Tuesday 30 December 2014


Back in June/July I signed up to be part of a SANTA Sack Swap.
We were assigned a partner then had to go about making 5 handmade gifts and a stocking/sack or tote to put the gifts in. These had to be done and posted by 25th November and not to be opened until XMAS day.
How hard was that. Having lots of presents sitting around for all that time.......
Anyway, this is what I sent my partner, Mel.

Here they all are ready to put in the Sack and post......

Here Is a sweet Mittens stitchery made into a table runner, 2 cotton knitted dishcloths, some tree ornaments and the large SANTA sack to put everything in.
Now someone else just has to fill it each year. How nice is that.......

 A cute square bag, a fabric bowl filled with lollies and a hot chocolate drink pack, a double ended oven mitt and pot holder. I know Mel loves buttons so I gave her a pack of wooden XMAS buttons and then made her a button necklace. If she doesn't want to wear it she can cut the string and have lots of buttons to sew on her projects.

Sunday 28 December 2014


Its time to open my SANTA Sack 
Mine was from MEL @ http://pinnylea.blogspot.com.au

I was so looking forward to opening these gifts. It was exciting as I had no idea what was in there...
When you get gifts from family members sometimes you have an idea what it could be. This was so different. But how exciting........
Look at what I got....
There was a lovely bag, a sewing bag for a project with lots of pockets, an apron, pin cushion and thread catcher, pins, needles, sewing caddy, quilt labels, jewellery roll, handmade earrings, stitchery hanging decoration, special herbs spoon markers for my garden and of course my SANTA BAG. Which I'll be using in the future....

All the pins, needles and accessories

Look at theses flattened spoons. Aren't they great.. They are for the veggie garden. Posts for what is planted there. I love them

A cute little stitchery hanging

A jewellery roll. Somewhere to put my jewellery when I travel. 
There is also a pair of earrings that Mel has made. So cute....
Once again THANKYOU Mel for my special gifts.
I do hope you had a special fun filled XMAS with so much love...

This swap was so much fun.
Thanks to Cheryll for organising this swap.

Cheryll does organise so many swaps so check in on her and join in. They are so much fun....

Saturday 27 December 2014


Christmas morning was fun with the family.
It was very hard to be excited but the little ones made it so much easier....

There were lots of presents opened
More fun to be had
More family to come
And lots of food to eat.
It was a great day

Friday 26 December 2014


Well, XMAS EVE with family and friends, what more is there.
Preparations are in full swing, mince pies made for a gift, 

punch to drink 

and friends visiting.

And then under the tree was still my SANTA SACK SWAP.
I have been very good.

Wednesday 24 December 2014


After the horrible tragedy in Sydney last week there is a rally going on for HASH TAG blocks.
tells you all about it.
He is getting blocks from all over the world to put together some quilts for the children & families most affected by this event. It is so disturbing that this has happened in our own back yards. 
If you want to help out have a look at the link above.

I have made these blocks.

I did all of them during one movie. Not a lot of time to take out of your day to go to a good cause.
He is hoping for 1080 and in only a week has received over half of them.
Well done to the quilting world.

After the above post it is very hard to be cheerful but I'm sure everyone is still thinking of the families. 


Saturday 20 December 2014

My XMAS tree

I didn't make it to FNSI.
I was babysitting the grandsons as it was the last day of school and my daughter was at work.
I decided to put up the XMAS tree. It is the 3rd xmas since my sons passing so I thought my grandsons are at an age they look forward to SANTA so why not. This is for them....
It is a lovely tree. Part of it was missing but we made do. It has been decorated.
Here it is with my SANTA Sack Swap presents still in tact.

And now for my lights and presents

This is what I was planning on sewing and doing for the night but it did not happen...

Friday 19 December 2014

Working on my LITTLE LETTERS

I thought I would work on my LITTLE LETTERS today for a bit of a relaxing day.
My girlfriend got called in to a fire so I looked after her son while she was out fighting fires in Mia Mia... She wasn't out there long, only a few hours. I put on a video, so old school, made him lunch and talked... He also played with some of my sons old toys... He was happy. My video player was in my work room so I sewed... Lucky me...
I had a good day.
I finished off all the letters and blocks needed for my 3 quilts.

Here are the blues... The colours aren't quite right but they are suitable for a baby.

And then the pinks....

Now for the greens. These are so pretty.
I have a friend who is due in January. She is having a girl but has decorated the room in green.
I'm not sure if I will be giving this to her.

WELL......It was there but......
I DROPPED THE IRON, broke the iron, BURNT THE CARPET then ironed the block without thinking.....

Looked what happened.... I need to make another block....

After looking at the photo above I also noticed the letter C was around the wrong way so I thought it was time to stop sewing for the night.
I will hopefully finish them off at FNSI....


Thursday 18 December 2014

Another XMAS luncheon

4 days in a row I have had a lunch for XMAS. 
It has been a great week. 
My daughter and I enjoy a bit of harmless fun so at Wednesday's lunch we decided to dress up.
We were going to lunch at a restaurant in Sunbury, VICS.....
There were 9 of us going to be there. So Kristy and I decided to surprise everyone with this..........
We put a lot of smiles on everyone's faces. After all, isn't xmas supposed to be joyful and fun.
We walked from Kristy's house so there were a lot of people that tooted, waved, laughed and smiled. 
We all had a good time.
Another break up over...
It was a very nice place. The meals were beautiful.

Now it's time to catch up and get in and do some more seeing.
Join me and lots of others over at Wendy's for FNSI

Wednesday 17 December 2014

Lunch at the Botanical Gardens and the NGV

I had a great day out with my friend. For our XMAS treat we had lunch at the Botanical Gardens. 
At a cafe overlooking the lake. It was such a warm day but beautiful sitting their relaxing.

Then we headed off to the NGV.
The exhibition was Jean Paul Gaultier and his fashion. From the sidewalk to the catwalk.
It was an amazing display. The mannequins were so life like. The faces were superimposed with talking and singing images. It added another dimension to the feel of the show.
Just amazing. Well worth going.

Have a look at this site to see more about it. Try and see it for yourself.
It was far better than I expected.

Tuesday 16 December 2014

Another XMAS lunch, blocks completed and FNSI

Here we are so close to Christmas and everyone is celebrating. My Monday group had a little lunch.
We can always put on a great spread of food.

Then some presents were handed out... Rhonda made the best stitchery mini quilt wall hanging for us all. They were amazing.
Rhonda, the maker

Barb with Kris Kringle

Jill with Reindeer

Joy with Holly Berries

And me with Love
Aren't they just so cute
Here is the pattern. It was one that can get so many uses..

Now that I am at home I have finished and decided which blocks I will swap and keep for the DOD row by row mystery. Here are the completed spinning pinwheels...
To swap

To swap

To swap

To keep

To keep

To keep

And I have received last months Staem that Seam block from France's. Isn't it lovely. I didn't make this style so it was nice to get a different design. Thanks Frances.

After all that, I am looking forward to this weeks FNSI with WENDY from SUGARLANE Quilts.