Wednesday, 29 April 2015

FNWF...... & My 2 quilts in the garden blocks are here. Border blocks done. Possible layout.

Is everyone going to join in this Friday with us stitchers. It's FNWF time over at
I'm not sure what I will work on yet but it will happen....

It has been great over the last few months working on these fun blocks. Designed by Deana over at
This block has come all the way from Kathi in Alaska.... The quilt on the fence is so cute
Thankyou Kathi
And this one is from Linda T.

I have managed to make all 26 of my border blocks for this months finish....

And I even made the bonus Half square triangles too.....

So I had a play with the layout of the blocks. This was a row by row quilt but I am not doing mine in rows. Mine will look a bit busier and come out a completely different size. Oh the challenge.
I will fill in the spaces with the half square triangles and trim some blocks to make them all fit in.
This is what I have so far....
The empty space is for the one  I am still waiting on. A tree block is to come from Linda Th....

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Monday, 27 April 2015

More finishes.. OPAM & a winners gift. Binding blitz

I have continued with mums crafts.. This is what I have finished now...
Here is a bag pattern that I made at a retreat years ago... Mums was sitting there unfinished. Well it's finished now.... Not sure what I will do with it or where it will go.

Here is my beautiful grandson holding a funny coat hanger. My mum had started it and I finished it. Nick wanted to donate this coat hanger to his school for the Mothers Day stall... He is very happy..

I taught the Heathcote group how to make this bag. These are a great way of using up charm squares.
This adds another 44" to my binding total for the month..  Here is my finished one.

Then I made the cute napkin hold alls. Great for picnics... Very easy to make and fit packets of napkins easily. These will be sold on the trade table at the Kilmore Quilt show.

Then I made a little thread bag. I suppose it could be used for many things. A good way of using up 6" orphan blocks. That's my next project.... Make more!!!!!!!!
And another 17" of binding done.

I have done a total of 207" of  binding this month.

So here are 10 more projects finished for OPAM.
I was a lucky winner the other month for OPAM and I have just received a beautiful gift from Peg.
A lovely quilt project folder, a cool reel of thread that matches the fat quarter, 2 DMC threads. These just happen to be colours I use all the time. And a ring which I have already hung my cottage garden threads on.
Thanks again Peg. I will be joining in again this month

Saturday, 25 April 2015

1XiAM for April

I have had some time to get into my sewing room. I spent hours cleaning it up and then sewing.... Yippee....
I made this for my grandsons. How cute is this.
They still need Santa to come to them but they don't have a chimney.
This solves the problem.
So I have now done my Xmas item for April.

And another OPAM

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Thursday, 23 April 2015

My mums finishes...

As you all know I have been working with my mums WIPs....
I am planning on finishing them to pass onto other members of the family. I'm not sure if I will do this all at once or a bit at a time. I will talk to mums husband and see how he feels about it.
Here is my first finish for mum and my 2nd for the month.
I think I know who this will be passed on to but everyone will have to wait and see.
Mum was a very good crafts person and a very giving one too.
We made these GOLLIWOG's (I know, politically incorrect, but that's how I grew up knowing them) years ago and mum has made lots more than me. We did them in boys & girls, lawn bowlers and footy players. These were our own designs and mum continually made them. One after the other. The last one she was working on was a HAWTHORN player for a friend. Of course it had to be finished. I'm sure it will be appreciated and never lost....
Here it is. YES I FINISHED IT.

Then there were these cute little BANANAS IN PYJAMAS slippers. 

These were not for any one in particular so they will go in the pile we have yet to decide which organisation to send them too. Maybe the hospital shop would be nice.

So I am adding this to my OPAMs 

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

My new Thimble swap

I have seen a lot of swaps around but this one was different for me. It was for a Thimble. How cute...
This is where I have signed up.
Go take a look...
I have seen many pretty thimbles around and a lot of them can't be used but how nice would it be to get one sent to you from across the world. Especially from someone you don't know.
This is the only special / decorative thimble I own. I bought it when I was on holidays in the UK....
I think it was BOURTON ON THE WATER. A pretty little village with a pretty little gift...
It has a cute decorative thimble, a beautiful pair of scissors and pin cushions for your needles. I just love it... It sits on the table next to me and I use it regularly....

So I signed up....

MY PARTNER is Sheryl from
Look at the thimbles that Sheryl owns. What a great selection. Sheryl likes to get thimbles that show or say where they are from. Well the one I am deciding does just that. It is a large country town / city that is near to where I live... Hope I can get the one I have seen. ( this will bee shown in a later post )

Monday, 20 April 2015

My day with Jinny Beyer

My friend, Nikki and I went for a long drive this morning and ended up in Drouin. We attended a seminar with Jinny Beyer. There were quite a lot of ladies, none of which we knew. We sat there and listened in depth to what Jinny was saying about colour. It's all about colour. Yes it was a very interesting talk. Jinny showed us quite a few of our beautiful quilts. So inspiring.

