Monday, 21 August 2017

I actually cooked.

My hubby has been away and I am still catching up on my rest. At least I am back to eating. 
I cooked myself Roast Pork for the first time ever. My hubby can't eat pork so it is something I enjoy when I am out. Not today, I cooked my own. It was yummy.
I love the crackle and it cooked up so crisp.

A feast for me.. and there is plenty there for another two nights so I don't have to cook. Win Win....

Sarah this is for you. Yep, I went to the library and have spent the weekend listening to this. I really enjoyed the story while I sewed away.

Working my way through the list to catch up...

Saturday, 19 August 2017

I'm back to sewing.

Thanks to all my friends checking up on me.
I was back at work this week and am totally exhausted.
I'd come home, take my brothers dog for a walk, eat tea, sit for a while then bed.
I am dog sitting for 2 weeks while my brother and hubby are away 4 wheel driving/camping through the Simpson Desert.

Friday night saw me finish off a few Dear Jane blocks that needed some hand appliqué.
The blocks for March were... F6, G10, A12 & D3.
Aprils blocks are I4, L7, K13 & B9.

I have decided not to trim them back to the 5". I think I am going to do QAYG and join them with the 1/2" sashings. This might help me to get it done. 

I have fallen behind but I am catching up...

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

I've been feeling under the weather....

For the past week I have been dressed in my pjs. Not eating much and drinking only water. I have been feeling terrible. Yep, the dreaded flu... Time to rest.. The only thing is I haven't even had the energy to sew until today... I finished hand quilting the border on my very special scrap quilt made by my friend, Sue... 
I am doing this back to front. Yes, that means I started quilting the centre to see the design then I moved on to the border. Now the border is finished I have trimmed it and on goes the binding to protect the edge.  Then I can do the centre at any time..
I sewed around the whole quilt and look how much is left. I have made diagonal seams when joining the strips but I am not worrying about here. This last seam is going to be straight. I'm not adding in extra. It's staying like this... I'm happy. 

Here is the binding all machined on ready for turning. I used different leftover strips for the binding.
 I think it matches well.

 I am liking the way it is looking with the binding stitched down.

Sunday, 6 August 2017

lunch time crochet

I have been doing a bit of crochet. This is the one I am doing at work during my lunch lour.
I have so much yarn to use.
 I showed my friend how to do this pattern which I got from Lyn. (Thanks)
I am nearly to the size where I want to create the sides into a rectangular shape.
This one is made with 8 ply yarn.

Here is one I am doing with 5 ply.

Here is the first one I finished at work.

This sits on my chair in case I need it over my legs when there is a draught. 
So far I am still wearing my t shirts..

Friday, 4 August 2017

Aussie Hero special blocks... & a thankyou...

W don't send of quilts to the Aussie Heroes for any special attention. We do it to support the special people who are out there protecting us.
I was lucky enough to receive a thankyou for my Busta quilt..
My Hero also shared it on Facebook (which I am not) .. But it was also put on the Aussie Hero blogpost.
If you want to read some thankyou messages from the heart have a read and look at this post.
Here is Sarah with her quilt... I think she likes it.


I made these fun Aussie animal blocks. They measure 10" and will be trimmed to 9.5".
I liked the look of them in what I hope seems like it is a photo.
Remember years ago we had the instant polaroids.
That was my aim.
 Look at my toes poking out..

 I was out with the measuring so they became straight on squares.

And the group of blocks

Next I worked on some cute Poppy blocks.
They measure 7"

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

And the last 2

I decided to do something different with this one. The cute owls wanted me to fly round & round & round & round again. It was easy enough but took hours. It's very effective though.
Next time I won't do them the foot width. They will be at least an inch wide...

I'm glad this one is finally finished. I do love how the spiral quilting looks though.
It was the last of the four to be quilted and crazy as I am I chose the longest way to do it...
It took forever.
172" of binding and a whopping 8 bobbins for a quilt that measures 39" x 47".

This has 228" of binding and took 6 bobbins.

 This recipient wanted Aussie native animals & Gary on it...
It is stippled all over.

I'm sorry if I have bored you over the past couple of weeks with these quilts but I thought it was best to break down the posts into stages...

