Saturday, 28 June 2014

The last Saturday of the month

It's the end of the YELLOWS. Unless Angela sneaks in some more yellow blocks over at SOSCRAPPY I have caught up.
It is Scrap Happy Saturday and I have only a little bit of time this afternoon to sew.
Here are the last 2 blocks I got done.

Then I moved on to finish some mug rugs for Breast Cancer.
My friend needs at least 100 of these for her fundraiser day.
They still need their bows on them.

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Glue, glue & more glue

Well, after doing my workshop yesterday and glueing down all those little 1/2" squares my eyes were a bit fuzzy. It took forever and I'm not even half way done. A lot were glued before you could see it taking shape. I am really happy with it so far.
Look HERE for the start.
I have done some more on this and linking up with Kelly 
Needle & Thread Thursday. Will be putting up another photo before the stitching gets started.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

My boy is being PIXELATED

I am doing a workshop at my Heathcote group tomorrow. It is held by Liz Allen. I had some preparation cutting to do. I was putting this off as I had to cut 4500 1/2" squares. It was bad enough going out and trying to find 16 colours of fabric that slowly graduated from light to dark.
I gave a photo of my son and I got back a pattern in sepia colours. The picture quilt will measure about 30" * 36". That's a lot of squares. I finally went out and started cutting. It took me 3 hours..


Click on the links to see the next steps.

Sunday, 22 June 2014


Today for SLOW STITCHING SUNDAY I did not do much.
I stayed in bed until 3pm reading. It was so nice to relax. I then got up and sewed a label onto this special quilt I was giving as a gift later on tonight. Then I got ready and off we went.
It was a celebration for my special girlfriend Christine who had just turned 50. She was not too happy about her new age but we made her forget for a little while.
I had made this quilt a few years back and every time Christine saw it she always commented how much she loved it. Well, I put that in the storage bank and saved it for this special time.
And for the backing and label....
She was so thrilled with it and I am so happy I kept it for her.
HAPPY 50th BIRTHDAY to my great friend CHRISTINE.xoxox

Saturday, 21 June 2014


Well, Friday night had me drag out my UFO box of Leanne's House and start block no 5..
I have machine pieced the block together ready for Slow stitching Sunday....
No photos yet. They don't look like much without the stitchery drawn on so I will wait to put them up. I also prepared a surprise project. I will be working on that over the next few weeks too. I might put up some sneak peaks at some point.
FNSI over at Sugarlane Quilts  also saw me catch up on my 6" block swap for Lee. She wanted any blocks in Civil War prints. A while ago I bought a fat 1/8th pack. These fabrics were in it. Hope they fit the bill.
The 1st block is called "Granny's favourite" & the other one is "Resolution Square". They are both from the pattern book " The Loyal Union Sampler" from Elm Creek Quilts.
I have all the books and have nearly read them all. It is so good to actually use patterns you have in hand. I really love this series.

I have been working along with Angela and her RSC 14 Sampler.
This month it is yellow. I don't have very many yellow fabrics so some are actually into the oranges, I think. Anyway, I have caught up with the blocks so far. 7 in all so far....
Angela puts up all the directions to make these 6" blocks....
I have enjoyed my Scrap. Happy Saturday.
These blocks are adding up.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Another job done

Another quilt has been quilted for a friend of mine. She had a go herself but found it too hard on her shoulders and back. So I have done it for her. I did it similar to the last little kids one. 
All over with stars and loops with scattered animals. It has turned out really cute. All she has to do now is stitch on the binding.

The light inside was a bit dark with the gloomy days we have been happy but I was able to get the photo on the line before it rained again.

Monday, 16 June 2014

Bindings complete

I have finally finished the bindings and labels on 2 of my puzzle quilts for the boys 21sts.
I haven't taken a photo of the labels as they are all similar to the one already done HERE
The one on the left was quilted with a free motion foot and the other one was quilted using a walking foot.
I am much happier with the free motion foot. It was quicker and easier and gave a nicer, flatter finish.
Have a look at what others were doing on Slow stitch Sundays HERE

Friday, 13 June 2014

More crochet

To add to my stockings and bells I have made SANTA FACE badges.
All I need to do is add a pin on the back.
They are quick & easy to make and look so cute.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Heathcote's WIP baby quilt

Part of being a member of a quilt group is to help out where & when needed.
We have our quilt show coming up at the end of the year so we are working on the raffle quilts.
We have a larger one being done and this little beauty.
A cute little baby quilt. 
The embroidered blocks were donated.
A few of the ladies pieced the blocks together.
Fun quilting with a giraffe, rabbit,whale & dolphins

Then I added a dog, cow, pig, horse & birds

 Next to come was a cat, sheep & an elephant.

