Sunday 16 August 2020

No MOJO - has broken - Catch up - ZOOM - progression - (PHOTO HEAVY) ....grab a drink, you'll need it

WOW, what a couple of months we have had adjusting to changes in restrictions for COVID-19. Into stage 3, out of stage 3, Melbourne in stage 4, back to stage 3. Border lock downs, wearing of masks but the good thing I am happy about is that I still can attend work...

I just want to share with you that it has been 4 years today that we moved to Mildura. 
Hasn't that gone fast.

Now for the catch up.....
Today we had a Zoom party with Chooky where about 20 ladies attended throughout the day.
They were from the USA, Canada, New Zealand all over Australia and others I wasn't present for. While everyone was chatting away I actually did some sewing. Something I haven't done for many weeks.
I was quilting some baby quilts for a friend & as they were small it wasn't too hard.
They measured 2 of 125*150 & 1 of 125*125. 

A while back I sent these QAYG blocks & knitted beanies off to Jan Mac. She supports & donates to many charities. Peter mac hospital, bush fire appeals and many others.


Then because of all the new Covid cases and restrictions where it is compulsory in Victoria to wear masks work asked me to leave the office and head off down to the manufacturing warehouse and help the machinist with mask making for the day. We needed 200 masks to supply every worker with 2 within 4 days. So of course i helped as well as take some home to make over the weekend.

Then it was time to make masks for my friends and family. I had this underwear elastic that was my mums. It came in very handy as everywhere had sold out so this is what was used. It is actually softer to wear behind the ears than ordinary elastic. I made about 100 masks. I am over them now


Next - the other Saturday Chooky had another Zoom party & I stopped by for a very short time.I was still in my pj's and sitting under a warm quilt that I have been hand quilting on. I haven't done any for a while but I did get to do some that afternoon.

I also worked on a crochet and a knitted blanket  

Its time for the baby quilts I quilted today....
Well this one I had already started and just finished today
No.... 1 all quilted ready for my friend to do the binding
quilted with baptist fans
IT STARTED OUT ALL WRONG .. I kept making mistakes and doing the start point on the fans all wrong and this needed to be unpicked.
Overlapping fans are gone and now the stitching is better.
stippled around the stitcheries

No. 2..... Then there was the black & white sheep panel. Echo quilted to look like clouds..

And no. 3 - A simple little squares, Quilted cross hatched diagonally.
So bright & fresh

Lastly, This is where i got up to with all the tea bag strings I had. It measures about 3 feet long.
 As I sit here tonight I have been tying tea bag strings to work more on my scarf. I received some from Sue in the mail. As well as collecting them at work.

This ball measures about the size of a golf ball. Lets see how far it knits.

Okay.. That's it for now.

i have turned on the laptop. Battled with the new Blogger. Attached many photos.
if you have got to this WELL DONE.

Hopefully this post works and stays where it supposed to.

I'm not sure what will happen if I delete the photos from my computer but time will tell. As I cant post on my iPad at the moment it is all a learning curve.

Thanks to everyone for getting this far, checking up on me and especially for the great chats today.