Wednesday 28 August 2019

My big trip and dinner with FAMILY

I have set off on a holiday and first stop on the way is from Mildura to Melbourne to spend a night with my daughter and her family. A work friend came with me for a break and my great friend Christine drove over to meet me for dinner.
Here we all are out for dinner at my daughters local club where they love the food eatery week.
It was great to see them all and give them a big hug as we don't see them often with me having moved away from the area.

Now on the plane for our trip to Perth

Here is the start of a long awaited trip.
A tick off the bucket list.

I have been away for 5 weeks starting with a relaxing week in Mandurah with my hubby, brother & a work friend. Then hopped on the back of my hubbies motor bike and rode with my brother up the west coast of Western Australia and over to Darwin. We stayed with another brother in Darwin for 5 days. I came home very tired.
Hubby and my brother rode to Perth, up the West Coast, over to Townsville and down the East coast of Australia down Queensland and NSW them home. About 14,000 kms. My part on the bike was about 5,000 kms. 
We met up with Maria from LIFE ON THE BLOCK , saw lots of great places, did lots of things, camped by the side of the road in tents, in caravan parks, stayed in cabins, booked motels, stayed in a resort and expensive apartments. 
We had a blast. I loved all the different aspects.
We didn't have much internet and when I tried to comment on some blogs and send emails but they don't seem to have posted. 

I am going to break up my trip in between sewing posts. This will give me time to settle back into home. Get some sewing done before I start back at work and catch up on some blog reading.

Tuesday 27 August 2019

Sewing machines - QATW

There was a member of the Bookcase swap that was going through some hard times due to health issues. She had to pull out of the group she was in for this swap. She was feeling bad because she had committed and now felt like she was letting everyone down. I said I would make her novelty blocks for her. She had chosen vintage sewing machines. This is what I ended up with.
I think they are cute. I was not in her group.

Here is my Sewing machine block

Free pattern ...... HERE

I will have to make myself one of these blocks as I sent all 6 to the USA.

Thursday 22 August 2019

Humidicrib covers

I was shopping in spotlight for more fabric and overheard a lady saying that she just had a new grandson born. It was prem and was in a humidicrib in the local hospital. She was buying some fabric to make a cover as the hospital only had 2 girl ones left. Obviously this didn't suit.

We can't have our local hospital running out of HUMIDICRIB COVERS.
These measure 24" * 30". 
They sit over the top of the cribs and block out some of the light. We make simple designs or just one fabric, which is what I have done.  We either use flannelette on one side and these just get bagged or if you use just cottons, put wadding in and quilt and bind them.

Our charity sewing this month is these covers and so far we have managed about 30.

This is my pile I managed to get sewn. I also donated fabric cut to size for about another 15 backings.

They have been well received at the hospital.

Friday 16 August 2019

Finished books -jars for the BOOKCASE BLOCK SWAP.

Along with the book blocks we were to make a novelty block. I decided to make a cookie and button jar. Overall I'm happy with them.

Probably wasn't the best choice in fabrics as they blend more than expected. 
Hopefully the quilters that receive them will be happy with them.

I also added a few buttons for them to sew on to give the jars more depth.

On their way to the US.

Sunday 11 August 2019

Granny squares

I had a pile of started crotchet granny squares given to me.
I added quite a few rows to each of them and now have them all will 10 rows.
I have sent them to Jan Mac who joins them altogether and makes blankets to donate to the Peter MacCallum Hospital.

Have a look at other things Jan donates

Tuesday 6 August 2019

Bookcase Book Block swap.

Over at Quilting Around the World I have joined in on a block swap.
It's blocks to make a bookcase quilt.
I have wanted to make one of these for a few years so why not join in... We all had to make 6 blocks and send 5 to the coordinator. One member offered to be my mailing friend to help me out.
Candis - Quiltbaby is in the US and has helped me get the blocks to where they needed to be.
These blocks were to finish at 10 1/2". We could add as many books as we wanted, in any way as well. Standing, laying flat or on an angle. I had fun.

Assembling the books.

here is the finished block.
It looks so cool.

This group has ongoing chat forums, numerous swaps, mystery sew alongs, block swaps and a great support system. Many join in sew go over and have a read.


Thursday 1 August 2019

Home made Sausage rolls

Believe it or not I have never made sausage rolls.
Here is my first attempt and they were delicious.

And something completely different...
I love BIRD OF PARADISE flowers.
My neighbours have plenty in their driveway and they let me cut a few for my table.
Super happy.