Saturday, 24 October 2020


I have hand appliqued the birdcage hanging from a hook on the bookcase.
I also forgot to say on last post that I received my order from Jude... 3 beautiful cases with 1000 precut squares. Jude has done the work for me.
Now I have completed my Xmas shopping too. I do have an idea of what to use mine on. I'll have to search for the pattern now.. It is a quilt I have always loved.

Wednesday, 21 October 2020


Well what a weekend it has been. I joined in with Chookyblue and so many other bloggers again for a ZOOM day of stitching... 6 am - 10 pm... So much talking & stitching was achieved....
I started out with this plan.
Spent the day machine blanket stitching. If it wasn't for talking and sewing with bloggers I would not have got very far.
It is a very boring job for me so a little bit of company helped. I managed to get it all sewn and even changed the design a bit.
I moved the 2020 patch onto an orange background so it can be seen better and have to attach the pin onto the tank of the bike. It is now ready for basting. Next weekend I hope to have it quilted ready for their AGM.

Sunday, 18 October 2020


I have had this quilt hanging on my design wall for a while. I did a block swap with the ladies from QATW and i need to do something to finish it. Here is the book title and book I made for this bookcase quilt.
I was sent a block that was a front of a camera but it was far tooooo big to be in this bookcase. so I trimmed it down, added borders, added a title - EYE SPY WITH MY LITTLE EYE -- and now it has become a front on book sitting on a shelf.
I have added doilies under the lamp, clock & jug with dish to give it the homely feel.
I then decided on what I wanted to do with the borders so added them Then it was time to decide what to do with some extra blocks. The cat & the bird cage. Well I put a hook in for the bird cage. Now i just have to hand applique it.
Next was the cat. I wanted him sitting on the floor but I am still deciding if i want him further towards the bookcase or more to the edge as he hasn't got a tail
Here it is so far. I now have some hand sewing for SLOW STITCHING SUNDAY

Friday, 16 October 2020


I have taken part in a mug rug swap in the USA.. it is Halloween themed. I had fun making these and forwarding on but not with the postage costs. $38 - - I would have like to have added more goodies but I think I had spent enough.. Here is the front and the back. It is reversible..
Then I added a spooky button.
And am very happy with the finish. I added my name under the leaf.
In the parcel I put a sticky blood red hand print for on a window, an Australian quilting magazine and one of my bird cage key holders. Now we just have to wait for it to arrive

Tuesday, 13 October 2020


My hubby wanted a Harley quilt made for a donation for his HOG motorcycle group. So i started cutting up a t-shirt of his. Putting it up on the wall. Had a motorbike picture enlarged. A few other details sorted. Planned away and now I have something to get sewn and finished.... I have traced and cut the design out. It is now ready to be placed on the background.
I have decided on a few components so I will leave them up on the wall for a while to make sure I am happy.
Yes, I am happy... Now to sew all the blanket stitch before assembly of blocks.
I have to have it finished by 9th November 2020 for their AGM

Sunday, 11 October 2020


My daughter has been trying to move up here for the last few months. She can't travel due to COVID and is relying on my opinion when veiwing a property to rent. You need to act fast as houses are taken within a day or two of listing. She has applied for a few but no luck yet. We are waiting to hear back from 3 at the moment. When she has a signed lease she can travel without any troouble. She is missing us so sent these "luv you' & "thank you" flowers
They are lovely and it was a complete surprise. We love and miss the whole family so can't wait for them to be living nearby. Hopefully I have sorted the issue with the comments not being emailed to me....

Thursday, 8 October 2020


OKAY. I am doing a very small post now knowing my parcel has arrived. My friend Linda who blogs at (I haven't worked out how to insert a link yet)last year showing her village in the UK spread Xmas cheer by placing little angels around the streets.I decided to make her some to help a little with this years cheer. I also sent her an early Xmas gift of the pot holder/mitt I made and recipe cards. I know she loved hem cause to told me so.... HAHA
I just had a ZOOM meeting with my daughter and her friends. Remember the old tupperware parties and Avon consultants.. Well now we have BRA fittings by ZOOM. As it is breast cancer awareness month annd we need to spread the word... why not do it by Zoom. Lauren was very helpful and is doing a private zoom chat/fitting with me too. I have not studied the net for the style of bra but I am definetly going to try one. They do promise free exchange of any item purchased so if you get the size wrong you can exchange it. My daughter is very happy with hers. I know I struggle to find one that fits in the usual stores. I might even consider holding my own virtual ZOOM BRA party. Any purchase is contributing a percentange to breast cancer awareness. If any one wants to know more let me know.. Go have a look Do a self check or go get your routine check done. Dont put it off. I am due for my mamogram now..