Sunday 31 December 2023

Chookshed Stitchers 2024 Challenge


We have been set a challenge by Deana and Chooky both from CHOOKSHED Stitchers.

2024 we will be doing a monthly challenge where we have a list of projects we want to work on in 2024. Whether it be working on, starting or completing.

We have to make a list of 10 projects we want to make. Numbered 1 - 10. Each month a number will be drawn and that is the project we will work on.

On the first day of each month Deana will announce a project number to work on. 

If you want to join in have a look .......... Chookshed Stitchers 2024 Challenge

Here are my projects…….. 

1. Bind Bonnie Hunters ….En Provence 2017

2. Stitch some on my VAL LAIRD Days of Delight Calendar BOM hanging

3. Hand quilt 40th birthday blue quilt.

4. Make Flip La K ruler storage bag

5. Foundation piece a New Zealand Kiwi Bird

6. Scrub Stitching 2023 bag

7. Bind Bonnie Hunters …… Frolic 2019

8. Anything Christmas 

9. Assemble top.... Machine Embroidered Sunflowers …. Irish Chain.

10. Sashiko.

I have also started a new page for these where photos will be added and updates noted.

Chookshed Stitchers 2024 challenge

Wednesday 27 December 2023

Our maiden voyage in the Jayco

 Christmas day is over and I am on leave. So with the new van we headed off to free camp and try it out.

We went to Pooncarie, which is not that far from home. About 1.5 hours drive.
We set up camp. Nice and relaxed.

I did a couple hours zoom with Chooky to say Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

A view of the river

Nice and quiet. No-one else around

We spotted a little lizard in the tree.

Cooking our tea.

The birds and fish were swimming and jumping in the river

Tony spotted a bigger lizard. He is hard to see

Can you see his head sticking up. He slowly moved up the tree further and rested for a while. Then went on his merry way.

It had rained all night but wasn't an issue. It cooled us down enough for us to sleep well.

We learnt how to use a lot of the buttons free camping. Everything worked. The shower was lovely and very hot. It was very comfortable. We had not forgotten anything. We still have a lot to learn though.

Can't wait to do more travelling.

Tuesday 26 December 2023

SPF is having a 5.5" square mystery

SPF, my local sewing group are having a 5.5" square mystery SAL in 2024.

We had to cut 40 * 5.5" light coloured squares and 40 * 5.5" dark coloured squares. They need to be 80 contrasting blocks. We will not be working with the squares we cut as they will all be put together and separated then distributed.

I will probably be making mine for charity. Not sure what size it will be. Have to wait and see.

Cutting my squares from here.

I was donated a lot of the fabrics in these tubs from Merilyn to use towards charity and I have been digging into them for so many projects so far. I have also added some of my fabrics into these tubs as I sort out my own fabrics.

I have cut some for my friend

and some for the kitty

and mine are all cut too

Now to wait until end of January gathering to hand them in.

Monday 25 December 2023

Merry Christmas to everyone

 Our plans for Christmas changed many times in the recent weeks. We had a fantastic day at our daughters. It was the first year in their new home.

The food was laid out.

Amanda is ready to eat but feeling a bit lonely

Everyone is ready

A real happy bunch

My lunch looks delicious

Amanda had my phone and thought it would be funny to take a selfie to surprise me.

At last, smiles

I'm in this one

And the boys too

Friday 22 December 2023

Merry Christmas Carpet One Mildura

 The girls had their break up party at the Corporate Moose Mildura.

We did have a good laugh.

It was good to see Hailey's house lit up like a Christmas tree so Santa can find the kids.

Thursday 21 December 2023

We got our van

 After 6 months of waiting we were able to pick up our new van.

I took some time off work, which was a bit difficult due to being the last day of work for the year.

Anyway, it was the best 2 hours..


and it looks great in it's new home

My brother gave me the celebratory bottle of bubbles

Yes we slept in it at home to see how comfortable it was. We slept really well.

Saturday 16 December 2023

Wednesday 13 December 2023

Gravel being laid

 We have sold our bus and bought a caravan. Before we get it though we need to finish our back yard with gravel.

We started off with limestone gravel. It looked like we were at the beach. Far too bright. 

Then we got blue metal road base delivered to spread over the top. it has cement mixed in.

So much better

All ready now and I am happy.

Saturday 9 December 2023

Sunraysia Patchwork Friends Christmas

 Once again we held our Christmas break up at the Irymple hotel

Thank you for the extra help this year with planning, decorations, set up and gifts.

The napkins display in Christmas trees

Tables were set. 

As you can see the colour was red this year. Even one member dressed perfectly.

Kris Kringle gifts were made.

And we all had an enjoyable night.

One day I will get around to taking a photo of the cubed pin cushion I received.

Friday 8 December 2023

Body shop advent calendar

 I bought myself a Body Shop Advent Calendar.

I did start opening it on the 1st December and everday thereafter. I havent taken many photos but the products are full size, which was a surprise.

I did only open them on the specified date, but I am putting all these photos in this one post.

I am enjoying using them.
Merry Christmas to me.