the Wallan War Memorial.

2c..   FRANCIS O'DWYER ..FRANCIS was 21 and a student at Chateau Tabilk when he enlisted on
28 April 1916. He embarked on the Euripides on 11 September 1916.
After some time spent in France, Francis was then sent to Belgium where he was killed in action on 4
October 1917.
He is commemorated on the  Kilmore War Memorial.


2e.. Herbert Valentine Shaw ..  Herbert was originally from England and emigrated to Australia at some time prior to his enlistment on 19 February 1916.
He embarked on the Runic on 20 June 1916.
Herbert died of wounds sustained on 14 March 1917 in France.
Contained in his service record is a copy of the message from the King to his next of kin.

2f..  John Clifford Bowers ..  John was born to Sylvester George Bowers and Martha MacKinley as the second youngest of 12 children. Having been born in Kilmore he stayed in the area and worked as a labourer. On the 18th August 1915, John enlisted and then embarked on the ship Themistocles on 28 January 1916. John was a gunner in the 22nd Field Artillery Brigade and was at Posieres, France on 3 August 1916 when he was killed.
Several years after the war there was an agreement between the French, Belgium and British Governments that all scattered graves and certain cemeteries were to be removed and all bodies found therein were to be exhumed. A letter was sent to his brother in 1930 advising that during the course of this exhumation in the Posieres area they were successful in recovering the remains Memorial. When exhumed his effects are listed as an Australian Cap Badge and Green Legging stamped J C Bowers. John is also commemorated on the Kilmore Memorial.

2g..  Frank Chalmers ..  Frank CHALMERS enlisted on 29 December 1915 and embarked on the Suffolk on 1 April 1916. He disembarked at Suez on 12 May 1916 where he remained until early June when he sailed to Marseilles. From there he was marched out to join the 7th Battalion on 28 July.
Frank was killed in action on 22 August 1916 in France and is commemorated on the Tooborac Memorial. He was 31.


3b..  COLIN HENRY CAMERON.  Colin was a member of the Scotch College Cadets from 1902-1906 and then was a Corporal in the 15th Light Horse from 1912-1914. He enlisted on 12 September 1914 and was promoted to Sergeant on 28 October 1914. He embarked on the Star of Victoria on 25 February 1915 in the 8th Regular Light Horse. He was promoted again to Squadron Sergeant Major on 26 July 1915.
On 7 August 1915 Colin was killed on Walkers Ridge at Gallipoli at the age of 23. His father wrote that he was a ' young man of great promise, possessed of physical, moral and mental strength above the average'. Colin was the eldest of five boys, of which four served in WW1. His younger brother Neil was awarded the military medal.

3c..  WILLIAM LAUGHLIN LOONEY.    William was from Bylands and enlisted on 14 September 1915 at the age of 18 and 6 months. He worked as a linesman prior to his enlistment. He embarked on the Euripides on 4 April 1916.
William went missing several times during the course of his time in the army. The last time was on 30 December 1916 when he was reported missing. Three days later his company left the area. On 4 January 1917 WILLIAM was found on the side of the road with a fractured skull. He was taken to the  NZ Stationery Hospital where he later died. It is believed that he fell from his horse.
WILLIAM is commemorated on the Kilmore War Memorial.

3d.. Charles Wyndham Thomas .   Charles was born in Bylands and was a farmer when he enlisted on 16 August 1915. He embarked for the war on 27 November 1915 on the Commonwealth
Charles died on 26 July 1916 at Pozieres France at the age of 27.


3f..   WILLIAM Foster CHEESWRIGHT    WILLIAM came from Tooborac and worked as a wood carter. He was the sole support for his widowed mother when at the age of 28 years and 5 months he enlisted in May 1916. WILLIAM embarked on 16 December 1916 on either the Medic or the Nestor.
William is listed on the AIF Embakation Roll as "Cheesewright", as he is also on the Kilmore Memorial Hall Roll of Honour. He enlisted as "CHEESWRIGHT" and is noted as that on the Tooborac Memorial. On his mothers tombstone he is noted as " Cheswright". The different spelling made it difficult to find him.
William was killed in action on 26 September 1917 in Belgium and is commemorated on the Tooborac War Memorial.


4a.. William Brown.. William's two younger brothers Frank and Ernest enlisted on 17 November 1914. WILLIAM enlisted on 25 February 1915, 6 days after his brother Ernest had embarked for the Front. Frank and WILLIAM then followed on 10 May 1915 on the Euripides. As WILLIAM was the older brother, it was highly likely that he went to war to keep an eye on his younger brothers.
On 26 August 1916 he was Mentioned for good and gallant conduct in connection with the recent hard fighting at Poziers. He was then Killed in Action on 4 August 1916. There is no known location of his burial site so is named on the Memorial at Villers Bretenneux, France.
WILLIAM is commemorated on the Broadford War Memorial.

