Tuesday 21 December 2021

Merry Christmas to all.

 I have had a bit of trouble keeping up posting lately and reading blogs as well as commenting. Please know I have read you posts but it is a busy time for all and I have fallen behind.


My Xmas gathering with my quilt group was amazing.

Look at the display we put together.

Here we are all set and everyone enjoying themselves. We had 30 ladies enjoy the night.

Here are the challenge entries.

Look at the display we set up. We knew there wasn’t going to be too many entries so we came up with this display.

And the winners are. Weren’t they great 

And our Kris Kringle swap went well. This is what my gift was. Look at the lovely machine embroidery.

Plenty of room to store my needles

We all enjoyed the lovely gift my friend, Maxine, and I put together through the year.
Remember these…..
The beautiful knitted beaded scissor keep we have been knitting all year long.
Thanks Maxine.

We also had fantastic help from Colleen making the special baskets for them to be displayed and presented in as a place setting.

Thanks Colleen. 

I am looking forward to the end of the year. I have celebrated Xmas with my daughter and grandsons already and I will spend Xmas with my brothers. There might be another post before the end of the year.

Everyone please have a very happy and safe festive season and a merry Christmas to all.

Tuesday 14 December 2021

A sewing machine needle case & challenge project

 For our Kris Kringle gift this year we are to make a needle case to store our sewing machine needles. 

I am making a special one for me at home but I also need one to put in my travelling machine bag.

I came across this tutorial

 on Pinterest from  https://www.thepetitesewist.com/2019/01/diy-sewing-needle-organizer.html

I have used this tutorial as a basic start and changed it a bit.

Collected my selvedges 

Added a pocket

I’m sure it will look great when it is all together. This is the one I am making for the gift so I can take part and receive one back. Now here is the one I wrapped up. It has ties to keep it closed

There is a strip of wadding to put those loose needles

The inside has plenty of pockets for packets of needles

Look at the cute bobbin charm I have added to the zipper pull

I have added a needle chart

We also had a mini challenge to complete. It was the Fairy Quilt Godmother

Look at this pattern

Choosing fabrics

 And here is my fabric chart

All the sections have been made and slowly are being joined together.

Another piece added.

Wow it is all in one piece

Doesn’t it look good now it is trimmed

after adding a little sashing strip I have added a lace edge and continued the background and dress fabric into the border.
I am double cross hatching with the quilting

I have been doing a little bit of hand stitching sewing the binding down, the label is on and the hanging sleeve is sewn down.

Here it is finished and I love it.

Thursday 9 December 2021

My week of sewing

 I am amazed that I have actually done some sewing. This has not happened for quite a while.

The weather has been hot. When it’s cooled down a bit the doors and windows have been opened up. This is when I am most happy.

Anyway, our quilt group met the other night for a charity sewing night. We used fabrics we found stored away in the shed. Beautiful flannelette and soft quilting fabrics.

We cut, we sewed, we ironed and we finished 17 small baby covers for new borns and premie babies. These were made with squares on the front and one fabric on the back. Either flannelette on the front or back. They were bagged with no wadding and are so soft.

I also found a quilt kit in a bag when cleaning the shed. It had all the blocks made. The top had started to be assembled. There was a large piece of blue fabric which was enough for the sashing and bindings. So I laid them out and we started to sew them together. 1 top was done. A member has taken it home to put on the borders, quilt it and bind it. Amazing. 

There were enough blocks to make 2 good sized quilts that on Saturday, our next sewing day, I was able to complete another top up to border stage. I will wait for the other completed quilt to come back so I can use the left over blocks for the borders.  Can you see the stars..

On Sunday at home I continued the sewing of my Bonnie Hunter’s mystery quilt clue 1 blocks. I did get the blocks all sewn. They are ready to be ironed and trimmed.

Then I moved on to clue 2 and got all the pieces cut. More flying geese. These are one of my most disliked blocks.  The good part about these mysteries I am forced to make blocks I wouldn’t normally choose. 

I feel like I have had a great week.