Sunday, 29 November 2015

Bargain shopping in Kerang

I have been shopping while away on a relaxing weekend. It is my hubbies 60 th birthday and I have been shopping.
I bought 2 tins ready to decorate for our swap. All I have to do is choose which one to decorate....
Then I can be on my way...

This was only $1

This was $2

What a BARGAIN . They are not hinged but I think they are cute...

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

November blocks / rows are done.....

I'm on top of my sewing now. I feel good that I have finished my rows for the 2 SAL's.
Here are my umbrellas all complete. Make sure you read all the directions first... It took a while to sort out... But they are done.... I also used Ric Rac for the handles.

Now for the Liberty Stars...
I added fun male pictures for the centres. It just adds a little bit more of interest...

I am ahead with this month. No more instructions until January...
There are more photos of other blocks HERE

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Mums tea towels

I have cleaning out mums tea towels and came across these.
Here are some really old cloths done with cross stitch. They are badly stained and I'm not quite sure wether to try and clean them. Really I don't know how to clean them safely.
Aren't they fun.
Mums cross stitch tea towels
I saw a post on SHEZ's blog
about some that Keryn was gifted..
They are a different pattern. Have a look to see how cute they are.

 I came across this article in an old 2000/2001 AUSTRALIAN COUNTY CRAFT magazine. The photo was courtesy of Wendy Miller and Kalinka Antiques. Wendy was missing one tea towel. SATURDAY....

At mums I also came across some souvenir towels I had bought her when I was on a trip overseas.
Some weren't even used yet. So I brought them home, gave them a wash and am now using them myself. Of course I had to clean out my linen closet..
Mums souvenir tea towels
I was recently given a sweet sachet smelling of cinnamon and cloves. It is now hanging in my closet and I just love opening up the door.

Friday, 20 November 2015

Americana / AUSTRALIAN quilt

I've been working all evening on getting this large star block done. After reading all the instructions first I found out that there is a 3D element to it. I have done something similar to it before so I wanted to get stuck into it now... Well it's now 11.30pm and my block is done.
I love it... I think it has worked out ok... I'm not sure if I will add the extra border top and bottom. I might leave it a rectangle until I see what fits my size better.

Have a look at other blocks on Deanas blog

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

My friends and I this week

It is so good to have a group of friends that are always there for each other. That's what my Monday group is. We have all been through so much and especially very recently.
4 deaths, parents hospitalised and operations happening to just name a few. There have been many things but we get together each week for some tears, fun, laughter, stories and of course, some sewing. Thank you to my friends for their wonderful support......
Here we are hard at work.
Here is Rhonda hard at work machine quilting this scrap crazy quilt.
It is for a Xmas present.
 But it needs to be finished this week as she is going in for an operation on Friday.
 I dropped in to see her and the binding is nearly all sewn on..
Look at the mess. I have convinced my friends at this group to bring in their scraps. No matter how small and ugly. So every week they add to this bag. They have helped me make many quilts out of it. At first they thought I was crazy but now they have even made quilts themselves at home. They cannot believe what can be done out of what we would normally throw away. PROGRESS.
Look at all these scraps.
Barb finishing a binding on her Pirate quilt for a Xmas present
Joy working away, cutting and sewing together scraps..
 These will be put into an AUSSIE HERO QUILT
Joy battling with crumbs & scraps...
I have a really good friend that has moved interstate. She was working on a grandmas flower garden hexagon quilt...
Well, these were some of the left over hexagons.
The clever ladies from my Monday group designed this up out of the pieces. A member that was has moved away is working on it. She has been quilting it and is nearly finished...
Di's hexagons and Jill's design, applique and quilting.
Jill quilting away

 And then there is the BUBBLE TREE. Remember I started this last year for RSC... Well I didn't get too much done and our group wanted to make a wall hanging for the church we meet in.
So others have been working on it too and now the binding is being stitched.
Isn't it looking great.... Well done girls...
Church of Christ BUBBLE TREE 

And don't forget to sign up with Wendy for FNSI

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Slow Sunday Stitching

All I managed to get done today was to finish these Xmas decorations....
I am linking up with Kathy

I have already started handing out the Xmas gifts to group members and friends.
Xmas isn't very far away and our groups are starting to break up for the year.

6 finishes for OPAM

Saturday, 14 November 2015

My mini Xmas wall hanging and parcel I gave and received

Here is my parcel I made for our get together.
Kim won it and I hope she loves it....

My gift was made by Christine from.
There were so many gifts handed out for everyone by everyone. Thanks to all.
Christmas season is about giving so let's all enjoy.
Now for some fun photos of our get together at Gisborne today..
Patch and Quilt is a lovely, bright shop. It has beautiful fabric and a great meeting/sewing room.
Mary is so lovely and we had a great day...
Here we are. All ready for a day of fun, swaps and gift exchanges.....

Look at this group. I'm in there too.
Look at these parcels. What could be in them?
Look at all these lovely mini's. 
Catching up with Lyn was good 

Everyone's show and tell with their MINI's they received 

Anne showing her goodies 
Ann with her gift
Barb with her gift made by Marg.
 Everyone's show and tell. The Shirt Challenge and other beautiful quilts.... 
Tracee showing a cute snowman snow globe

Friday, 13 November 2015

What have I been doing

I have had a great quiet week at home. So one day I cleaned out my wardrobe. I filled the rubbish bin too. Why do we hold on to things that ar old, torn, stained and don't fit?  I don't know!!!!
I also spent 2 days outside weeding, digging out stumps, having a bonfire before the restrictions came in and just a general clean up.
Now for something fun
Catching up on some finishes. Getting things out of the cupboard and stitching.
So here I have 24 finishes for OPAM......

 Put them in with a dishcloth and my little gifts for those unexpected moments are ready.

Now to finish these decorations.

I have my parcel wrapped for tomorrow's friendly group at Gisborne...
It's a mini Xmas Swap...
What will I get....


Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Wentworth NSW, part 2

Wentworth is known for the country town where the 2 rivers meet. The Darling River and the Murray River. A popular look out that gives you a good view.
The official sign

Where the 2 rivers meet

The hedges are cut to form the name of the town, WENTWOTH and also the FERGIE tractor

Lots more wildlife here 

The seats around town

Tuesday, 10 November 2015


We had done a lot of driving so we decided to camp at Wentworth for a couple of days. Wentworth is only about half hour north of Mildura. It is only a small country town. 
We set up came and the ducks came for a visit. So we feed them some bread.
Our camp is set up. Now time to relax

Doesn't hubby look comfortable

The ducks are coming
The duck family were getting familiar with us being nearby

6 little ducklings went out one day.... They are so cute.
Unfortunately the following day only 5 little ducklings came home.

Can you see the pelican in the background 

An older family of ducklings