Tuesday 31 August 2021

Travelling home and seeing the Windfarms

 We were travelling home by ourselves and just enjoying time on the road. It was amazing to see the outback, the space and fascinating wind turbine farms. They are huge. Don’t mind the photos being a bit mixed up.

Stunning views
Windfarms in the distance
There are so many
Ongoing road works
Wind farms so far away
The roadworks went on for kilometres. They extended our days trip by more than an hour. We were so over it. South Australia had so much road worksite was annoying.

Another beautiful sunset

 After my brothers we went and camped at this lovely beach. Dundee beach.

Travelling with my brother, Graeme and a wonderful friend. Thanks Tanya and Terry and Trent. (Terry, Trent and my wonderful brother Graeme are here but avoiding the photos)

We also saw this magical sunset. Without crowds. It was stunning.

Thursday 26 August 2021

A weekend of sewing & a completed Xmas stocking top

 I finally sat down and finished a top that the swap blocks have been sitting around since 2020.

I had these Xmas stocking blocks from a QATW swap in 2020. It was time to do something with them. 

I decided to design a quilt/tablecloth to suit my lounge coffee table.

They went together really well.

Now to get it quilted and finished.

Sunday 22 August 2021

ZOOM, ZOOM, ZOOM with Chooky, Make a Page Scrapbooking cyber weekend, lockdown, shopping and so much more

My Friday night wasn’t spent sewing with FNSI but I was thing of you all.


It was spent with my grandsons on MAKEaPAGE cyber scrap weekend. Their mum hadn’t been well with an attack of vertigo so I had them for the night to give her a break.  I worked with them making their own pages. I printed off some photos for them to use,  gave them a small album each for them to keep and brought out a heap of supplies. Our first challenge was ato make our interpretation of their page layout. The boys did good.

 Well, what a time we are once again having. A ZOOM day with Chooky and a bunch of wonderful ladies is always so cheerful, relaxing, supportive and productive (most of the time). 


I started the morning, early for me, and joined in on Zoom. Yes, still in my pj’s too. I think I’m starting a trend. Just like on a real retreat. Hubby was still in bed and the grandsons were on their technology so I started off tying teabag strings. Sitting nice and quietly with a cup of coffee. The chatting always covers COVID talk. I was planning on a visit to the quilt shop and spotlight at some point in the day to buy a panel I required for a swap. The joke was I had better go when the shop opened as we never know what will happen with restrictions. So I took my time and about 10.30 showered and was ready to head off to shop.

 Then SNAP LOCKDOWN ANNOUNCED STARTING AT 1pm. Victoria is in lockdown again.  That was in 2 hours. 

Glad I was on my way to the shop. It took 15 minutes to get 3 kms. But I got there and to Spotlight too.  Bought a panel, which I cannot post here in case my swap partner is stalking and some other fabrics.  

Then off to the supermarket on the way home. Once again people thought that every shop would be closed so the queues, people, traffic and everything was a nightmare. I was in the supermarket queue for 20 minutes just to do my normal grocery shop. 

Home now, groceries un packed, lunch eaten and back to zoom.

I did something that I haven’t done on zoom time before. Hand stitched. I have had this pattern cut out for about 18 months. My friend has been working on hers and nearly finished so I thought I had better get mine done. This is a lovely little Xmas wall hanging designed by Sarah from https://alittlehappyplace.blogspot.com/2016/09/a-little-happy-sew-along-merry.html

Well, I finished the appliqué. 

I called it a day and went to cook dinner and relax. Here is our dinner. A lockdown treat.

I continued with my embroidery. Now they are done I only have to machine it all together.

Sunday I will be doing a repair job on one grandsons favourite toys. 

A head repair.

Then on to fix hubbies work jeans. He is a mechanic. I don’t want to throw them out and another pair damaged. There is still some life left in these.

Hopefully I might have some energy to get a scrap book page of my own done to join in with another challenge.


WOW. That was a catch-up of a post. Who would believe this is just one weekend. How could anyone think lockdown could be boring. 


Friday 20 August 2021

Seafood shopping & sunset cruising in Darwin

 I have had a wonderful trip so far. Travelling with great friends and family. Camping at my brothers and enjoying family time. I spent a day out shopping with my family in their Asian grocers. Then off the the seafood docks & shop.

Look at these mud crabs. Amazing….

Then it was girls night out. A beautiful sunset cruise on Darwin harbour getting to know everyone. I was with my daughter, SIL, niece,  niece in law and a wonderful travelling, camping friend of the family. We had a ball and a drink, of course.

Tuesday 17 August 2021

Our winter in Victoria was so different to winter in Darwin

 My brother and I and family and friends travelled to Darwin for my brothers 60th birthday.

It was only May in Victoria. Starting to get cold but the heat hit us in Darwin. We camped at Dennis’ house and enjoyed his pool. The water was too cold for the locals but the southerners loved  it.

We also enjoyed a visit to Berri Springs. A beautiful relaxing natural springs. The water was like being in a bath. So relaxing.

Apparently this was where one scene was filmed in THE LAST CAB TO DARWIN movie.
The kids had so much fun.
This was very beautiful. The waterfall was lovely massaging my back.

Saturday 14 August 2021

Hand sewing some Dear Jane & Postcards I have received & made

 I finally pulled out my Dear Jane box to see where I was up to. I started these blocks back in 2006. It’s time some more were done. 

Here I have started 2 blocks to sit n hand sew on a cold winters day during lockdown.

I have 2 completed blocks



I am in a swap for fabric postcards.

Here are the ones I have received so far


The next 3 ,month has started and I have made a new postcard for August and September
Here is August for Bonita.

And September for Pam. They went in the mail this week. Let’s see how long they take to get there.

And because Maria never received her Queens birthday postcard for June which I mailed on 5th May before I went on holidays I sent her a new one.
This was going to Costa Rica

I received my card from Pam as well. It is so cute.