Wednesday, 28 April 2021

My panel quilt swap with Candis USA

 The way this swap work to help with postage costs and time. We both bought a panel for the other person and continued to work on it without the person knowing what we bought. It was to be a total surprise.

The only rules were ... put to 3 borders and none of which are to be larger than 8” wide.

Well on my recent trip I bought the panel I wanted to use and some fabrics

Pulled some extra fabrics

I started cutting and sewing squares together

And had a play with some delectable mountain blocks.

Got this all sewn up and then it was on to the borders.

Had a play with the corners

And finished up with this.

I am so happy with the results

I posted if on to the USA and it has been received.
This was the message I got.

JO!!!!!it's here! It's here!   I got home and there it was.    You did a wonderful, thoughtful job in this.    CRIKEY!!it's beautiful. I love the Roos !!!!  Tammie fell in love with it also. Thank you for your time and imagination you took to make this for me. I will always think of you niw when we use this.  It's big too!  A perfect throw size for more than one to use.   Great beautiful job JO!   Thank you thank you!!!! Love it so much.

Saturday, 24 April 2021

I’m a 2nd place winner....

 My miniature quilt was worth working on. I nearly didn’t get it finished but I worked on it during a ZOOM with Chooky and continued with it.

I got it handed in and then surprise surprise.

2nd place

Here is 1st place

and 3rd

Wednesday, 21 April 2021

Bag workshop went well.

 A while back my friend and I sat down and worked out how to make this cute bag.

Well everyone at our LQG wanted to make one so a workshop was held.

There were many discussions on how to change it up. Size, handles - 1 or 2, reversible. We had such a fun time.

Sunday, 18 April 2021

Fiddle cloths finished

 I have 3 small finishes. They are A3 size. The size of a hand towel. In fact that is what is on the backs of them.

These are fiddle cloths made for our local aged care unit. They are given to people with dementia and similar disabilities. While they are sitting or laying in their chairs or beds they can just fiddle..

one for the guys and two for the ladies.

and behind the flap is a little kitten peeking out

there are beads, buttons, lace, leather, wool, keys, a zip, wool, felt, elastic and clips. Different fabrics too to fiddle with.