Friday 23 June 2023

Charity sewing. Neo natal covers

 I had a bit of a play around day with some baby scraps. My group make neonatal covers for our local hospital so I made a few for them. They are only about 24” x 30”so don’t take lone. They do not have wadding but flannel on the back. Just something to help keep out the light from the top of the cribs. Also, to make the area a little bit more pretty. Using up little bags of leftovers.

I followed this tutorial and found it very easy.

I also made some little dolls blankets for another group.

These are the leftovers from a bag of greens. 

Top is done. Now just need to work out the backs.

Monday 19 June 2023

I found my way back to Storm at Sea

 Hello, it has been a while. I have had a bit of the ‘can’t be bothered’ mood.

I got my quilt back from Jackson and it is amazing. So much fun with the little fishes quilted in and so many bubbles. I love it

See the fish

And the bubbles

The binding was a little bit of the unknown and a challenge but I trimmed it up.

 Then I had to work out how to get a lot of bias binding to fit curves. I saw a great, quick tutorial online so thought, why not give it a try. The video uses 1/2 metre of fabric but I didn’t know how much I needed so I just used 1 metre. 

Only 2 seams and cutting lines. No drawing lines or getting twisted.

2nd seam done. Looks a bit messy but it was magic.

Finish the cutting

And now I have 20 metres of 2 1/2” wide bias binding

Binding is getting sewn on

Nearly done

On to the hand stitching. I don’t hand stitch down many bindings as I do a lot of charity quilts and hand stitching them takes a few nights.

Moving along nicely and I’m nearly done. 3 nights later and it was finished.

It looks super amazing. I am thrilled to bits with it.

This was a Storm at Sea SAL with my quilt group Sunraysia Patchwork Friends. Everyone’s quilts came out so different. I think this will make a little one very happy. One to put away until the right person comes along.

Friday 9 June 2023

Goodbye Mum.. Charity quilts completed with labels.

 I have been away for a few days saying goodbye to my MIL Sheila. She held on for nearly 11 weeks in palliative care not eating. She did well and it was very tiring for her. We had her memorial last weekend and said goodbye. This day was also mum and dads wedding anniversary. 

We travelled 2000 kms. in the one weekend.

It was time to clean my sewing room and get some things done.
Here is my clean sewing room ready for some stitching… 

First up was to put labels on the charity quilts that had been completed for a while.

Labels ironed on and ready for sewing.

All 12 are done and bagged ready to donate. 

Thanks to the ladies from Sunraysia Patchwork friends.