Wednesday, 30 December 2015

I couldn't help myself & GOODBYE to 2015

There have been so many celebrations with friends over the past 2 weeks.
Lots of eating, drinking and laughter.
I am having a great time with my hubby and some super friends at their home in Jan Juc.
What a beautiful way to spend your time.
Christine, Jo, Tony & Michael

So please everyone take some time to remember all our service men and women who are not with their families this Christmas time.
I support Aussie Heroes

I'm not sure why this photo insists on being first but I can't move it so that's where it's staying...

And the laundry bag
I just had to do another AUSSIE HERO QUILT. After all it is Xmas....
This is what I have made with some scraps. My friend Joy from the Monday group also helped me to do the blocks..... Jacqui from NOTY donated the backing fabric. It has come out really well.
Scrap blocks made with the help from my Monday group friend Joy
My fiddle cloth

The backing. Donated by Jacqui from NOTY

BINDING BLITZ... 220" + 51" = 271"

Last OPAM for 2015
The above quilt and laundry bag and a fiddle cloth...
My total is a slow 3. 
But lots are nearly finished that I have been working on during December.
Link up with Kris or Peg

Tuesday, 29 December 2015


I had fun making this Santa Sack and 5 gifts for Sarah
I searched Sarah's blog and found that she was very good at and loved HEXIES and CATS. 
 I am not a fan of either so what was I to make....
First up was my Sack... I love making this style bag..
All ready to be squished in the box and put in the post

All wrapped up and ready to post 
A big sack to fill 

A sea of purple and green. Favourite colours of Sarah's 
Coin collectors wall hanging with some Australian coins

Mug rug for the sewing room 

Clam shell, cat journal cover

My dishcloths 

A money notepad,  kangaroo ice cube tray, earl grey tea and a decoration

Monday, 28 December 2015


Christmas is over and all the visitors have gone.
It is a lot cooler today and I have decided to stitch on my beads. A very slow process.
I started this project in 2014 while on a stitching cruise around New Zealand.
More about that here
All I got done in the course on the ship

The start of my day

This is where I got to today

Thanks to Kathy over at 
I have had a great relaxing day.
My hubby has watched his last series of Game of Thrones and I have stitched quietly.

Sunday, 27 December 2015

My Chookyblue SSCS gifts are opened

My partner for Chookyblue's SCS swap was Oddbjorg.

Here are the decorations I made and sent...
Of course I added in a dishcloth that I have made for everyone...
Xmas decoration and dishcloth

I searched her blog and found that she did so much knitting. 

I made a knitting needle hold all
My stitchery on the front of my knitting needle holder

Opened up with needles, scissors, stitch holder, row counter and stitch markers...
Flap at top to stop needles sliding out
Row counter and stitch markers

Beaded row counter and stitch markers

Scissors with beaded strap
All rolled up

Saturday, 26 December 2015

My SSCS 15 present is open

I received my gift from Denice very early. 
Way back in November.
My gifts
Opening time.........for the decoration only

My decorations
A lovely hand stitched wall hanging, beautiful smelling soap
and half square triangle sewing papers with fabric to use them..
Gift 1.....I love the wall hanging. It is hand appliqued and hand quilted. Just lovely. I am getting an old blanket box from my mums house soon so this will be used as a cover for it. I think the colours will really suit. The butterflies at cute.
Gift 2....A beautiful smelling cake of soap was included. It is white pine scented and made by Castelbel in Portugal..
Gift 3....A paper pattern for quick stitched half square triangles. I have not used this method so I'll give it a try. Denice also included some fabric so I can get started ASAP.
I wonder what I'll make them in to...

Thank-you Denice
They are lovely gifts and thanks for being so kind and thoughtful..
Hope you are having a wonderful festive season...

Friday, 25 December 2015


This is what we woke up to Xmas morning.... Santa has been here. Look at all these gifts...

Thursday, 24 December 2015

My Xmas visit with a special friend

I have known this friend for 34 years. Unfortunately with lifestyles we haven't seen much of each other over the years. Her mum is so sweet and very poorly at the moment. She is hanging in there just to see Christmas... It was so good to spend some time together
I spent some time making her a special gift. Being bed ridden and after suffering a stroke only has the use of one hand. I made a special hand towel size fiddle rug. It has lots of textures and things on it. She was very happy with it and wants to frame it....
My fiddle rug

There is a bit of my mums Doily, lace, flower trim, ribbon with a buckle
And lovely soft chenille fabric....

I added buttons and a zip and a tassel 
With lace, 3D bow tie blocks and tassel on the zipper pull on a towelling backing
The back is a hand towel.
Jo's mum loving the Fiddle rug
Jo and her mum with their gifts..
I made a Grandmas Braid quilt and waited for a very special person to give it too. 
The sun shining on one of my favourite quilts 
Grandmas braid purple quilt
My special label


Wednesday, 23 December 2015


I know it's late but I did get around to putting up my tree and decorations. My daughter and grandsons are staying over Christmas Eve. It is only fair they wake up to their presents under the Xmas tree. My step son will be here Xmas day too....
Here are some of  my other decorations. Most of these have been made for me.
I have more than I thought thanks to my blogging friends this year....


and a

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Monday girls break up for Xmas and all other little gifts

I have decided to put all these special little moments and gifts in one post....
We are all very spoilt at this time of year. It is a time of giving. I feel very special and loved by all my friends. They have all helped me out in so many ways over the last few years. There have been so many times we have needed a friend this year and can only hope next year will be better.
Here we go.......
Look at these yummy cakes Jill bought for us to share. Well these are what's left.
 I was too slow getting a photo. They were yummy...
I think Joy has caught the scrap bug.... What a lovely bag she has made for a present..
Look at the wonderful flower she made on the front...
My lovely gifts from friends.
A plant from Jill, hand towel from Barb, cards from Rhonda & Joy.
A special letter from Bridget. Barb gave me a little kit but I can't show it. When it's made it will be for a secret gift...
A LITTLE SHOPPING SPREE. My 3.5" die for my sissix machine .
And a postcard stamp from my local scrapbooking shop
What a useful gift from the KILMORE QUILTERS...
A bag for our quilts at the show. Of course, some chocolates.
And a little Thankyou gift from my friend Rosemary.... YUM
A lovely gift from a special friend who I have known  for ab out 31 years and is part of our family now.
Love you Sue

My yearly card and message from a dear friend from 32 years ago.
It was not so good news and there will be an emotional visit with each other soon.
Thinking of you Jo.... 
My lovely tea towels from across the seas in the UK.
Linda you are a special blogging friend who I hope to meet one day.