Wednesday 29 November 2017

When your away the laughs stay there.

We had an impromptu crochet lesson after dinner Saturday night.
My mum and I made these Santa faces all the time for little gifts. The kids would hand them out at school. They were given out at our clubs and functions. Everyone loves them.
We have been doing them for about 20 years...

So a few ladies wanted to learn how to make them. There really isn't any set pattern. Each one made is slightly different. You can use any yarn with matching crochet hook.
Here the group are concentrating so hard..

All you need to do is ask Sandra about Jolly Santa.
We had such a laugh..

The crochet is done and just needs embellishing.
Santa does need eyes, nose and a bell.

Here it is finished

After everyone had finished Sandra wanted to make one. I'm sure it took her 3 times as long. Santas hat was increased instead of decreased but oh the laughs.
So he is now named the Jolly Santa...

Monday 27 November 2017

Not such a good day.

As the lead up to today slowly approached my mood started declining. It is a sad remeberance day.
It has been 5 years since losing my son and boy things have changed.

I'm not sure what to say but I miss him terribly.


Saturday 25 November 2017

Baby Little Letters.

I am also going to be putting in the newsletter each month next year a Sew Along for this cute baby LITTLE LETTERS quilt from... SHERYL @

This is such a cute quilt and I have already made 3. My friend is making the basic one and I am doing 2 different variations to make it bigger. These will be completed to show in January so everyone can see that you don't have to do it just one way.

I am making it in White & Yellows and another in Creams and all types of Greens.

I am sure these quilts will grow quickly once I get stuck into them. I managed to get 11 of the blocks done in one day. They only measure 4.5" as the letters and with the sashing they are 6.5". Oh so cute.

Sheryl has so many great ideas and patterns on her blog. If you are into minis it is especially the place to check out.

I also took part in FNSI last night with Wendy and many others in cyberspace.
Have a look here to see what is happing in the stitching world.
I will do a catch up post later with my quilting efforts.

Thursday 23 November 2017

An exciting announcement

While I was sitting and enjoying my sewing with friends I got a few exciting photos.
MY DAUGHTER GOT MARRIED.Yes she and her now husband eloped. After the hard few years she has had I wish her well and hope this is the turn around she needs.

They are now Mr & Mrs...
11th November 2017
Rememberance Day.
I can't wait to get to see them in December

Tuesday 21 November 2017

Then on Saturday...

We made it through the night ok. Remembering last year we had the worst thunder, lightning and hail storm in years. Lost power, flooded, trees down and hail damage to my car. So this year we were doing well.
I sat down and started work on my Xmas mini that I have permission to teach from SARAH over at
So this is where I am at. It is only small but very very cute.. And so super easy. I still have to make the stockings.

If you are a beginner it is a great way to make something small with appliqué, stitchery and piecing. There is also felt work and embellishing with buttons.

It's altogether and only needs buttons.

I didn't have any buttons with me but I have since added them and now it is finished for show and tell at our group and get the instructions in print..

Make sure you go on over to have a look at Sarah's blog. She does some amazing work..

Sunday 19 November 2017

What a weekend.

I was away on retreat last weekend with 16 lovely ladies.
The weather was warm and we had a fantastic time.. First up I worked on some charity fiddle cloths for our local Specialist school.
These are just made on a hand towel and items are then stitched on for texture.
We sew buttons, zips, pockets, fluffy trims and anything else we have on hand.
Here we have a doll in a pocket, bugs crawling up the flower stem, ribbon flower petals, a bit of Tuille for texture and of course some bling. Don't forget some buttons and frilly yarn too.

This one is more for a boy .. there is a buckle to clip, laces to tie, cotton reels to spin, a zip to open and checkerboard weaving strips. I'm sure it will keep some one busy for a while.
 I also had a panel of bibs that I had sewn ages ago. All they needed was some safe way of fastening them. With some advice from anyone that wanted to give it I added elastic for ease of putting over the babies head...

Thursday 9 November 2017

Getting ready for Kris Kringle.

I am in charge of the Kris Kringle fun at our Christmas break up.
I have designed a little booklet to give to each participant.
When they hand a parcel in they will receive a booklet.
We added folded Doilies Xmas trees to the front and decorated with glitter glue.
Now waiting for them to dry. 

Inside the booklet is a tree tag with a matching number. 
This tag will be attached to the gift they have made.

Later in the evening we will play a game and swap booklets. 
Look inside to see which number you have ended up with and that's the parcel you get to open.
I hope they like the idea.

I think we have 39 made..

Tuesday 7 November 2017

Aussie Hero quilt being sent for Christmas

Here is the next Aussie Hero quilt all finished. 
I managed to get it quilted after it has been around for a while.
It was good to finally get a request that matched this quilt.
I'm sure she will love it.

 And the backing is full of maps of Australia with the names of our states on them.
I'm really happy I can send off another quilt just before Christmas.
I'll add a little decoration and a snack too.

Sunday 5 November 2017

A slow end to a busy weekend...

I have had a busy weekend with friends, my quilt group, sewing and making other items for a special night. All will be revealed over the next week or two...

For today's sow n tell is for Slow Sunday Stitching. A perfect way to finish off the weekend and relax white the roast is cooking. I'm starting here.
I've got to here.

Now starting the pudding

I am doing a SAL with my quilt group next year and SARAH is letting me share her pattern. It is a beautiful mini Xmas wallhanging. I was going to do it last year but that just didn't happen. I am making my sample to show at the group. Have a look at Sarah's blog and maybe you could stitch along too.

So I am linking up with Kathy for slow stitching Sunday too..

Saturday 4 November 2017

FNWF and some sewing

I did a little bit of sewing for a friend.. My double ended oven mitts. The request was for greys with a little bit of red... I love making these..
I stated out with scraps over the table..

And ended up with this..

I was joining in the fun with Cheryll and all the gals over at the Cubby hole for FNWF....

Wednesday 1 November 2017

Gift giving time...

We are having a Kris Kringle give away at Xmas break up. I have already shown you the bag I made but here it is again...

I have wrapped it up special

I am in charge of the gift exchange so I am planning a little game to play when we swap our gifts.

We are taking part in a birthday fat 1/4 swap. Who ever wants to take part puts their name on the list with a fabric choice. ie.. colour, type, print... My choice is anything red, white or blue..
When it's your birthday you will then receive a fat quarter from everyone playing along. We have 2 groups with 10 people in each. I can't wait for my birthday...
Here are my first 2 wrapped up.