Sunday 13 February 2022

Oh no!!!!!! My ceiling has collapsed

 Early in January and nearly ready to go to bed we heard this almighty crash , bang and the floor was covered in water. We looked up and above the fridge we had no ceiling. It had collapsed.

( photos are not in order as we didn’t think of taking them before we worked out what was going on. We just wanted to sort it out. Then took photos)

After a bit of inspection we found that the condensation drain pipe had come off with vibration and had been leaking therefore damaging the insulation and ceiling.

Hubby glued the pipe back on which is what should have happened when it was originally installed.

He covered the hole with some cardboard and now we are waiting for it to be repaired. It has turned out it is cheaper to not go through the insurance company and have it outsourced and repaired. Now we just have to wait. Luckily we covered it well as we had the worsts winds, storms and rain and no more roof damage. We had the most rain in a day ever recorded in Mildura… ever.

I also had many loads of towels to wash. Luckily I have caught up. The heat helped and they weren’t on the line for long.

Still waiting to have it fixed… Tradesmen are busy…