4b..  JOSEPH Crowley .. Although born in Lilliput near Rutherglen, JOSEPH spent most of his life in Kilmore East. At the time of his enlistment on 12 October 1915 he was a labourer and 22 years old. He embarked on the Katuna on 9 March 1916. I like to think that he was a bit of a lad as in June 1917 he was charged with being drunk on active service and breaking away from his escort.he was awarded 14 days Field Punishment No 2 - he forfeited 14 days pay. Then in December 1918 whilst on leave in UK he went AWL and a court of enquiry held 13 January 1919 declared that he was still missing. There is no record of any punishment meted out or when he reappeared, we just know that on 31 January 1919 he was admitted to hospital with influenza where he later died on 12 February 1919 from Bronco Pneumonia.

4c.. James Joseph Cantweel           James was born at Glenaroua/Pyalong. He enlisted on 10 July 1915 at Seymour as James Joseph CANTWELL and was attached to the 10th Battalion 5th Reinforcements on 2 August 1915. He then was AWL from 7 October 1915, his movements were lost sight of and his papers were marked 'unknown' on 18 April 1916.
James reappears when he re-enlisted as James CANTWELL on 14 February 1917 at Royal Park Camp when he had turned 21. When it was discovered that James had enlisted earlier and was never discharged  from the army it was decided that his original enlistment would stand and he would serve on those papers.
The reason James went AWL in 1915 was that his parents did not consent to him enlisting and they refused to let him to return to camp at Seymour.
James then embarked for the war aboard the Ascanius on 11 May 1917. He was killed at Monte Brehain in France on 5 October 1918.


4e.. REGINALD STANLEY MARSH  ...Reginald grew up in Pyalong and spent time as a mail coach driver and also a groom before his enlistment on 18 February 1915 at the age of 24.
He embarked on the Ulysses on 10 May 1915 and proceeded to Gallipoli. On 18 September 1915, Reginald was badly wounded by a shell in the trenches at Wire Gully below Lone Pine. He was moved to the hospital ship Mahena where he died from his wounds and was subsequently buried at sea

4f.. William Charles James Stute  .. WILLIAM enlisted on17 APRIL 1916 and embarked on 7 September 1916 on the Port Sydney. He died of wounds sustained on 11 April 1917 in France at the age of 27.
William is remembered on both the Kilmore and the Wallan War Memorials.
William was my fathers uncle.


5a..  ALFRED FRANK TEAKLE.    ALFRED enlisted on 22 June 1915 and embarked on the Star of Victoria on 10 September 1915.
ALFRED died in Egypt on 30 December 1915 from pneumonia.

5b..    Herbert THOMAS SKEHAN    Herbert was a clerk in the tobacco trade in Melbourne before he enlisted on 28 July 1915. He embarked on 18 a February 1916 on the Ballarat.
Herbert was killed in Polygon Wood Belgium on 26 September 1917. He was killed by a shell and then buried in a shell hole nearby by men from his own battalion.

5c..  RICHARD THOMAS COOKE.     Richard was born in Pyalong and was employed as a bank  clerk in Kilmore when he enlisted on 17 June 1915. He embarked on the Anchises on 26 August 1915.
In April 1916 Richard was absent from Roll Call and awarded 24 hours F.P. No 2. In May he was absent from Tattoo Roll Call and awarded 15 days F.P. No 2. Field Punishment No 2 is where a prisoner is placed in fetters and handcuffs but not attached to a fixed object so they are still able to march with unit. They are also subject to hard labour and loss of pay. Usually during the war a soldier only suffered loss of pay, which is what happened in Richards case.
On 28 July 1916 Richard was wounded in action and taken to a field hospital. He was released back to base in early August.
Richard died in the field at Flers in France on 9 November 1916 at the age of 20 years and 9 months. He is commemorated on the Kilmore Memorial.

5d..   FRANCIS Patrick Anderson FRANCIS was born in Kilmore in 1893, the youngest of 4 children and was working as a labourer when he enlisted on 19 February 1916. He left Melbourne on 27 May on the ship Ascanius and arrived in Decenport 18 July 1916.
In November of that year he was admitted to Fargo Military Hospital suffering severe Pneumonia. He was then transferred to Bulford Manor to convalesce where he remained for 4 weeks. After being discharged from there in January 1917 he proceeded overseas to France aboard the "Princess Clementina" and was marked from Etaples to this unit the 3rd A.D.B.D. On 2 February 1917 he was taken from there to the 39th Battalion where he remained until his earth at Messiness, Belgium on 8 June 1917 at age 23 years and 8 months. He was killed by a direct hit from a shell and was buried in the field. Those buried in the field at Messines were buried in definite localities properly marked, although places had no names. FRANCIS is commemorated on the Kilmore Memorial.


