Saturday, 31 March 2018

Phyllis has been sewing for charity

Our patchwork group are making little quilts for children that are removed from their homes.
When they are taken from home they will be given a quilt to take where ever they go and keep with them to cuddle.
This one was made a bit bigger than the others but I'm sure it will get used. 
It measures 60" squared.
Thanks Phyllis

Polar fleece on the back is all that is needed.
Quilted with a lovely cloud design

The idea was to make the quilt and finish it off "bagged" style.
Well that didnt happen.
The edges were finished off a bit rough.

So I have neatened it up by adding a blue binding.
All ready to go to the kids..
Any teenager would love to cuddle up in this quilt.

Thursday, 29 March 2018

Catching up with Squared Away..

I've had some fun cutting and sewing away.

and catching up..

3 February blocks are all done.

All 9 blocks for the 3 months are done.
I'm loving the colours.
So very different for me.

I'm caught up and I'm happy.

Have a look at these 2 sites.

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Bow Ties as Leaders and Enders

While I have been getting back into my sewing I also have dragged out a UFO.
It's my 3d bow tie block/quilt.
I'm not following a pattern and am making it up as I go.
I am using this quilt as my leader and ended project.
I wanted a tunnel effect.
I started with 2" blocks for the centre.
Moved on to 4" blocks.
Now I'm filling the outer corners with 8" blocks.
I'm not sure if there is too much of a step up with this size. I'll have to wait and see.
It's already good measuring 5 feet across.
I'm wondering if I'll keep it square or go different and make it rectangular in shape.
I do prefer rectangular quilts.

Sunday, 25 March 2018


My greens are tipped out for a fun day of sorting, cutting and sewing back together again.
I do have a few projects going on where these will fit right in.
Green is Such a happy and bright, fresh colour.
Join me in sewing along with RSC 18. 

I have all my tools together for a fun day of sewing.
And a little bow tie block starts us off.

This is a filler block for this ABC LITTLE LETTERS quilt designed by Sheryl 
I need 4 but the others are different colours.

Here are 2 letters for my baby quilt. They are coming together nicely.

Have a look at Sheryls site and make your own baby quilt.

And it's Saturday for sewing with greens.
I'm linking up with Angela for SCRAP HAPPY SATURDAY 
I'm well on my way for using up some scarabs this month and will end up with some lovely gifts/quilts too...

Friday, 23 March 2018

Placemats are multiplying at FNSI

A while back a friend gave me this presents block.
She was not happy with it when she was making a wallhanging. 
I happily took it and knew it would get a home.
Thanks Lyn...
The good thing about these placemats is that you don't have to do any binding. You choose the size you want to make and go for it.
It's that easy.

This is so cute.
I'm sure this will brighten up someone's meal time

Having fun with more trees

These are so addictive.
I prefer this method of foundation piecing.
Even though you have to remove all the papers.

Watch the tutorial to see how easy these placemats are to make.

Tonight I was sewing along in cyberspace. See who joined me.. 


Wednesday, 21 March 2018

LITTLE LETTERS ABC with a TOUCH of the 1930's

On one of my trips down south to see family I stopped in at Gail's Patchwork Emporium to buy a 1930s fat 1/4 for a friend. There were some lovely prints and I bought myself some too.
I spotted this, oh so cute, picture fabric. It shows the children playing, doing chores and having fun at different times of the day.
This was a perfect piece for me to put into my Little Letters quilt I wanted to make.
I wanted it a little bigger than the pattern and thought this would be just right.
 AND IT IS......

All the strips are cut to get the maximum out of the placements of pictures.
I do not want to waste any of it.

All the blocks are cut from the panel.
They are not square but measure. 5" * 5.75" cut...
I have put them in time order to sewinto the quilt.
Now to start the letters.
Here they are going together.
The letters are alternated with the picture blocks.
Telling a story of what goes on during the day.
I have laid out the letters as you learn and sing the song.

I have built up the letters from a 4" finished block and added small borders to match the alternating picture blocks. I am not putting sashing in...
Thank you to Sheryl for designing these Little Letters.

