Wednesday 31 May 2017

An overdue Surprise visit post

I made a surprise visit to my daughter for her birthday. I babysat my grandsons for her to go out for the night. We had a great time... It went all too quick. I took a new game with me to play. It was battleships. The eldest Nicholas loves it but the youngest gets bored easily.
On the flight home it was lovely looking out the window. It was like being inside a big fluffy pillow.
 The sun was setting
 Then we could see land so clearly
I could see all the rows and rows of vines
 We have vineyards all around us.
 And we have landed

Monday 29 May 2017

Little projects...

Our Sunraysia group had a workshop making Mobile Phone Holders... They are a great idea. You can put your phone in it with the charger plugged in and hang it off a hook or handle. They are meant to hang on the charger plugged into the wall. 

Then at our retreat I made a large star fruit cushion. This size is to use upside down on your lap while you stitch. It supports your arms and is supposed to help relieve the pressure from your shoulders and neck.

Saturday 27 May 2017

I've been working on my FMQ

My challenge quilt is coming together nicely. It is taking a while but I am very happy.

Large clam shells in a variegated blue thread. This is looking good.

I drew 1" grids and free motioned overlapping circles.
 I am working on the centre filling area... I think it's called mactavishing.

I have quilted the birds in and now deciding what to do in the top right corner and as a filler in the centre.
 I have cut all the left over borders together to make the binding. It was tricky.
I sewed the strips along the centre stipe on to the front of the quilt. I could see the little stripe and I was very careful to stitch straight. I then ironed the strip in half and over to the back ready for hand stitching down. 

 See the different quilting designs. Apple Core and mini Clam Shell.

 All the binding needs stitching down. It is getting there..

Can you see the fine coloured stripe in the binding fabric. That was a job keeping it straight.

Sunday 21 May 2017

FNSI on retreat

Wow ,, it's been a while since I have been on here... But I will catch up on  some posts...I joined in with Wendy for FNSI.. I spent it on retreat with about 20 of us happily sewing away with real time friends.

I made great progress on my blocks for March and April.. nearly all caught up..

I thought this block would give me trouble but it went together really well. They are finished 1 1/8th 
Strips... I'm happy with this one...

Here are my Dear Jane blocks I got prepared for the appliqué. I can sit n sew at home of an evening without having to use the machine...
I didn't want to curve piece the centre of this block. I decided to appliqué it instead...

I only have to stitch the centre square under. It is only a one inch square cut out in the centre.

This block has some little curves....

 This block has little melons sewn onto the centre square.

Have a look to see what others got up to.

Saturday 6 May 2017

FNWF. Free motion quilting

I have finally started quilting my entry into the SPRIING challenge. I had this top nearly completed from a workshop at the Phillip Island Quilters a few years back. So, out it came and I hope to get it finished in time. I have had it out on the table for a few weeks wondering how to quilt it. I found it a bit daunting and kept putting it off. A little bit scared to start I think. Thanks to the inspiration of Vicky Jenkins quilts I jumped right in....
The birds and the blossom flower are spring to me. So let's hope I can quilt it ok. This is a Gina Burgess pattern, Borders with Attitude.
You do basic split 4 patch blocks and add borders. Then you fuse and appliqué whatever patterns you would like. I chose these beautiful soft panels, cut all the birds, flowers and leaves out. Fused them on in different ways. Now the sewing is part of the quilting. Using different weight threads...
It measures less than 1 metre square (about 36")

 1" Grid lines ready for the curved quilting lines..

 There is a bird drawn in ready to quilt

 The drawn on bamboo.

So I am working on this for FNWF. and stitching with many others in cyberland.

Tuesday 2 May 2017

Finally all my birthday fat 1/4s

I finally got to the group and collected all my birthday fat 1/4s. I chose neutrals.....

Got them opened up and look at the selection.

Look at all the lovely cards..

How lucky am I.... The darker fabric was a bonus one Maxine gave me. She had used it in a project and I loved it. She had some spare and gave it to me.... No 2 fabrics are alike.
 And here is one I gave out for April.
I like to match the paper tea pot package with the fabric wanted....