5f.. William Bernard Bierne .   Barbara Pease married WILLIAM Timothy Higgins Beirne with whom she had four children, the eldest of which was WILLIAM who was born in January 1898.
Whilst living in Wandong with his grandmother and employed by the Government as a Hall Porter WILLIAM enlisted on 31 May 1915, stating he was 18 and also had a letter from his guardian B McGuinness of Bairnsdale to state that he was over 18 when in fact he was only 17. He listed his sister Lillian (16) as his next of kin on his official paperwork.
WILLIAM embarked on the ship Anchises on 26 August 1915. He was killed on 25 JULY 1916 at Posieres at the age of 18. His effects were sent to his sister Lillian as next of kin but after the war his war medals were sent to his father as he had first claim before siblings. WILLIAM is commemorated on the Broadford War Memorial.

5g..  DAVID CRAWFORD      David was born in 1874 in Pyalong and was one of 10 children plus 4 half siblings. At some point he moved to Traralgon where he married Hannah Mabel Little and had a son Frank Seymour Crawford. David served in the Boer War in the Bethunes Mounted Infantry. He was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant on 4 Marxh 1901 and was Mentioned in Despatches on 23 June 1902.
He enlisted on 21 September 1914 at the age of 40 in the 8th Australian Light Horses and then embarked on the ship Star of Victoria on 25 February 1915. He had attained the rank of  Sergeant when he was killed in action at Walkers Ridge, Gallipoli on 23 June 1915. David is commemorated on the Traralgon War Memorial.


6b..  James Noble Robinson..  James was employed as a bookkeeper when he enlisted on 12 July 1915. He embarked on 26 November 1915 on the Commonwealth.
James was killed on 5 August 1916 at Pozieres in France.
In the circular filled in by his brother in the early 1920's it was noted that at the time of his death he was 33/35 years old.

6c..  Edward John Rule  Edward enlisted on 9 August 1915 and embarked on the Ceramic on 23 November 1915. He proceeded to France where he was killed on 25 July 1916 at Pozieres.

6d..  DOMINICK JOHN BURGESS.   DOMINICK was born in Woolongong NSW in 1871. He married Margaret Emily Darwell in 1892 in Albury NSW. At the time of his enlistment in 1916 he was living in Wandong and his occupation was a farmer/grazier.
He embarked on the ship Medic on 16 December 1916 as part of the14th Battalion. He contracted measles and died at sea on 19 January 1917 at the age of 44. He was buried at sea.


6f..    Albert JOSEPH Pattinson Albert was a farmer from Lancefield. He and his younger brother Arthur both enlisted in WW1.
Albert enlisted on 16 May 1916 and embarked for the war on the Shropshire on 25 September 1916.
He was wounded at Paschendaele in Belgium and died of wounds on 19 September 1917.
Albert is commemorated on the Lancefield War Memorial.


7a..  WILLIAM STOWELL ANDERSON.    William was born in Glenarous but at the time of enlisting was living in Yea and listed his occupation as farmer. Prior to the war WILLIAM had been a member of the 15th Light Horse for over 2 years.
WILLIAM enlisted on 3 November 1914 and embarked for the war on the ship Runic on 25 February  1915. He was a trooper in the 8th Australian Light Horse and was killed in action at Gallipoli on 7 August 1915 at the age of 25. He is remembered at the Lone Pine Memorial Gallipoli.


7c..  Albert Edward Knight.  Albert was one of three brothers who enlisted. Freserick age 21 enlisted on 19 November 1915 to be followed by both Albert age 23 and Ralph age 18 on 8 December 1915. Sometimes it happened that when one boy in the family enlisted, the parents sent the others to war so that they could look after each other.
Albert embarked on the Orontes on 29 March 1916.
Albert suffered a gunshot wound to the right knee on 13 January 1917 while in France. He died of wounds on 19 February 1917.

7d.. George Weir   George enlisted on 4 August 1916 in Cootamundra. He deserted two weeks later but must have been found as he embarked on the Nestor on 2 October 1916.
He was originally from Pyalong and was a farmer. He was married to Elizabeth and had a son WILLIAM Harold Weir.
George was killed in Belgium on 20 September 1917.



7g.. WILLIAM Arthur Munro ....  WILLIAM was from Wallan and enlisted on 3 August 1915 at the age of 28. At the time of his enlistment he was a farmer but had earlier trained as an engineer. He embarked for the war on the Ulysses on 27 October 1915.
William was wounded in action on 26 March 1917 near Lagnicourt, France and died from those wounds on 3 April 1917. He was buried at Rouen and commemorated on the Wallan War Memorial.


  1. I just love the sawtooth star cornerstones... truly a striking quilt. I love it. xo

  2. I just love the sawtooth star cornerstones... truly a striking quilt. I love it. xo

  3. What a fitting tribute. I love the poppy fabric.


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