Saturday, 30 May 2015

My last Xmas items for the month

I have finished these cute XMAS BON BONS up while I was away on retreat.
These will be added to my 1xiam.

Thursday, 28 May 2015

MAY OPAM & binding blitz

Here are all my finishes for MAY in one post
Here are my 1XiAM but there are 5
2 very quick Table Runners & 3 Bon Bons to put in those lovely chockies... Yummy.

My 3 COTTAGE GARDEN thread holders. I made one for my Gail Pan swap with my friends at a day out at the Geelong Quilt In, the other two are in the gift box or for the trade table during the year.

 My 4 scrappy pink thread catchers, my green scrappy zippered pouch, purse and journal cover, Xaviers Library Bag & a stitched note book cover

Then for the last of my items this month are my BLANKETS OF LOVE for Cheryll to take to the hospitals



here is the slow progress of my crazy patchwork project.
Step no 7 was to do the first step in the last 3 seams.
Feather stitch, chain stitch & stem stitch

Step no 8 was the first in ribbon embroidery.
It was an IRIS.
I'm not sure about the finished project but it was only my first attempt so I have to be happy

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

1XiAM with Narelle

I have finished making 2 more XMAS TABLE RUNNERS.
They are different sizes because that's all the fabric I had. With the larger one I put wadding in the middle. This was really easy to do.

If you want to make these table runners have a look at this tutorial

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Happy sewing and some finishes

My youngest grandson needed a library bag.,of course I can make it....
When I was out in Geelong I saw this great SPIDER-MAN fat quarter. So here it is finished.
Xavier didn't put it down. The smile on his face says it all. He took it to kinder and showed it for SHOW and TELL. He was so proud....

 I saw this fun idea on Pinterest. Just loved it.... I thought I would give it a go and here it is...
Look at the cool place for the pencil

 The inside of the journal. Well actually it is really a note book. Opening upwards instead of sideways.

So another 2 projects to link up for OPAM.

Friday, 22 May 2015

OPAM or maybe a few more

I have made a few little items that I might be selling at a stall, some will be given to the trade table and some are gifts....
Here is another thread holder. It is a great size for the Cottage Craft threads. It holds 24.. Just using up more of my crumbs...

A friend has given me 10 zips to put towards making items for the trade table. I made this zipper pouch but I have to learn a better way to sew the ends. I had a bit of trouble. The little zipper purse doesn't take long to make. I do see most of it by hand though. I find it so much easier.
Lastly was a journal cover...

Over at Angela's the month of May is GREEN but April was PURPLE.
I didn't really get much done in these colours but every little bit helps.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

My crazy patchwork block ... Task 3, 4, 5 & 6

After changing some of my fabrics and ready to start I decided my backing fabric wasn't good enough. I wanted some more muslin but the fabric shops are an hour away. So off to the op shop I went. I got 3 pieces 1 metre square for only $ 1.50.. BARGAIN.
I know this one has a pattern on it but I am happy with it. It wont show through to the front.

Here is task 3 & 4

I am happy that I only put the darker fabric in twice. Hope this is ok... My fabrics are only scraps and I think go together well... Fingers crossed...

Task # 5 was to collect sequins, beads, ribbons & charms.....
I picked up these bargain silk ribbons...

Bought some charms at the local quilt shop.

 This was my original collection. 

 Task no. 6 was to start stitching.. I have limited coloured threads so hopefully I have worked out a balance. I have added a little bit of glitter thread to bling it up a bit. It is more of a subdued colour range than others have done.
 The  overall block is done for this task... 

Seam no. 1 & 8 still need beads. I love the purples in seam no. 9.

Seam no. 2 will get beads added later.       Seam no. 3 has different thicknesses of threads and I also mixed them up with 1 or 2 wrap French knots.

 Seam no. 4 still needs filling in.    Seam no. 7 has some silver thread to lift it a bit more.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

AQC shopping

I did a little bit of shopping at the AQC in Melbourne....
It is always nice to add to your stash. With no project in mind I just had to have this fabric. I saw it, I walked away, I went back, I bought it. Yes, it was mine now.
I just love the colours and the prints......

FAITH 1840-1860
Howard Marcus...... MODA
just gorgeous....

