Tuesday, 20 June 2017

What the Sunraysia girls were sewing...

Whenever there is 5 Tuesdays in the month we sew for charity... A while back we cut out super hero capes for the kids at the hospital. Look here to see us at work. Cutting out capes...... These capes are given to the children when they have had a super operation...
Well on the 30th June we had another night and sewed them up. We made about 30... Great effort...

We made about 30 of these for our special kids. 
Well done ladies 

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Scrappy blogs & Yellows have ran out

After reading the blogs of all the others scrapers joint in with Angela and their yellows here....

And I'm joining in and linking up with OH SCRAP

I came across Joanne making these cute butterfly blocks.
I asked for the pattern and she had blogged about her tutorial. So I gave it a go....
I have had a lot of people ask how I sew my scraps, CRUMBS, together to make them into a block of something interesting. So while I was sewing up these butterfly blocks I took some photos.
Any size piece fits in somewhere. Just join them together... You'll be amazed with what you get....
I sewed lots of pieces together.

Then trimmed one side.

Added some more fabric...
 What you cut off somewhere, just join it to another side. It will all fit..

Then trimmed to block size I needed.

And here we go following Joanne's tutorial this is what I got...

Go here for Joanne's tutorial.

Friday, 16 June 2017

A workshop on the weekend...

I have got a workshop coming up on the weekend. There is a bit of cutting to do before hand.
It is designed for a jelly roll and some background fabric. I didn't want to go and buy anything. I have had a beautiful pack of Xmas fat 1/4s sent to me by the lovely Mari..

When I received the fabric... https://jobutterfield.blogspot.com.au/2016/12/lovely-blogging-friends-to-say-thankyou.html

Anyway I have worked out that there is enough fabric and I had some background to go with it. So now to get it all cut ready for class.

I'm not sewing tonight but I am playing with fabric. I am still joining  in with Wendy and others for

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

a NAN again

My husbands son and girlfriend have had another beautiful little girl. I consider him my own son as I have known him since he was very little. This year he will be 38. So I am a NAN again.
Little sweet Indy Grace

One looks like Mum and one looks like Dad..
Indy with her big sister Madeleine 

Mum and Dad and baby all doing well

Look at these 2 little sweeties all dressed up in my knitting projects. I'm glad my work is keeping them warm. Doesn't the big sister look like she is holding a doll.

Monday, 12 June 2017

Some crochet is finished and a new project started...

I have made this cute little cape for our new granddaughter due now. It's in the mail for her...
I love making this pattern and so easy to do. I do not have to count rows and very little sewing up..
Hopefully some baby news soon..

Next I opened a bag of knitting of my mums.... Yes there is still plenty to finish.
I sorted through these pattern pieces that were done and matched them up. These are the paired up pieces. Worked out what to do and they will make 2 baby blankets...

 I will sew them together and then crochet around the square until they are a big enough size.
I'm now on the way with one blanket..

Saturday, 10 June 2017

Glowing yellows

Scrap happy Saturday working with yellows.
EDITED... I have had a lot of queries of how I make these... go over to this post to see the measurements.     Double ended oven mitts
The extra wadding I add in for the hands protection is a square of insulbrite wadding...

Last weekend I started sorting out my yellows tub and wondering what could I do you use it up. I wanted a project that could be finished and not just added to a pile of UFO's...

Start making some crumb block fabric on wadding...

Decision has been made. Mobile phone holders and double needle oven mitts.

I love using these oven mitts. I find that as soon as I make them they disappear for presents...

Do I add the flowers for a bit of decoration... mmmm I'll think on it. With or without ????

These are the rubbish scraps going in the bin. All my crumbs are used up...

I'm linking up with Angela at

Thursday, 8 June 2017

I've finally cleaned up my space....

After being away for a few weekends, sewing for charity and now slowing down a bit I finally got around to cleaning up my sewing room. That meant unpacking my retreat stuff, packing away other stuff, sorting out for workshops and finding things to continue with. Also keeping in mind the cold weather has set in and I need to keep warm. 
I'm all set for my next project..
Now to sort out and start cutting for workshop I will be doing next weekend. More about it then.
My friend Rosie had also given me a heap of fabric to use for charity. 
She had a clean up so from hers to mine....

Now what will I do....

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Special mail from special people...

First of all I received this beautiful gift in the mail from my daughter for Mother's Day.... 
It was delivered to work and everyone was excited for me when I opened it. 
A beautiful Bamboo chopping board burnt in with a special message.

I hope my daughter doesn't think I am going to use it..
My husband oiled it to bring out the grain. 
It is beautiful. Thankyou to my daughter and her partner...
Luv you both....

Another parcel that arrived for me was more baby beanies for the hospital. 
They are so cute and colourful.

Thank you Sue...

Sunday, 4 June 2017

Take time to enjoy the view

I am loving the views of the sunset out my front door.
I walk down my hall to this view of a night and it just makes me smile...
The colours are just beautiful.
There was much more of a red glow that doesn't show in this photo.
It is a beautiful time of year and I'm very happy to have made the move.
This is my home.

I have been playing with yellows this weekend...

So I am linking up with Angela. I haven't joined in all year.
What better weekend to join in than with a cheerful yellow.
And I have been sewing along with chookyblue.
Still can't get the photo to work..

Friday, 2 June 2017

GOLDEN GLOW Spring Challenge is done

Tonight I'm stitchinlong with everyone at Cheryl's
And for the whole weekend I am joining in with chookyblue at
Sorry, I couldn't get the photo to cooperate...

A few years back I went to the Phillip Island Mother's Day retreat
and did a Worksop with Gina Burgess..
The workshop was called Borders with Attitude. Here is my version....

I have finally finished my challenge SPRING quilt. I used glide, guterman, gold glitter, variegated
threads of different thicknesses for texture. Very happy with the finishes.
I've stitched in a bird in flight. All the background stitching is the quilting.
I am very happy with myself. It's the first time I have done anything like this and it's a lot of quilting..
 I love the falling flowers. How light and pretty. They remind me of the cherry blossoms.
The beads give it sparkle.
 I've put large flowers floating on the top with golden beads 
 This was the best photo I could get before I handed it in to the group. I'm not sure when I will be getting it back but it will be on display at our show at the end of the year. 

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

An overdue Surprise visit post

I made a surprise visit to my daughter for her birthday. I babysat my grandsons for her to go out for the night. We had a great time... It went all too quick. I took a new game with me to play. It was battleships. The eldest Nicholas lives it but the youngest gets bored easily.
On the flight home it was lovely looking out the window. It was like being inside a big fluffy pillow.
 The sun was setting
 Then we could see land so clearly
I could see all the rows and rows of vines
 We have vineyards all around us.
 And we have landed

Monday, 29 May 2017

Little projects...

Our Sunraysia group had a workshop making Mobile Phone Holders... They are a great idea. You can put your phone in it with the charger plugged in and hang it off a hook or handle. They are meant to hang on the charger plugged into the wall. 

Then at our retreat I made a large star fruit cushion. This size is to use upside down on your lap while you stitch. It supports your arms and is supposed to help relieve the pressure from your shoulders and neck.