Wednesday, 28 October 2015


This is the last AUSSIE HERO QUILT I will be doing this year.
Things are getting busy and I need to finish a few other things.

Here is another SCRAPPY SPIDERWEB quilt.
I have had so much fun using up some scraps that I am going to do a different design now for a change.

Here is my quilt I have posted off.
The request was for colourful and peacocks..

Adding to binding blitz.
My total for August, September and October is

My total OPAMS for OCTOBER is 45

I didn't get any Xmas sewing finished this month or stitching for my SAL.
Maybe next month.

Monday, 26 October 2015

Thimble swap

after participating in my last thimble swap, which was exciting, Arlette contacted me and asked if I wanted to swap with her. It is very hard for me to find thimbles but I said yes. It took nearly 2 months to find some thimbles.
I went on a holiday to Yarrawonga/Mulwala, 3 hours from home. and found one...
Then hubby and I did a quick shopping trip to Mildura, 5 hours away, and found another.
There definitely wasn't any near where I lived. Every time I went out I stopped in to the information centres. No luck...
My daughter went into Melbourne for a job interview. She went shopping for me during her lunch break and had some fun. There were quite a few gift shops. It was my lucky day.. She found some with Melbourne on them....
So I could put a parcel together for Arlette. I am happy with what I sent. Arlette wanted more but my parcel was sent....
I also added a visitors book to Mildura, a little boxy coin purse and I put in a knitted dishcloth.
I hope Arlette is happy with this parcel.
It is being sent to Costa Rica...

Saturday, 24 October 2015


Here is another scrappy spiderweb quilt finished.

I am enjoying how all these scraps just go together.

More for Binding Blitz... 230"

Another finish for OPAM

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Trip Around the World is FINISHED

I've done it. I am very happy with the way it has worked out.

This quilt is on its way to a lady serving for our country.

Binding Blitz.... Adding 230" 


Tuesday, 20 October 2015

My grandson turns 7

In amongst me trying to catch up on my sewing commitments it was my grandsons 7th birthday.
Of course we spent a lot of time together. They slept over so we could all wake up together for present opening time.
Here are his presents ready to be opened.

Having fun opening so many presents. Look at them all. It's like XMAS

Loving his quilt.

Playing with his new toys on the quilt.

And then there was his special TNT, MINECRAFT cake that I got made.

Off for the party.

All the kids having lunch.

Now for happy birthday song time.

Just look at that cake.

I think everyone was happy.

I am over having a group of 7 year olds around me. I'm ready for a nap.....

Sunday, 18 October 2015

My weekend

I have been a bit absent in the last week or two. I have had a bad case of the flu, a bit run down, busy with shows and quilt in items, grandsons birthday and usual stuff.
I am exhausted. I have had a few days at home doing nothing but it is time to catch up.....
I am a bit late advertising FNSI. It's been and gone but I did join in.

Well this is what I got up to this weekend.
I am making another quilt for the Aussie Heroes. The request for this one is a Blue TRIP AROUND THE WORLD. These quilts are usually made with squares. Starting in the centre with one colour and each round is a different colour. With this one it is to be all shades of blue.
The size of an Aussie Hero quilt is 40-42" x 70-72".
So, that means a square block won't be as good or effective with such a small width. I had a bit of a think and came up with the block size, cut, 2.5" wide x 3.5" high.... This gives the rectangular shape.
So Friday night I cut all the pieces.

Saturday I sewed the blocks as per Bonnie Hunters theory. 
Using leaders and Enders to help with thread. No wastage.

And then webbing the rows...

I have to have this quilt finished and in the mail by next weekend along with another 2 spiderweb quilts.,it's going to be a busy week of quilting.
Keep on watching this space to see the finished quilts...

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Furniture clear out

I am having a clean up at home. Anyone out there want or need some beds, wall units or cupboards.
First up is an easy to assemble black framed bed. Really easy to put together. YES a mattress is needed. And needs to be picked up.

Then I have a great bunkers bed....
It can be used from birth to adult...
  It can start as a cot with change table and drawers,  

convert to a change table with drawers and a small bed for a little one. 

Then the drawers get put on a floor and you have a single bed... 

Of course, all comes with a trundle.

I do have a cot mattress if needed but most people want a new one...
Just give me an email if you want any of these.
I do have a to wall unit and some extra good storage wall cupboards to get rid of too.
Of course only pick ups need to enquirer...

as for my sewing, I am working on another Aussie Heroes quilt. I have three that will be finished over the next week. With any luck.. Here is one and I will appliqué a peacock on it....

Saturday, 10 October 2015


Here are some more.
Once again SORRY about the quality. My phone isn't that good. 
If you are are able drop in and have a look.
It is a great display


Friday, 9 October 2015


I had such a busy day today. Forgetting about the fires and had fun at the set up of the Kilmore quilt show. We have over 100 entries and they are beautiful.
Here are a lot of photos, sorry not good quality. They are taken on my phone.
Look at the stage display. 
It is wonderful.
We even had an Avenue Of Honour. With a great display of all our Honour Quilts that the group have made. We were all so spoils with home made scones for morning tea, beautiful sandwiches for lunch and more scones for afternoon tea. All the helpers were well fed..

If you are in the area of Kilmore and want to see a great display and quilt show drop in.