I had a marathon quilting session and used up a total of 23 bobbins & 750" of binding.
I'm having a break with charity quilts for now.
I do have some Aussie Hero bags and blocks to make then I will be focussing on our quilt show and trade table makes.
I might even catch up on my Dear Jane blocks I am so far behind with. 
I also have to finish my movie challenge quilt.
I'm sure I will get side tracked and find something else to go on with...

Monday, 31 July 2017

I got to sewing with BLUES...


I tipped all my scrap blues out for my next project.
I was on the way to make 2 special laundry bags for Aussie Heroes.

What a pile of scraps...

I came across this great tutorial for the ANCHOR block.
Jennifer has done a brilliant job with step by step photos and instructions.
They are very accurate and easy to follow.
I will definitely make more of these if needed. 
As you can see I have used all different scraps too.

A good size sailing boat.

The anchor pattern bag looks great.

So here you can see lots of blue work happening.

I order what colour August will be...

Saturday, 29 July 2017

2 finishes

Stippled, soft & cuddly.
5 bobbins & 172" binding.

I love the aqua & spots
 Andrea.. from Goofin' Off Around the Block
these closer photos are for you. 
Mickey Mouse & Dalmations..

Stippled all over... 4 bobbins and 178" of binding.

These were well received...

Thursday, 27 July 2017

4 quilts have been quilted....

I thought I would have trouble with quilting this one. It is polar fleece and flannelette.
I spray basted it and stippled it all over.
It was easier than I thought and no stretching. It didn't move and was done in less than an hour.
Very happy...

This quilt was small enough to scrunch up and keep turning. Round and round she goes..

Here is a close up of how I am quilting this one.
I have just gone round and round following the width of the walking foot. 
Yes, I have gone wobbly. The lines aren't even or straight. I am happy.
It has taken me twice as long as the stippling on the other quilts and used twice as much thread...
For a small quilt it took a few hours to quilt. It has come up great.
The finished quilt will be shown soon.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017


My Friday night was spent basting 4 quilts. 
An Aussie Hero quilt and 3 children's quilts for charity...
I'm one step closer to finishing them...
Here is the Aussie Hero one

The first of the scrappy kids quilts.

The others are basted and it is bed time...

Sunday, 23 July 2017

The next Aussie Hero quilt...

This request is for Australian Native Animals.
I searched for pieces of fabric in my stash and cut as many big rectangles as I could, then smaller squares. 

I found some contrasting fabrics that matched.
Drew up a design and cut the strips.

Cut all the pieces, laid them out and started sewing.

I miscalculated these strips. They were 1" too short. Oh well, cut some squares and add them in.

Oops, I sewed these upside down. Time to unpick and reset.

Here are all the blocks done. 
Nearly a quilt top.
It won't be long.

I saw this design in Pinterest.
It's called BQ4 by Maple Designs.

Friday, 21 July 2017

Fiddle cloths for males...

My group does a lot of different makes for charity. We were to do this project for one of the members. Her work place needed something for the guys to do. 
It is also to help them with everyday skills.
They include buttons, zips, pockets, key ring clips, counting with a tape measure, press studs, learning how to thread a shoe lace and then tying it. I added a plastic clip buckle for a belt and a cord from a hat that can be shortened by squeezing the clip. There is also plumbing bits that screw together for fine motor skills. As well as the textures of the cloth, metal & ribbons strips.

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Scrap quilt number 3

I went through all the scraps and cut the biggest squares I could get out of it all.
I ended up with a variety of sizes. What will I do with them?
After clearing off the table I found a few of the larger blocks. They never made it into this top.
A good start for the next one.

I found this applique in the bag too.
It is all glued on and only needs the blanket stitching done.

Here is the way I am thinking.
Joined, sewed, cut, sewed and added some more.

I got this far then decided I needed a break.
Off to bed and complete it tomorrow 

Well here is no 3 top finished. I do love those spots.

These are the scraps I have left. Plenty for quite a few more quilts.

I have these blocks. They are 10" square.
I might use them up in a delectable mountains pattern.
That's for another time.

3 charity quilts done now for the next Aussie Hero quilt.
Request is for Australian Native Animals.