And then a few extra little items

Some silver thread to finish a crazy patchwork item, wonderful thread for my bobbin and some loops..

Monday, 18 May 2015

Quilt group needed

Hi everyone. I have a friend going to ALBANY, Western Australia for a few months. If there is anyone out there who could point us in the direction of a good quilting group in the area we would really appreciate it.


I have signed up for a new adventure. I will be participating in a CRAZY QUILT online course. The best part is it is FREE. I was very happy to search my stash today and came up with most of the supplies.. Hopefully I can get away with what is here. I think I might only have to buy some needles.
My total supplies...

My fabric choices...

I have a quilting hoop on a floor stand which I have never used so I might try this out.. Otherwise I have a 14" hoop ready..

Next I am off to start sewing the background...

If you want to learn more about these courses have a look at Kathys blog.

I am also linking up here

Saturday, 16 May 2015


I had a great night sewing last night for FNSI.

Here was the main project ready for a gift I needed for the GEELONG QUILT IN...
It will be included in my OPAM & BINDING BLITZ.

This is what I made for my Gail Pan design gift. It was a COTTAGE GARDEN THREAD HOLDER.
Filled with a few goodies. Barb was the winner of my gift. Funnily enough this was the same gift she had stitched. She has made 2 of them but didn't have one for herself. I am hopeful that she likes my one. Now Barb can store her own threads.

This is what I worked on today. It may become a pocket or patch on a bag. I'm not sure yet. We had to sit still for a while today so we managed to get quite a bit done......

Here is the group really concentrating and working hard... Annie and I getting into trouble. Everyone's GAIL PAN gifts. What a great selection.

I think we wore poor Shez out. We caught Shez having a power nap. I'm sure she loved her gift though.

Here is Anne, o'Faigh, me & Marg with the gifts they received... Smiles all around.

Here is Barb receiving her gift. It sure looks like she was happy.

What a great group photo. Everyone looks like they were having so much fun. 
Christine, Sue & Kim with their beautiful gifts.

Well, it was fun to catch up with all the girls.
I did have a great day.
Only in the group photo...

Friday, 15 May 2015

My weekend at Phillip Island

I had a great time over the Mother's Day weekend at Phillip Island. The Patches group treated us well at The Island... There was about 130 women in attendance and all the classes were interesting and went well.
I spent up with bargains at the shops, ate well and sewed into the wee hours of the night...
I caught up with Kerryn from Christmas Creations...

We all know she doesn't like her photo taken. No Kerryn I won't show all the photos and embarrass  you.
Sorry Kerryn.  This will be the only one though.....

I also caught up with a lovely Mother daughter team, Margaret & Melanie, from the Yarra Valley. I hope to see more of them over the next year. I first met these lovely ladies last year and have been keeping in touch over Pineterst with Melanie. It was great to catch up with them....

My great tutor was Maureen Miller.

Her class was the Compass Rose table runner.

 This is my progress so far.

 This is where I got up to on Monday at my next sewing day..

Maureen did a fantastic job being our tutor with this class and I have put down for her leaf class next year.

 This is my second choice for next years classes. A lovely appliqué quilt...

I can't wait to go to the Island next year. Hope I get in...

This time I am linking up with Pink Doxies Pet Project

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Thimble swap and gifts....

I received my THIMBLE in the mail from Sheryll from SPAIN.
SHERYLL sent me a lovely gift box filled with goodies..
What's in the box??????
A great stack of 2 1/2" squares cut from her stash of beautiful fabrics. These I will use in my bow tie quilt. Then there was a tiny Hexies purse. I think they are about a half inch size. Great to store my thimble I use to sew with. A beautiful stitched pin cushion/scissor keep. A button storage tin.. Some stitching thread in colours I will use for a Xmas project. A cute magnet to go on my workroom wall with my others that I have collected when on holidays...
And of course... MY GORGEOUS THIMBLE.... From GIJON, Spain.

 A great selection of goodies

 And of course the THIMBLE.

Look at my magnets .. They are starting to multiply

I did this swap with.

Another special gift was sent to me in the post. It was from KRIS for a OPAM win.. It is a lovely Dilly bag and Journal cover pattern, a cute fat quarter and some DMC threads. Very useful.
Just what I need to make too...