Monday 31 March 2014

Uplift Project

I went to my local quilting group Kilmore Quilters on Saturday.
They hosted the Vic Quilters Gathering.

We had about 110 ladies and 1 brave man attend for the day....

We donated 300 bras for the uplift project.

These bras are to go to Fiji.. 
Have a look at this link to find out more about it. Uplift Project

We had our agenda to follow
Then we sold $350 worth of raffle tickets to go to charity.
Well done to everyone who attended & great effort to Kilmore Quilters

Friday 28 March 2014

Quilts of love

I have made some little " Quilts of Love " to send to Cheryll.
She has been coordinating these donations for a while.
Have a look at Cheryll's site "BLANKETS OF LOVE" to find out how to join in and why she does it.

I love the little ducks on the flannelette backing 
Then we have cute little teddies. 

They are cotton one side, flannelette the other. They are tiny.
They range between 5" - 12"

Thursday 27 March 2014

Another TEAL block

I made another block for RSC14 Teal month of March.
This went together very quickly.
Have a look at the blocks Angela has given us the instructions for  over at Soscrappy

Wednesday 26 March 2014

Cute baby quilts

I made some little girls quilts for charity. I'm sure they will go to good use.
They measure less than 24"

Have a look at Cheryll's site "BLANKETS OF LOVE"

Tuesday 25 March 2014

Catch up with Soscrappy RSC14 sampler blocks

Yippee, I have done it.
I made 6 blocks today in pink. February's colour.
These are what Angela has given us tutorials for. I didn't get to do these as I was away on holidays.
Here they are....
Now for that bias handle on the basket. Some are made into a tube that you have to turn right out. I used bias bars and no turning needed.




So much easier than turning out tubes....

Slow Stitching Sunday

Well, I have finally got around to taking a photo so I can do a post of my Slow Stitching Sunday.
I am linking up with Kathy and the lovely stitchers over at Kathys Quilts.
There are some links to some amazing pieces of work.
Here is what I was working on.
It is slow going but it will get finished.
A lovely piece of counted work designed and taught by Christine P. Bishop.
Have a look  here to read more about it.

Monday 24 March 2014

Another finish

I have a friend that I help with quilting. She is not well at the moment so to cheer her up I managed to get this cute little quilt quilted for her.
I did it with hearts and flowers. The binding will be done by her.

A close up of the quilting.

Saturday 22 March 2014

Scrappy TEALs & AQUAs

I managed to catch up on RSC14 sampler blocks.
The colour this month is teal, aqua or turquoise.
Here are my 5 teal blocks.
Have a look at who else has linked up with ANGELA at SoScrappy

I have also decided to make a quilt with a friend from my Monday group.
We will be working on our own quilt. Hopefully pushing each other along.
This is one of Emily Cier's from Seattle, Washington, USA.  patterns.
These are my blocks that I did today.......AQUA

Friday 21 March 2014


I have started to make my sons friends their very own quilt for their 21st.
I made this for my son on is 18th so there will be lots of memories.
Here is how they are done.
You can choose any size block according to what fabric you have. The size of block & amount of blocks is purely up to you. I have cut my blocks @ 12.5". So across the width of fabric I get enough for 3 blocks and all the tabs.
Here are my blocks & tabs cut out, layed out in a pleasing design and ready for peeling the vliesofix & ironing in place.

I have stitched all the blocks together and am now ironing on the bias binding from top to bottom along the seam lines and around the tabs. Stitch down each row as you go. If you place all the bias it may peel off with all the handling.


Here I am placing the binding in the opposite direction. 
It is amazing how much the puzzle pieces stand out.

All the bias binding are stitched on & ithe quilt top is ready for quilting. I am not putting any borders on it. The quilt measures 48" x 72". It is a very fun quilt. Good to use theme fabrics or another way to make an I spy quilt.
I have only quilted either side of the bias to keep it looking like puzzle pieces.

 Here it is FINISHED and ready to give.

And yes there is a label too.
I printed it on Fabric and stitched it in to the binding

Thursday 20 March 2014


I'll be sewing along with the others on Friday but not at night only during the day.
I need to finish this puzzle quilt and giving it as a present at the party on Saturday night.
Photo of quilt will be on my next post.

Have a look at the others who have linked up over at FNSI

Wednesday 19 March 2014

Life's like a Jigsaw Puzzle

I made this quilt for my sons 18th birthday. Unfortunately he only got to use it for 7 months before he passed away. 
It's a sad time for me thinking of his upcoming 20th birthday.
This year all his mates are starting to turn 21. They all speak of John & miss him so much. 
I have decided to make the boys their very own puzzle quilt.
I will make this quilt with 12" blocks with 4 across & 5 down. A total of 24...
I am going to put 1 plain black piece in to represent my son being missing.
I have cut out squares for 5 quilts, traced the little tabs & now I am cutting.

I need 2 for next week. Why did I leave it so late to start. I bought the fabric months ago.
Boy do I like a deadline. Will post photos as I finish them.
Now I have to choose a design for the girls.....

What a few days I've had sewing

I was on holidays for our quilt groups first meeting back this year.
The new numbers were handed out for the Nearly Insane blocks.
So February's blocks have been done a week before the next meeting where I will be getting the next numbers to be done.
Block 46

Block 51

Block 62
I messed this one up so I added a little extra.
If I feel like one day I might redo it. It depends how Insane I get.

Block 79

Tuesday 18 March 2014

March 6" block swap

Here is my block I am sending to my March partner Maureen.
Maureen has asked for cream background with a pink spool suitable for a 1 year old grand daughter. 
I hope the 2 blocks I have made will be suitable. I think they are lovely. 
The spools were easy to do so I might even make a baby quilt using this pattern too.
So these are what is in the mail for her.

Monday 17 March 2014

Great day of sewing with friends

I got together today with my Monday girlfriends and sewed. We all sewed.
I have got them doing the wonky star block too.
We are all following the RSC14 colours of the month with Angela over at So Scrappy
March's colour is Aqua / Teal / Turquoise. There is blue - green or green - blue.
Which ever you decided they remind me of the sea. I couldn't decide which way to go so I did both.


Thursday 13 March 2014

Beth's block is on it's way

I finally got around to doing Beth's block for this month in the 12" block swap over at 
Beth want the " Wild Duck " block from Quilters Cache.
Using a white background & 2 colours.
Well here it is

February's Pink Scrappy WONKY STAR

I finally got around to doing my block for February.
Angela over at SoScrappy chose the colour PINK for Feb.
I was on holidays & fell behind a bit. Now I'm catching up.
Here is my Wonky Star.

Tuesday 11 March 2014

Kilmore Quilters HONOUR Quilt with Maree

I have just caught up on our group, Kilmore Quilters, last meeting.
There are about 31 members who are joining in the Honour Quilt Sew a long. Maree's is letting us know the 4 blocks to make each month. She has chosen 49 blocks, size of 6", that she has paired up with a person that passed away in the war. All these people she has chosen are from our local area of Pyalong, Broadford, Kilmore, Wallan etc....
Here are the first 4 blocks.
1E...Ernest Brown

5G...David Crawford

4E...Reginald Stanley Marsh

2B...William Hallet Stockdale

I have decided to continue this years theme of using up my scraps. 
This will be a BLUE scrappy quilt

Have a look at the page HONOUR QUILT 2014 by clicking on the tab at the top of this page. It tells you about the people that Maree has chosen to do a block for that were in the war.

I have found a site that has a linky for WIP's on WEDNESDAY .

So I'm linking up HERE at Freshly Pieced. Go on over and have a look at everyone else's work who has linked up too.