Tuesday 25 May 2021

A request from Jan

 I have followed Jan for a few years now. She finds so many great charities to support. She is so good at collecting and distributing donated quilts, clothes, bags, lots of other things and she has added dolls & teddies to her list.

These will go to foster care children for Xmas gifts.

If anyone has any dolls or teddies in great condition that they don’t want anymore please consider donating them to Jan. She will make little jumpers to dress them and then they will be given to a child in foster care for Xmas.

Please have a look at Jan’s blog to see everything she does.

Tuesday 18 May 2021

Postcard Swap 2

 I can’t help myself. I love being part of a swap. This one will last for 12 months. Yep, 12 months. Each month we are to make a special fabric postcard that relates to the month that it should arrive to the recipient. It is started in the USA so they have listed their holidays and celebrations but I can do ones relating to Australia.

I have made a list and have made my first 4.

May - Mother’s Day

A fresh, beautiful pot of flowers. Something I don’t get very often. I printed the background fabric with the script before planning the flowers.

June - Queens birthday

A beautiful photo of the young Queen Elizabeth. Embellished with lace, diamonds, pearls & flowers.

I also printed this photo of the Queen too.

July - Xmas in July

A beautiful snowflake behind the Xmas tree with presents too. This is something I haven’t experienced but would love to one day.

August - Winter...

Playing/ caught in the rain

I have kept one item the same on all the postcards. The month button label. I had a packet of them from my scrap booking days. At least they are getting used now.

Here they are all together.

Now I am ahead at the moment I will have a break before making the next ones. Time to think of the layouts and backgrounds.

This is getting back to the oldPen Pal days. How nice is it to receive Mail in your letter box.

Tuesday 11 May 2021

Birthday fat quarter happiness

 I’m finally getting around to taking a photo of all the fat quarters I was given over the past 2 months for my birthday. I chose Batiks as I do not have any. I have not ever bought any for myself so what better way to get a good selection.

Don’t they look great

Oops, a late comer

Now, I have no idea what I will do with them but I am sure there will be a project or workshop that will turn up one day. I won’t or shouldn’t have to buy any more... or just maybe.

Thank you to the members of my quilt group.

Tuesday 4 May 2021

My panel has arrived from Candis.

 I was so excited to get home and there was a parcel at my front door. Yes, it had arrived. The wait is over. All the way from the USA. I couldn’t wait to get inside and cut open the bag (very carefully though).

Isn’t this just stunning. All that paper foundation sewing. 


And there was a little bit extra. Some leftover fabric too.

Now here are the two swap quilt tops side by side. My intentions will be to make them the same size and I will put them on my single beds in the spare room. They may even up with my grandsons in future years.

These were 2 wonderful swaps which were a delight to receive. I will be watching out for when the next one is later in the year.

Saturday 1 May 2021

A wonderful surprise and a little bit of knitting.

 I turned up at my quilt group and lovely Colleen gave me 2 bags of wonderful surprises filled with 50 cute little pouches/boxes. She said I could use them any way I like....

THANK YOU COLLEEN. I am so appreciative of your generosity. I will put them to good use.

Some times you need a break from sewing. I decided to do a little bit of knitting...

We are having a trade table at the end of the year at our QUILTS IN THE GARDEN day. I thought I’d teach my friend how to make them and try our luck.

First we start with threading a few hundred beads on to the cotton.

Then we knit them

And we knit some more

And hopefully we can get a few of these made