Monday, 29 September 2014


After a great day with other sewers yesterday I thought it best to have a slow night.
I thought I would link up with Kathy and the others 
I decided to just sit, watch TV & knit more dishcloths.
I found this great pattern which is suitable for XMAS as well as other times of the year.
I was given some 8 ply cotton. Off I went. Click, click, clack.....

This was out of HANDMADE COUNTRY CHRISTMAS CRAFTS.. Vol 29 No 8...

 Then one for my daughter with her initial on it. KKKKKKKKKKK.

Basic pattern from

The pattern uses a thicker cotton than 8 ply. All I could find is 8 ply so that's what I used. Paired it up with size 3mm (11) needles and it measured up to the same size as all the others.
I did add an extra 10 rows above and below the initial as well as 5 sts either side of the initial.

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Marcus a Fabrics Sew Along

Today I had a great time at a Sit n Sew day at Kilmore.
Here is what I worked on...

I have been following Pam from Heartspun quilts and her sew along over at 

Every Friday a new pattern was put up. I have done completely different colours and am happy so far. I had these purples already and wanted to use them up.
I have only done the first two blocks so far. They are easy to do so it won't take too long to catch up now my fabrics have been chosen.

Week 1.... Pam Buda's block.
Union Forever

Week 2..... 
Paula Barnes' block

If you want to join in & catch up go and have a look at the links

Friday, 26 September 2014

Another day of sewing

I have joined in doing this fun little SAL. Little Letters over at....
A fun ABC quilt.
This is what I have done so far.
I am going to make 3 quilts. Just in case there are some babies on the way..
I'm not sure if I will do one pink, one blue and one multi...
Let's wait and see. I am using my scraps on hand and a cream tone on tone for the background.

Now, on to the Kilmore Quilters "HONOUR QUILT" project.
The blocks for this month are.......


   2C......             FRANCIS O'DWYER.  



And just a reminder that these blocks are only 6.5"....

Have a look at the page HONOUR QUILT 2014 by clicking on the tab at the top of this page. It tells you about the people that Maree has chosen to do a block for that were in the war.

And now to go and catch up on this months NEARLY INSANE blocks.......
Yep more time in the sewing room.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014


I have been working on my Nearly Insane quilt all year.
They are only 6" blocks and will take me quite some time to do.
With only doing 4 blocks a month I am nearly half way through. 

No.. 16
It looks like this block was done with the scraps. I didn't stick to the pattern and used up my little scraps that I keep in the bag for all those tiny pieces.

No.. 18
This block has 227 pieces in it. It looks nothing like it is supposed to. I got so confused doing it foundation pieced method. I am not very accurate doing it this way... I think I would have been more successful making lots of half square triangles.
My seams don't match, pieces are in the wrong spot or upside down. 
GUESS WHAT???? They can stay there. With the tiny stitches used for foundation piecing I am not able to unpick. Now I just have to take out all those papers. OMG.....

No.. 23

No.. 26

The other blocks went together very easy.
At least they are done....

I am linking up with NTT...NEEDLE and THREAD THURSDAY
Have a look at what others are doing.......

Monday, 22 September 2014

Xmas gifts.. Sewing and knitting

I have had time to finish off some more Xmas sewing.

Then I knitted some cotton dish cloths. My daughter and her girlfriend just love them so now I have to get a stash of stocking fillers.



 Getting into the Xmas spirit.

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Lovely bright ORANGE

Well over at  Soscrappy, RSC14 this months colour is ORANGE.  I haven't kept up with Angela's sampler 6.5" blocks. I have done my scrappy wonky stars though.
Then I put them together and quilted a great SPARKLING WONKY STAR quilt for a sparkling girl. 
My sons friend, SHARNI, is celebrating her 21st tonight. We are there with her.. This quilt with it's sparkling stars has my son also celebrating with us all.

and the special label I have attached.