Then to add some framing colour I did a double binding of blue and orange.
I hope the girls like what I have done. 
All that is left is to finish the binding.

This is my.    WIP WEDNESDAY project today.
I'm also linking to VALS QUILTING STUDIO for Archive Tuesday FMQ...

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

A little bit of knitting and crochet

When my children were at school every Xmas time I would make little gifts for all the children in each of their classes. So that meant I made up to 60 gifts. Yes, they had to be quick, easy , cute & fun. Also suitable for boys & girls.
Now one grandson has started school I thought I would try and do it for him so he could learn to give each year.
Out came my old little patterns I have tried.

Cute knitted bells for the tree and little stockings to hang. I sometimes add a little bell in the middle so it tinkles.
Just need to buy some life saver lollies ( or something similar ) to fill the stocking.
These go down really well.

Well, I was enjoying myself so much I thought I'd try another pattern of my sons blanket my mum had made for him.
It is great for baby blankets.
Can you see the rows of cats with their paws hanging over the edge.
It really is a cute blanket and very easy to make......

I kept myself very busy while I was away enjoying my time with daughter & grandsons.
Happy to be home to my own bed though.

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Yellow scrappy blocks

My 12" block swap partner this month is Karen. We are members of QBSA and every month we get a new partner and swap a block of their choice with them. Karen wanted an Ohio Star with cream background, coloured points with a contrast centre. 
As it is a Yellow month over at Soscrappy I thought that's what I would do.

Then I thought I would do this Framed 4 Patch block from the RSC sampler page that Angela puts up the patterns for.
I continued in my mellow yellow mood and sewed some wonky stars.
I do not have a lot of yellow so thanks to the girls in my Monday group for helping me out.
The funny thing is they thought I was mad using up my little pieces of scraps now they are doing it too. Here are my stars.

Friday, 6 June 2014

Finishes with friends

My Friday night was spent finishing some Xmas projects.
Like many others over at Cheryll's FNWF I am enjoying my night with my daughter. We are working on more breast cancer awareness hangers & the binding on a puzzle quilt.

I have finally finished not 1 BUT 2 Xmas Tree wall hangings complete with lights. They sparkle so brightly and look amazing.

 Then I got around to finishing my Dresden Xmas  table runner I started at the Toolangi retreat with the Kilmore quilters

Come on Xmas. I just might be ready this year.

Thursday, 5 June 2014

A folder cover for a friend

I have a special friend "A" who lost a dear friend "M".They use to stitch together all the time.
Cleaning up "M's" stash "A" came across a stitchery that she had made for "M".
It has brought back so many memories that I would make "A" a little present with it.
At the same time I had to teach a class at my Heathcote group. I decided to do the 2 things at once, teach the folder covers and use the stitchery on the front. When the class is finished I can then give my gift.
For my treasured friend and in memory of another one so dear and sweet.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Another Xmas finish...

I was making a table runner which has now turned into a candle mat.
While I was on retreat a friend made a Dresden plate runner. I had my Xmas fabric there in a bag. Her runner went together very easily so I thought I'd try it. It turned out very nice as a candle mat / table centre. BUT it needed more.....
So I decided to put a candle with it. NOT just a plain old candle...
I love Scrapbooking so have many supplies. Out into the boxes I go...
I got out my Ink and stamp pads. Found a script stamp and went for it.
I was a bit scared but I just rolled and stamped. Then it was a bit plain so I added the gold ribbon & to finish it off I glued on the holly with tartan bow.

Look how cute it has turned out now. I am very happy with it.

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

GOOD FRIENDS are hard to find

I just had a surprise visit from a very good friend. She doesn't live far from me and some times there are quite a few days without us seeing each other or talking. Then there are other times we see each other more than once a day. Today, well, it was a surprise. A very nice surprise. In her hand was a beautiful bunch of flowers for me.... Just because.....
Thank you to my friend..
Makes the day feel so much nicer......

Monday, 2 June 2014

Slow stitching Xmas on a Sunday

I am finishing off my Xmas table runner that I have made with Dresden plates.
I am sitting here slow stitching the binding and linking up with KATHY's Quilts.
It's always good to takes some time out to slow down and relax for a while.
 Hand stitching is good for the soul.

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Goodbye GREEN Hello YELLOW

Over at Soscrappy each month there is a colour theme.
It's good to add some colour to our day when all it is doing here is rain, rain & more rain.
My day was spent finishing off some projects but continuing on my Bubble Tree quilt.
Look HERE to find out more about it.
My bubbles are growing.....