Friday, 28 November 2014

A close up of what I made for the Millrosie XMAS swap.

Well I have made so many gifts for swaps recently. Some were very small but I enjoyed making them. The last post I put up lots of little photos but this post I will show you them individually.
There is a lot so maybe grab a drink, put your feet up and relax and read....
Here is some SANTA FACES in beadwork that I made into Earrings.

Fabric bowls

A special test tube hot chocolate pack....

I had fun with these and made up 5 packs. They are a good idea to be given with a mug....

 Then there were some REINDEER CANDY CANES MADE. Lots of them....

 I always like to make a double ended oven mitt & pot holder. So I made a XMAS set.

 Then I did a X stitch made into a book for a tree ornament. These are so cute and I really enjoy making them...

 How about these cute beaded earrings. They took me a while to make. Like hours but I think they are ok...

 Then I spent some time knitting some sweet decorations. My mum and I made these for my kids class full of kids and teachers through the years..

A cute stocking filled with chocolate

 A knitted bell with a tinkling bell sewn in.. 

 Next we have a crochet SANTA FACE. This is a brooch. I used to make these all the tine. They are so cute.

 I love making these TRIANGLE XMAS TREES. They look really good hanging up and my friend has hers hanging from her lounge light. It is made double sided so it doesn't have to be on a wall.

Here I have made an easy fabric bowl a and filled it with yummy goodies.

I packaged these gifts into little boxes, stacked them up on top of each other to form a XMAS TREE. How cute is that...
There is also the test tube hot chocolate drink, marshmallows and  sweeties. Oh yummy...

Hope you have enjoyed the gifts I made for this special swap..
Now to complete my SANTA SACK SWAP by the 25th of November.
No rest for the wicked...... 

P.I.F. Pay it Forward

Back in May, over at Cheryll's blog
She asked if anyone wanted to take part in P.I.F.  Pay it Forward...
WHAT DOES THIS MEAN ? ? I hear you ask.....
I said YES. I sat and waited. Then in early October I received a lovely parcel in the mail.
This is what I received.

Now it is my turn to P.I.F.

1...What you do is make a COMMENT on THIS POST ONLY.  
2...Then on 1st December I will draw out 2 or 3 names 
3...Over the next few months I will send the winners a lovely HANDMADE  gift.
4...Only comment to participate if you are ready, willing and able to do your own PIF

When you receive a special parcel in the mail it is your turn to P.I.F.
You start the process over and the fun of your own begins again.
Good luck everyone.

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

I have finally got around to taking photos of my MillRosie gift swapping day

Over a week ago I spent the day with some lovely ladies at Mill Rose qullt shop in Ballan. 
They are called the Millrosie group. There were 19 in all. We did have a great day. Lots of gifts were swapped and I was lucky enough to receive some. I was not expecting this at all and I was made to feel very welcome. Everyone there was lovely and I look forward to being part of the group again.
Unfortunately I cannot remember who gave me everything. I do know where some of them came from but I do not want to leave any one out so I choose not to name them. I know you all know who you are and I do love all the gifts. I am so surprised you are all so giving and I give you all a great big HUG and a thankyou. Here are the pics.....
Look at all these goodies... Well I have eaten the lovely cookies. I think my grandsons will get the lollies. There are some beautiful buttons and ribbons I will be sure to use. A sweet needle case that will be put in a project bag, the lovely wood turned pin cushion will be shown off on my coffee table with my work being done. A cute fabric ornament to hang on the tree and of course a pencil to draw some templates or take notes... Some of these were in a cute Bon Bon but of course I had already pulled this apart. Once again, thanks ladies.....

We were to make a gift for the lucky dip swap and in it was to be.....
A Christmas tree decoration, something to wear and a treat.
Here is what I got from the lovely Kim......
A beautiful apron.. A cute snowman decoration to hang on the tree... And a box of Haigs Bear chocolates.
Well they are not in the photo because I have eaten them... Yummmmmm
They all came in this gorgeous quilted bag with a tree tag.. How cute....

Now this is what I am trying to finish...
I have taken Shez's idea and started making XMAS decs to hang on the tree. I am wanting to make quite a few but here is the start. I have them stitched and the front and backs joined. All I need to do now is attach the lovely beads that go around the edge. They are loved by lots of my friends.

Monday, 24 November 2014

November STEAM THAT SEAM blocks

I am taking part in a fun row by row block swap.
If you make a block to swap each month you get the block for the following month FREE.

I am so relieved to have finished my 4 blocks.... 2 to swap and 2 to keep.
I cut and sewed 1 block back to front but it doesn't matter. I am keeping it.
This one is mine to keep
This one is to SWAP

Another one to SWAP

and this one is for me to keep.

I enjoyed making these blocks. Mixing piecing and applique is fun.

It was an easy block to do....

Saturday, 22 November 2014

More for the AUSSIE HEROES

My friends and I have been making quilts for the great AUSSIE HEROES...