Friday, 19 September 2014

SEPTEMBER Friday Night Sew In

I am linking up with Wendy at for FNSI.
Also finishing some Xmas knitting. That will be another post.
Happy stitching everyone.
I'm finishing of some bindings and planning some more quilting. 
All my work so far with my scrappy wonky stars.
There is also a quilt on the go for a friend who is need of some special attention and care.
And another quilt to get some FMQ in. I need lots of practice.

I also received some happy mail this week.
From my September partner Carolyn.
We are in a 6" block swap over at
Sue is away for the month so we got our partners early. These are what I received.

I have decided on log cabins. Black, brown & greys with a red centre. I am wanting to put this together with a male in mind. THINK MASCULINE.
These are my first blocks in this choice and I am happy.
Carolyn also added some HALLOWEEN fabric..
I am also getting these in the 12" swap too....


Or go and have a look over the weekend at what everyone is up to tonight

Now for me..... Out to the sewing room now.
I am having a full day and evening.
Might be buying Pizza for tea!!!!! Mmmmmm.

Thursday, 18 September 2014


What's in the mail.

These are the Laundry Bags that I sent off to the HEROS.
This is the TMNT quilt I have made and laundry bag to go with it that is now on its way.

I have had fun making this POOL TABLE quilt and a laundry bag. They are also on their way.

A laundry bag that will hopefully be well used.

My friend Rhonda made and sent this one off...
The request was blue & likes diving. 
I'm sure they will be happy with this.

And now for the label that is on the back.

Have a look at this site and read more about it.
Join in and help if you can.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Monday, 15 September 2014

12" block swap flimsy

I have been a member of the 12" block swap over at  for just over a year now. I was collecting country stars. Some partners were kind enough to send more than one block.
It is great to get work from other people. Fabric and colour choices you wouldn't normally buy. Different blocks from so many but then again so many the same.
The hardest part when doing a swap like this is that your blocks don't always measure what they should. The colours can sometimes be hard to put together. That is the whole challenge of this. 
Once you start collecting a few blocks your mind starts then you begin looking for ideas. I didn't just want to put them together with basic sashings. I need something different.
Thanks to Pinterest I found something I could work with....
These are who I received the blocks from and have used.
1. Carolyn.    2. Irene.   3. Fiona.   4. Kerry.   5. Beth.   6. Lorna.   7. Cathy.   8. Kerry.   9. Debbie.   10. Kerry.   11. Vicki.    12. Jan.
Thankyou so much ladies....

Now they didn't all measure the same so I needed to trim them. With them being stars when I trimmed them back to the same size I would have lost my points. No way out of it..... Well, with the quilt picture in mind I decided to cut the blocks into quarters.... YES CUT THEM. Like I said. I would have lost the points anyway.

I rearranged them, added framing borders and stitched them altogether again.
The quilt top is done. It measures 140cm * 190cm. A good size.
Like I said, trying to put all the colours together makes your brain work a little overtime. I am happy with what I have done.


I'm linking up with My Quilt Infatuation and NTT...Needle Thread Thursday

Sunday, 14 September 2014


My hubby and I had a great night out with some great friends. 
We enjoyed a lovely dinner at our local restaurant
Here are our meals.
(Sorry about the not so clear photos. Blame my phone)
  Rack of lamb

 Big mans steak

 Stuffed chicken

And the happy foursome

After a great meal back home to see the end of the footy and eat dessert.
I made their favourite which I haven't made in years.

Then when I cut it 


Saturday, 13 September 2014


I spent a day working on the months 4 NEARLY INSANE BLOCKS. Yes, these blocks only measure 6.5". Some have so many tiny pieces.....
Our group is on a mission. They want us to have these quilts completed by mid 2016 for our quilt show.... It is good inspiration having others do the same quilt.
Here are my blocks...
No. 29

No.  44
I had some trouble with this one because I don't like "Y" seams so I decided to appliqué the stars on to the background

No..  61

No.  76