Friday 31 July 2015


here are the snapshots of what I got up to this month. I have been busy doing many projects. Among them was my Aussie Hero quilts, a Postcard swap, Christmas in July and a Dishcloth swap. This was a first. What a great way to try different things...

So I am linking up with
OPAM with Peg & Kris

BINDING BLITZ with Julie... My total was 1060"... What a lot of stitching

Thursday 30 July 2015

More happy mail. I love my postie

How nice it to come home and there is a parcel at your door.
I was so excited to open this parcel....
I took part in a dish cloth swap over at.....
Organised by Kimberly
My partner doesn't have a blog but I am sure she is watching mine now.
I have received this beautiful gift from Glenda in New Zealand.
I wish I could meet all these partners I have been swapping with. It is so much fun....
Here is my parcel....
A lovely cotton tea towel to match my kitchen, hand knitted dishcloth, note books for my shopping list, a savoury dip, herbal teas and some beautiful chocolate. Looking forward to that....
There was also these great kitchen pegs to use on open packets. My husband has already used them on his potato chips 
This swap was organised by Kimberly over at

Here is what I sent to Glenda in my parcel...
I'm sorry I didn't enclose any of your likes... Plain teas or savoury things. I was at a blank and couldn't find the one thing I wanted so I filled it up with what I could make. I hope you are happy Glenda....
Some knitted dishcloths  in your favourite colour, along with a casserole carrier, a double ended oven mitt, 2 pot holders, a serviette holder, a great kangaroo ice cube/chocolate maker and a cool spatula.   CUPCAKES ARE A GIRLFRIENDS BEST FRIEND
.....and on the reverse side are measurement conversions.
I know you don't bake a lot but I thought this was cute. Sorry about no treats....

Wednesday 29 July 2015

My XMAS in JULY parcel I sent

I had  fun working on these gifts. Last month I showed a sneak peak of my progress.
It went from this

To this... H is for HELPER 
I found this pattern in HANDMADE Vol.24. no 11.. called.. ELF WISH LIST

And then this

To this.........

Then I added...... T is for TREE. On a cushion.

And for no.. 3 gift. It was ...... S is for SNOWMAN. It's a candle holder. Well it started as a wine glass. Turn it upside down, paint it up and put a candle on it. Hope it gets to you Cheryl in one piece..

As well as these extra goodies. A knitted Dishcloth and a box of chockies to have with a cuppa..

My partner was Cheryl from

I hope she loves them as much as I do. I had a friend tell my that you love anything Xmas so I hope I have filled a spot in your celebrations...

Have a look here to see what others have made....

I am linking up with Peg and Kris and adding to my growing list of finishes for OPAM.

Then will be adding my binding to my total for BINDING BLITZ with Julie

And I will also add a few more Xmas items with others for 1XiAM

Monday 27 July 2015

Craft and Quilt fair at Jeffs shed...Melbourne

I enjoyed my trip in to town on Friday with a friend from Kilmore Quilters and NOTY group. I picked Kris up on the way and we had a great full day. We managed to get in early and was asked to leave at the end of the day... A very full day...
I did buy but haven't taken a photo. I bought some ribbon, a Xmas stitchery pattern from Fig n Berry, some metal rings for some purses, 2 balls of cotton yarn for some more dishcloths, rotary blades, appliqué needles, sashiko needles and a pattern and templates for a hand pieced quilt for my travels. I will prepare some pieces and put in Basil Bus for when we decide to go away for a few day. A very good day.
I then returned on Sunday  for the day to sit on the Kilmore Quilters table and promote our group. We had a great display of our Honour quilts but I didn't take photos of them all.
I sat and chatted with Liz for the day. Thanks to Andrea and Nancy for giving us a lunch break. Thanks to Wendy for organising our group to have the great honour of displaying our quilts....

Well done to the Kilmore girls.... What a great achievement.....
Have a read to see how they did.....

Here are some photos of the quilts I liked, me doing some stitching and of course me with my quilt.
I am sorry that they are blurry. They were taken on my not so good phone. But better than nothing... Our Honour quilts

 And the winner is Wendy & Jenny

Love the design and quilting

 All the quilting is amazing

Love the scraps in this

 All those diamonds...

This was sweet

 Different ideas I liked

This was made in 1840...

 And what I was working on .

I can link this up with Slow Stitching Sunday with Kathy.

Sunday 26 July 2015

Oh so happy mail.

My postie has been my best friend this week.
First up is my beautiful POSTCARD from EGLEA.
Look at the beautiful picture Eglea made.
Love the quilting.....
 It is like a real postcard.
I cut off my address though.
Eglea also wrote 
Eglea doesn't live near the beach but within the mountains of Brazil.
Her postcard was a symbol of the beaches of the Northeasts fisherman in their boats.
You can listen to the composers song here

March of the Fishermen

My ship is heading to the sea
I'm going to work, my dear.
God willing, when I come back from the sea,
I will bring along a good fish.
My fellows are coming back too
and we will thank our Lord (God).
The Morning Star follows me,
lighting my way.
I know that I'm never alone
because there's someone thinking about me.
Goodbye, goodbye
Fisherman, don't forget me.
I will pray that the weather is good, my dear,
that it is not bad.
I will make a soft bed for you,
perfumed with with rosemary 

This is the translation.
How sweet.

This was a postcard swap organised by Sheila

Saturday 25 July 2015


It was opening day and I was so happy to rip this parcel open.

I had an idea who it was from. I thought I knew the address. 
I had posted something there already.
Here is what we swapped.
What I had sent Jan... TALL SHIPS BLOCK
And what Jan had sent me... I still use it today....
Thanks Jan
Yes, sorry I snooped BUT I didn't say anything.
Here is my parcel I received.