Monday, 19 March 2018

Sunraysia Patchwork Friends Foundation Paper Piecing workshop

Our group held a workshop teaching freezer paper technique foundation piecing.
This way wasn't the easiest or most fun. A bit too slow for me even though you can get it very accurate.
A simple tree was decided upon.

We are going to be making placemats at the end of the year to give to "Meals on Wheels" to give out for Christmas to all their clients.
I have decided to use this as a start.
I have pieced an A3 size panel. Quilted it only with the wadding.

Finished it off..

Followed this tutorial.

The only difference I made was that I did the borders a bit smaller.
Mine measure only 1".

I'll be making more of these.

Im linking up with Angela for the RSC month of Lime & bright GREENS.

Saturday, 17 March 2018

'twas the week before Christmas 2017

When we had a mini tornado come through our town.
When I can home from work the roads were a mess.
Trees were down, streets were flooded, power was out and fences were blown over.
Our property was no exception.
 As there was a small child in the house behind the insurance company were very quick in getting the damage cleared and a temporary wire fence put up. Given that tradies are on Xmas break it's going to take a while to get it replaced..

This time last year it was my car that was hail damaged.
I hope this isn't going to happen every year.

Guess what....
After many weeks of waiting ...

Now to finish it off and get some plants in to grow.

Thursday, 15 March 2018

March blocks are Squared Away

I'm sewing along with Mari & Angela.
I haven't done February's blocks yet but March is done..

Lots of half square triangles.
I love doing it the Magic 8 way..
No bias edges and 8 1/2 square triangles at once..

Here are my 3 blocks made.
I'm happy with the colours and fabrics.

Have a look at these sites to get th patterns
Join in and sew along.

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Happy Birthday to me..

I have just had the most awesome week.
We celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary as well as my birthday.
We had a few nights out for dinner.
This was a lovely relaxed easy meal.
We both enjoy sitting back with a platter.
No fuss but lovely.

I got a special delivery at work.
I was so surprised. 
My daughter went out of her way and organised this gift.
Some gorgeous flowers.

Love these chocolates.

To top it off with this beautiful balloon.
Balloons have a heartfelt meaning to us and to have this is very touching.

Thank you to my daughter, son in law and beautiful grandsons.
I love you all.

Sunday, 11 March 2018

My weekends sewing time and a finish.

I started this on Friday night...
I've been super excited to get into some sewing.
I am making this for a new born little girl.
My design wall has worked well.
All the blocks were sashed and borders on..

Now for Saturday
It is 37 degrees here today and I'm outside basting this baby quilt.
It needs to be done . As I am using spray basting glue it's best used outside 

And then on Sunday
All quilted and bound and I'm very happy

Look at this sweet backing fabric.
Just perfect

And it's finished

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

A beautiful sunset

Travelling from Melbourne to Geelong was this beautiful sunset.
It is hard to get that perfect photo when you are moving.
I love the colours.

Monday, 5 March 2018

A relaxing visit with friends in Jan Juc

Over looking Torquay golf course.

The view of the beach from the deck

Having a game of Monopoly with the grandsons. 
Yes, Nicholas won...

Saturday, 3 March 2018

I have finally done some sewing......

I am making a baby quilt for a newborn little girl.
BUT the good news is...
I got home from work on Friday and my hubby had made an easy fix design wall.
Bolts put into the studs, wire (like clothesline) to connect them and a tension joiner to tighten the sag if needed.. Peg a polar fleece blanket and I am ready to go...

I had 2 friends come over for the day to sew and look what I got done.
It was great to sit n sew for a few hours.
Thanks Liz & Elwyn.
I started with a jelly roll which ended up being only a half one. I added a few more strips from another one to make up enough strips. 
Sewed 4 strips together and cross cut them into 8.5" squares.
Decided on the sashings. 

All the sashings and borders are cut ready to finish.

I had this cute backing which I think goes really well.

Look at some of the brights to give a bit of zing.
These are some of the blocks. They measure 8.5"

I have cut the outer border ready, the same fabric as the sashings and have chosen a bright pink for the binding.