Saturday 30 May 2020

AHQ in progress ready for a HERO

I have decided to do an urgent AHQ.
Request was for--- RED,WHITE & BLUE, Honda Racing, photos of recipient racing his own bike and some other emblems I don't know what they are so are not being included.
I started out with red, white & blue 2.5" strips and sewed them together like the well known Jelly Roll race. It was wide enough but not long enough for the specifics of an AHQ.

So I added a blue strip....
This was already in my cupboard. So when the request came in I knew I could do it easily. Without too much fuss.

Now to unpick the blue strip.
Print some photos, add an emblem appliqué, join them to fit and sew them back into the quilt.....

I am happy with what I have done with this AHQ. 
The photos are of the recipient at Phillip Island racing around the track.
By the sounds of it he loves his bike and racing as these photos were part of his request.

Sunday 24 May 2020

I've been working on FROLIC....

I have decided to drag out BONNIE HUNTERS MYSTERY FROLIC to see where I am up to.
I have them on my design wall. Sewn a few flying geese. Trimmed a few and well on my way to some completed blocks. I am not a fan of sewing flying geese. Especially the amount required in this quilt but now is the time to get on with it.

So, I have managed to sort out what blocks I have, what I have to do. Now I can get started and leave them on show.
Hopefully during this isolation time with COVID-19 I can keep myself busy and happy on my weekends.

I am having fun and making progress. So far this was a full days work...

I have been busy working on BH.. but I think the corner block has the wrong colour neutrals...

I have now got all the full blocks made. Errors pulled out and resewn. 
If you notice the outside borders have a darker neutral because I ran out of the lighter fabric. I'm not sure if I have counted correctly but I think I need that darker one in the centre. 
Hopefully I can work on the half square blocks next weekend.

There still needs sashings but I am happy with my progress. Once the set in blocks are done I will need to move a few around to seperate colours.

I am so over this quilt but it is coming out so pretty.
I have someone in mind this will be gifted to so it will get finished.
I am going to leave it on my wall so I keep working on it.
There is still a lot to do.
I do have all the half square triangles made for the borders and parts of the sashings cut out.
Now I need to cut all the neutrals for the sashings.

COVID-19 restrictions are being lifted. I still am not sure but I want this fininshed as a reminder of this time.


Sunday 17 May 2020


You all know I support AHQ.  Well, this week, along with everyone else I was shocked to hear of Jan-Maree's illness. She is not looking for sympathy but understanding and support.
We as quilters have know so many over our sewing years that have needed support. So many have gone through stressful times. We will continue to sew and support in the ways we know...
Thinking of you Jan-Maree.

I would like to share with everyone the fantastic work everyone does that sends off their quilts to the troops.

Have a look here to see some beautiful work sent to cheer some people up.

This is another one that has been posted....

And my Lorraine Cocker quilt has been quilted.
This was a UFO CHALLENGE for me... NO... 2 is completed.

Here they both are together.

A happy finish of 2 quilts..

I am happy to be making these quilts for our troops on deployment but Australia Post has made it more difficult to post them. The boxes they sold that fitted the requirements for free postage to the troops are no longer being sold at the post office. This size fitted a magazine, a quilt and sometimes a pack of biscuits or chocolate. All this came in under 2 kgs so was free. Now the boxes are way too small to fit a quilt or too large that you need to pay postage. Thanks for your support Aust Post.
I was told you could get them from Officeworks but no, not in Mildura. Getting around in these COVID times is hard enough let alone searching for boxes. I then tried BUNNINGS. Yes, Fantastic. They had a smaller box than the original we used but a quilt still fits perfectly. Not sure what else you could squeeze in as it only weighed 1.5 kgs...  They were also sold  seperately too.

These are what they look like as a flattened box.. $2.69 @ BUNNINGS.....

I was so happy to find these at Bunnings that I sent a message to thank them. I got a lovely message back from Steve the manager. He is an ex serviceman who was in the forces for 12 years and thanked me for what I am doing. In return he offered to supply me with more boxes.

Thankyou STEVE @ Mildura BUNNINGS for your offer to supply me with more boxes as required. I appreciate your support and I will accept the boxes.

Saturday 9 May 2020

QATW Bookcase quilt is nearly done.

Well it's not a finish but the top is nearly there. I have the borders to do which include the outside edges of the bookcase and to include 2 more blocks in a different way. I'm happy with all the book titles. I did seperate a few book blocks to space them out. I trimmed the camera block and made it into a book called I SPY WITH MY LITTLE EYE, placed it front on for the display. I even added a book in the top left called QATW... I trimmed the jug, fish bowl & jar blocks so they weren't so big. All is going along nicely.

Saturday 2 May 2020

AHQ Braids

I have spent a week or 2 thinking of ideas to surround this map of the world for an amazing AHQ.
I did not just want to add plain borders. It would look like a bought quilt then. Wow. I thought of this idea. BRAIDS. By adding a 6" braid border all around it came out the perfect size. 

I carefully trimmed the borders and have them attached.