And here are the gifts.
TREE.... table runner for my celebrations
This will go on my coffee table just nicely

SANTA..... and his bag of goodies.
The chocolates are eaten, the tissues are in my bag and the bag I have always wanted to make one. Love using those pins too.

And a cute SANTA decoration

STAR.... cushion cover.
I have already put a cushion in it and it's on my couch....

I am so lucky to have something happy to open....

I have swapped with my partner before. I don't know if she has realised yet...
Here is here blog....

Have a look over at Cherylls to see who was enjoying a bit of mid year fun.
How lucky are we to be able to let go and enjoy ourselves....

Friday 24 July 2015

Busy busy busy

Well I have a few posts to catch up on. I might do a few and schedule them to cover me for the week so I have to catch up on and rest up.....
Yesterday, Thursday I had my usual accountants appointment nearly 2 hours away.
Yes, I know it's a bit of a drive but very worth it.. So over to Pakenham I go. Appointment over and I have organised to catch up with the lovely Keryn from
It was so funny when I called her to find out where she was. Here is the sign, town centre. Yep, you are going the right way, continue over the train line, through the roundabout, I'm at the next roundabout. Lights flash, I jump in the car. Turn right & right again. Here is my car. Follow me.
In the car I jump with Keryn following  I take her to a tradies cafe. A bit quieter than the Main Street but nice food. Did we have a chat and a laugh. It was a great time. Then Keryn gave me this lovely gift just because... Her excuse was CHRISTMAS IN JULY.... How sweet and THANKYOU SO MUCH.
Look at these lovelies.

Her beautiful little reindeer decoration that Keryn makes and sells in her shop and a lovely pin cushion. The wooden stand was made by a friend... How sweet are you Keryn, THANKYOU.....
Until next time...........

Monday 20 July 2015

A new SAL quilt started

This is supposed to be an Americana quilt but for me being an Aussie I thought I would change it a little. I am changing the size to suit our Aussie Hero quilts. I think I might donate it. The size finishes at 42"  x  72". It's to fit their bunks while on deployment..

Row 1 has 5 great looking stars. I did each one a different background..

Boy did these stars take some time to make but I think they have turned out pretty good..

Row 2...... I found some Aussie flag fabric, cut it up and made it fit

If you link up and make a block this month you will get next months pattern free.
Deanna has designed 2 great quilts.
Americana and Spring Row Quilts.....

Saturday 18 July 2015


This is how I spent my FRIDAY NIGHT SEW IN.     FNSI.
I am taking part in a row by row Spring Quilt SAL with Deanna.
Have a look here at the blocks being made. If you sign up, make a block  you will get next months for free...
I have stitched house number 2 & 3.. They are not really spring but it just might be the Chang I make for this project...
No 2....
I still have to blanket stitch the windows and the roof. My window fabrics has a pin tuck in it so there is no need for me to stitch on them

House no 3...
It looks pretty dull at the moment but I think I will have to add some embellishing of flowers in the window boxes, a door knob and maybe some lace work on the roof line...
Boy there was a lot of little pieces in this one but very easy to put together. Just lay them all out and it will be ok...

These are my 2 blocks that I have made and hope to complete the row by the end of the month...

Today, Saturday, I spent at NOTY..
I caught up with Mel. 
Mel was doing wool felting and having a great time. 
I was learning how to use the Westalee templates for quilting.
We all had a great day. Concentrated sooooo hard.
I need so much more practice. WATCH THIS SPACE.
(Sorry no photos yet)

Friday 17 July 2015


I took part in a savings challenge with Val.. Unfortunately I didn't manage to save much over the past year... I had a grand total of $29.85 in coins and $30 in notes. That's pretty sad. I actually forgot about it.
I think this time I will have to put my money box in view and not hidden.
Have a look at what others got saved
So I have decided to try again this year. I have started with a smaller money box.

 I wonder if that will help. Why not join in. You have til 1st August to link up.

Wednesday 15 July 2015

What I have been sewing this week.

It is so nice to have a few days at home. Some time in my work room and then time inside for quiet work. I am involved in a few swaps so these gifts are ongoing. I need to be making something all the time. I leave the knitting, bindings and stitcheries for at night while I am watching TV and machine work for the day time out in my workroom.
I just love these Xmas stitcher you decorations.... Variety is good...

 I was given some green cotton so I have been busy knitting up more dishcloths and trying new patterns. I am happy with how they have turned out.

 Mmmmm working with green scraps. I can't show what they are for another month. I do love sewing up my crumbs though. Greens are so pretty...

And don't forget to sign up and join in on FNSI with WENDY this Friday night

And I have added in NTT

Tuesday 14 July 2015

My Beach Postcard

I have recently joined a postcard swap with Sheila at
My partner was Eglea from
Here is my interpretation of the BEACH
I loved adding the beads. Now, when I look at the photo, I see that the whale looks like it is floating in mid air. I thought that all the blue was to be the sea but it doesn't really look like that at all.
I am still very happy with my work. I hope that Eglea is too.
Have a look at Eglea's blog

Just heard from Eglea.
She loves it....

I am still waiting for mine to turn up.......

Saturday 11 July 2015

It's coming up show time

Well aren't we the lucky ones.
Kilmore Quilters have been accepted as the Profile group of 2015 at the Victorian Quilters show at Jeffs Shed. We will be exhibiting 16 of our HONOUR QUILTS.
Just as a reminder this is mine that will be there on show.

I will be there on the Sunday, all day, helping out. If you are there come and say hi...

26th - 29th July

I'm linking up with WIP be gone