Here are the next ones that have been sent off.
From Barb

For the cricketer

 And the back

 From Rhonda

And the one Jo made......
All have been posted. These will be the last ones for the year.

FNSI report

Friday night was spent at the Kilmore Quilters sit n sew and pizza night.
There were 16 of us happily sewing away and all talking together.
We really did enjoy ourselves.
Here we are busy at work...

The pizzas have been delivered

My quoting had to stop so I could eat.... Look at the beautiful Bow Tie quilt in the background 

I am making some bags for XMAS presents. I finished up with 7 quoted ready to sew together and got 2 assembled.... More work on them tomorrow.

I started my FNSI at lunch time and caught up on my LITTLE LETTERS.
The next pattern will be on Sunday and it is 'W'.......
I am making the letters in 3 colours so will end up with 3 cute baby quilts....

Get the patterns here.....

I have had a very productive day.......

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Linda Steele Crazy Patchwork Workshop

Last week I did a days workshop over at Kilmore Quilters with Linda Steele.
I first saw her work on a needlework cruise I was on at the start of the year.
We cruised around New Zealand.
Linda Steele does amazing Crazy patchwork. This is something I really haven't done much of before. We were shown lots of embroidery stitches, with different threads and lots of techniques.
We had a really good day.
I am doing a journal cover.
I still have a lot of homework to do....


The group at work

The group at the end of the day

Now for tonight's sewing.

Go on over to see who else is joining in.

I will be at my local sewing group, Kilmore Quilters, for a sit n sew pizza night.
6 - midnight and pizza is included.
Now to work out what I will sew.....
Have fun everyone

Tuesday, 18 November 2014


Back in June/July I signed up to be part of a SANTA Sack Swap.
We were assigned a partner then had to go about making 5 handmade gifts and a stocking/sack or tote to put the gifts in. These had to be done and posted by 25th November and not to be opened until XMAS day.
How hard was that. Having lots of presents sitting around for all that time.......
Anyway, this is what I sent my partner, Mel.
Here they all are ready to put in the Sack and post......

They are on their way to Mel in South Australia.......
Now remember Mel 
Think you can hold out.....
Hahaha, enjoy.

Sunday, 16 November 2014


What a day Saturday was. I think there were 19 of us ready for a lot of chatter and laughs.
I know some of the names but I won't be writing them because I don't want to leave anyone out.
It was great to met some new faces from Blogland as well as the others I had already met and been on retreat with. It is always a good idea to be careful what you say. You never know who knows you or someone you know. I meet Christine who was going to my home town for a family party  that night. Yes we know the same people.. Haha. Meeting Chez was great.
I was able to personally say THANKYOU for my PIF gifts as well as for everything else she does.
Of course it was a great day with lots of gift swapping, fun, laughter and Naughty SANTA. I think everyone was happy with their handmade gifts. Far too many photos to put them all up but I'm sure if you surf Blogland you will see a lot of them..
ANYWAY, here are some I have chosen... NOT TOO MANY.

Everyone settling in and just look at all those gifts..WOW

And the laughter begins, the gifts are being opened and the head gear was funny.
We have a SANTA head & reindeer antlers.
Presents were shaken and items were hung on body parts.

Lots of aprons were made. This one was reversible. How clever. 
A cute Suffolk puff tree...

The PAPPARAZI were following the present openers...
It was like The Benny Hill show or something from comedy capers. 

What can we say about our lunch at the Cafe. Scrumptious.
I think we were a little noisy with our laughing but only until the food came out and we were busy eating.

We finished our day with goodbyes. Gathered our gifts and had safe trips home.
Until next year ladies..
Thankyou for a special day out...

Saturday, 15 November 2014


I am going to the Millrosie group for their XMAS get together.
We can join in the swap if we want. 
The theme is a XMAS tree ornament, something to wear & a treat.
It was really hard for me yo decide what to make. I am fairly new to this group but I am unsure of the expectations. It has been hard for me as I really didn't know I was going to be there until Wednesday..
So here goes. This is what I did.......

I made a knitted stocking and put a chocolate roll in it, knitted bell for the tree & a crochet Samta Face for a brooch.
Then there was a cross stitched book ornament for the tree & some beaded SANTA faces earrings to wear. I added a triangle XMAS tree to hang up. Of course there was something for the kitchen, a pot holder and a double ended oven mitt......

 Here are all the treats, gifts, wrapped up & gift bag.
I also added a fabric sweets bag over filled & a set of test tubes filled with goodies to make a delicious HOT CUOCOLATE with marshmellows & chocolates. All gift wrapped.
I hope I have filled the spot of what is expected and haven't let anyone down....

Thursday, 13 November 2014


Look at this mess. Who knows what is under there. I have swaps to do, secret swaps, swaps received and XMAS presents to complete.
Tonight I have been working on something fun.
I do not really do beading but I thought I would give this a go.
It was harder than I thought and it took forever. I think 4 hours.... Like I said, I'm not very good at it.
Can you see what it is.
The finished item is a surprise.....