Monday 29 April 2019

Convergence planning

I was at a workshop for the weekend.
It was about adding borders on a medallion quilt. I didn't want to start another long time quilt but wanted to work on something I had. So I decided to pull out my convergence quilt.
I needed to think of an idea and with everyone's help and listening to what they were all making I decided upon flying geese....
And lots of them.....

Playing with lots of flying geese .... REDS, WHITES and BLUES

Saturday 27 April 2019

Family Visits and a memory & no internet, then internet, then none. NOW ITS WORKING.

Oh my, why are we so addicted to having the internet.
Ours has not worked properly since 11th Feb...
Telstra couldn't get it to work so we thought we would try NBN. Silly us.
One month later we finally get connected to NBN for 6 days then nothing. It's cut off for reasons of an error with our order. Then they couldn't find the order. After 3 weeks of being told there is an error then there is no order again and again and again.... We cancelled the non existent order and tried to close our account. Another week later it still wasn't closed as there was an outstanding error and a complaint on or order which they said we didn't have. Finally we got disconnected.
We signed up with OPTUS and it started over again. There was an error...
OH NO! I'm going mad. It was so frustrating. Eventually, after lots of shop visits, phone calls and complaints. 2 weeks later and we have NBN.
I have now got a new yahoo email address and it seeems when I leave a comment in a post it is not being sent through. Please now I am reading your blogs as usual and I do not know how to fix it.
SO, HERE I AM.....

(Luckily I had a lot of posts pre done. Now to catch up with the photos of the few bits of sewing)

It has been over ..... since I last sewed and blogged..... (sounds like a confession). I have had my family visit for a week. My brother for a few days, busy at work. A weekend sewing workshop. (More of that progress later) Gardening has happened. And a lot of catch up resting too.

Here is my family at the rowing club for lunch.
It was an overcast day but as you can see no jumper needed.
Enjoying a lovely Autumn day.

Getting a cuddle and spending time with my grandsons was lovely.
Enjoying the view of the Murray River with the paddle steamers in the background.
You can also see the bridge in the distance. This bridge takes you from Victoria over the border into NSW.

It would have been my sons 25th birthday.
So we did what has become a yearly ritual.
We send green balloons up to him while saying happy birthday.


Saturday 13 April 2019

Sandra's quilted & backing

I have been asked a few times how this quilt started.
I didn't get a photo of the original blocks before cutting them up so I have just laid some out to give you the idea.
String blocks were made out of all these dark colours.
The blocks were then pieced together. To me this was just a big confusing mess.
So the blocks were unpicked and sewn into half square triangles with some matching fabrics.


Here is another quilt finished for Charity.
Thanks to Sandra donating the string blocks.

Here is the backing with horses.
Great for a teenager..

Thursday 11 April 2019

Another pouch started - Japanese style

I loved the last pouch so much and the BORO bag I made that I decided to combine the two and make a mallet BORO ouch.
I have decided to only make it half size. About an A4 size.
I laid out the little patches of Japanese fabrics and started to stitch.

The backing is covered in Hexies..

Sunday 7 April 2019

3 quilts ready for binding and then to pass on to charity.

I have 3 more quilts quilted and they now have been passed on for binding.
Quilt no.. 1

Quilt no.. 2

Quilt no.. 3

Here are 3 lovely quilts quilted and ready for their binding.

Then to pass on for charity..

Friday 5 April 2019

Basted, now Trim ready for quilting

And here is the rest of the story I forgot to finish from the last post.

Lay the top on and glue the first half.
Then move it all over the table.
Clamp it flat with the clips and finish the other half.

Now the top is on the excess gets chopped away.

Here it is ready for the quilting pile.

I can't manage the basting this way if it is a really big quilt. 
I haven't worked that out yet.
At my old house I had the bigger space and tables.
Mmmm... not here.

Thursday 4 April 2019

My way of Basting, outside and with spray glue..

I have always been part of some groups that had the space to do my basting.
Now I'm working full time that's not possible. I had to find a way to manage.

I do not have much space here to do my basting. As I use spray glue I don't want it in my house.
This is howI manage. My small outdoor table in my Alfresco area.

Lay out the backing over my outside table.
Clamp it with clips and masking tape.

Start spray glueing the wadding on. Making sure to flatten it out and keep it smooth.

Monday 1 April 2019

The last weekend of March and GREENS.


I'm loving my owl block with his giggly odd eyes.
We were supposed to do a wonky log cabin block but I first made a crazy patch.
Oops... 2 scrappy blocks made.

Here are all my QAYG blocks up on my wall.
I still have the umbrella block to do.

Go on over to see some more great work over at 

My daughter and family are visiting here for the week.
Not much time for blog reading or sewing.