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Oh my weekend

first up after getting sorted from the AQC was to relax, then get sorted.....
Here I managed to draw out my pattern for a travelling stitchery. Something I could grab and pack for my trips away.
Yes, I did get something stitched this Friday for... FNSI
I have been away for the weekend visiting my brother. We had a great time catching up. It has been a hard few weeks so a quiet night together was good. No sewing though... I was too tired.
I got home Sunday and managed a little sewing time. Not much though..

So here is my link up for Slow stitching Sunday....

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Friday, 17 April 2015

MOLLI SPARKLES, AUSSIE HEROES & some quilts @ AQC in Melbourne

I was lucky enough to to be able to go to the AQC in Melbourne at the Exhibition Buildings at Carlton Gardens today. It was great to see so many people there. All shopping, talking, meeting friends and viewing the quilts....
I meet with the wonderful MOLLI SPARKLES. He was responsible for organising the Hashtag blocks for SEWING FOR SYDNEY. He was sent over 2000 blocks and was able to make 14 quilts for the families of the tragic event....
I had a very interesting chat with him about what I have been through and yes, there were tears. I will be following his blog for a long time. A very nice person indeed even though he didn't have any glitter on his face. He did have his blue splarkle hat though........ Say hi if you are there.... Thankyou...
Read about his venture here....

Just look at the HALO he has around him. Beautiful..
I love the quilt to the right. It might make a great Rainbow Scrap Challenge project....

I was spending my day helping out the wonderful people at AUSSIE HERO QUILTS....
Jan-Maree has coordinated over 4000 quilts to be sent to servicemen and women who are deployed.
The feeling you get with helping out is so gratifying. I am so proud to be part of this group.
I did a lot of talking and for anyone that knows me that's nothing unusual.... If Jan-Maree gets a few extra helpers then this was a success... 2 of my friends and I have made and sent off about a dozen quilts and we have all enjoyed the process.
To read more about it go to the blog..........
Here we have..... Caroline, Jan-Maree, Sue & yours truly....(haha) me JO

Here are just a few of the quilts that were displayed at the show.
I liked this quirky quilt. It made me laugh. THE QUILT POLICE.... just love it...

This one won the TRUE BLUE challenge

But this one was my favourite. It looked like a painting... AMAZING.

I couldn't put up all the photos but if you get a chance get in there and have a great day shopping and looking....

I saw so many friends, chatted until my throat was dry, of course, spent some money and bought a heap of goodies.
Overall I had a fantastic day.
Isn't it funny, the only way to catch up with a friend who lives half hour from home is to meet in the city for a 5 minute chat. The day was worth it though... Thankyou everyone....

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Happy mail

A while ago I as I was reading blogs I noticed Linda making crochet blankets.
I have this cute pattern I make so I contacted her and sent the pattern with a sample. Can you see the row of cats...

In return to say thankyou Linda sent me this sweet little package. A bag Linda uses for her phone charger. Not sure what I will use mine for yet. It is a handy size. A cute fat quarter and a sweet needle case.

Thankyou Linda

Monday, 13 April 2015

A few quiet nights and weekend

It has been a great relief for me over the past week to have some rest time.
I was starting to get a bit run down and stressed so some me time was nice. I spent the days doing computer / paperwork and by dinner time it was relax time. This is what I did.
I sorted through some of mums yarns and started sorting... I went from this............

To this..... A beautiful chevron crochet blanket....

I am linking up with Slow Sunday Stitching....

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Fabric post card swap

I took part in a FABRIC POSTCARD SWAP organised by SHEILA. I have never made these before so wanted to take part. HERE is a link to see the cards I made and sent.
This is what I received. Just in time for EASTER. Aren't they cute and such a great idea.
This is from SHEILA

And this is one from LINDA

I think they are both lovely and will be looking out for another swap in the future. Thankyou ladies.

Thursday, 9 April 2015

My 1st OPAM

I have managed to find my sewing machine and had some free time.
I have finished off a baby quilt I will be donating to a charity. I need this for my weekend retreat on Mothers Day weekend. I will be away with up to 150 lovely ladies at a retreat in Phillip Island.
This is my quilt.

I have used chenille fabric for the hearts.

Oops they are upside down but you get the picture

And the backing is a cute one way fabric.

and this quilt has 144" of binding.
So here is the BINDING BLITZ link.