Sunday, 28 May 2023

Basil bus is now for sale

 Since our last trip away in Basil, our bus, many have asked for photos.

Well, we have had so much fun in Basil, we have decided to sell and buy a caravan to do more travel.

So here are our photos.

Saturday, 20 May 2023

Away on retreat

 Well everyone I am away on retreat again. This time is a bit quieter than the last as we have only 18 ladies. We were able to get here from 11am on Thursday so that’s when I arrived. An early start to get sewing. This was the view from where I was sitting and sewing.


Great progress has been made. My first project was a chair cushion with pockets. Others have said they don’t use their pockets but I will. I wanted somewhere to put the things you don’t need on your table but still use. I was give the old curtain samples from work so used one of them. I had an old piece of foam saved for about 3 years and it was time I used it. It’s all in one piece with a pocket on each side. The pockets have elastic at the top to hold it better.

Next I started on a project bag come ruler bag. I wanted to make a project bag/pouch but wanted it to store my quilting rulers. I wanted it double sided but also need a pocket for my 12” cross hair ruler. Thinking cap on. Okay, now to work out how. So I played, thought cut, pulled out and sewed again. Then off to bed.

I got up as my usual self. Then breakfast but stayed in my pyjamas. (Normal for me). Now to sew again. Well it took far longer than I thought. I did get it worked out and finished. The final piece had a few rough patches but overall it is great. It could have been a bit bigger but my rulers just fit in. The best part of all they are all in one place.

2 pockets on each side and one in the middle

After dinner with a glass of red

next on the agenda was to finish a quilt for an Aussie Hero. All I had to do was to put the word TRIATHLON on it and blanket stitch. Completed. 

Still not dressed but now ready for bed I planned my next project A fiddle cloth for display at our quilt show.

I am up, dressed and first in line for breakfast.

 See I can do it. Just need to keep everyone guessing. Can’t be too predictable.

Monday, 15 May 2023

Happy Mothers Day sitting relaxing and some hand quilting.

 Now the weather has turned and it starting to feel like winter it is not really cold enough for the heater to be on. What better way is it to snuggle underneath a quilt. Better still, why not hand quilt and keep yourself warm and comfy. So I got out this beautiful quilt my friend gave me for my birthday quite a few years ago. It was a scrappy top that Sue made as I was not into scrappy then but I am now. It has come in and out of the cupboard so I think it will stay out this winter. Hopefully getting some more progress this year.

I am big stitch quilting with thick cotton thread. 

I am linking up with Kathy for slow stitch Sunday 

What a great day to spend Mother’s Day.

Friday, 12 May 2023

Knitting more Bunny Snuggles - updated

 Oh here it is. I hadn’t got any further than the title. 

So I love making little gifts for babies. I came across this great pattern for knitting Snuggle Bunnies.

I started making them one day on zoom the other week and I just kept knitting. I can get one done of an evening. All I need to do is to sew them up and put on their little faces.

This is one I made from a different yarn. I am happy with it so I’ll make some more.

 I have tried some different yarns but this is my favourite. It is so soft.

I have this yarn I am going to use up. This is what I used to make face washers out of.
Chenille. They still come out soft but a bit thicker.

I pick up yarn when it is on sale. The last 2 balls I got from the op shop. Brand new and only $1.00 each.
I get 2 bunnies out of the chenille and only 1 from the giggles.

You can get the pattern from here….

Tuesday, 9 May 2023

Bonnie Hunter - mysteries. En Provence & Frolic

 Over the past lot of years I have followed along with Bonnie Hunters yearly mysteries. Bonnie releases them at Thanksgiving and they go through to NewYears. Bonnie releases clues weekly with lots of  instructions and different cutting instructions for various methods. I have been following her for many years. I have just recently had 2 of my mysteries quilted byJudy at.. . They have both been quilted with an edge to edge pattern and I am extremely happy with them.

En Provence


Since I have been home I have trimmed these quilts ready for the binding. I have cut the bindings ready for my next sewing session.
Frolic being trimmed

I love fabric with glitter. Look at this blue fabric. Look at it sparkle.

Can you see the edge to edge quilted design.
Sorry Judy I cant remember the design name. But I am very happy with the open, comfy, cuddly look and feel.

En Provence being trimmed

Look at the quilting design. It is just perfect for what I wanted.

This purple paisley has a bit of glitter too.

Quilts are trimmed, binding and hanging sleeve is cut, now all is needed is for me to attach the binding and hanging sleeve. Then a label and hand stitch everything down.

Thankyou Judy for a wonderful job with quilting.

Thanks to Judy delivering them to me at Scrub stitching.
Scrub Stitching is a yearly Australian retreat organised by Chooky in outback NSW.
This year we were lucky enough to have a total of 35 women and 6 husbands all join up at a beautiful spot, Camp Cypress,   in a town called Baradine, NSW.
Chooky has done a wonderful job over the years with online swaps, SAL’s and organising these yearly retreats. She does it because she loves it. She also introduced zoom sessions, which are now held mostly once a month, sometimes sooner. There is no set time. An email is sent out and if you are available you join in. But you must have a blog. 

Anyway, this year we had a retreat that was extra special as we had 11 bloggers join us from.

These were the internationals that made the trip down under but we had ,30 others that travelled/drove up to 15 hours to get to Baradine. We also had 6 husbands join this year and they went sight seeing in the area while we sewed away until it was late in the night.
We had some from South Australia, Victoria, Queensland and NSW. 

So what I really want to say, wherever you are in the world there is always someone out the to connect with. Wether it be close or far there are ways to keep inspired and connected. 
Our group of bloggers owe this to the wonderful blogger/organiser CHOOKYBLUE

This is the group that Chooky brought together this year in Baradine 2023.

Thankyou you Chooky and everyone that made this retreat so special.

Sunday, 7 May 2023

Scrub Stitchin has come to an end

 It is now time to travel home. We headed back to Parkes to settle in for the night. We walked into town to a Chinese restaurant. Mmmmm I was hungry.

Look at this for a meal. Sizzling Mongolian Beef and Sizzling Satay Prawns. Delicious.

It was such a big serve that we took home half of our order. That’s our dinner for the next night.

We stopped at Hay for the night.

We were walking to the cafe for brunch and saw this in the garden of a home we were passing. Very cute.

We walked passed another silo. These are just amazing.

We had the best scrambled eggs and bacon on sourdough at the Convent for brunch. A very good place to stop. Even the police recommend the omelettes.

Then down the Main Street of Hay.

After going back to the bus for a rest we went over to the nearby pub for a quick tea. We had burgers.  The special of the day. We were in and out in a very short time and back to the bus by 6.45 pm.

There was a fun display of art. It made us laugh.

I love this emu made out of scrap metal.

Time to go back to the bus. Pack some stuff up. Get some sleep ready for the trip home the next day.
We have had the best 2 weeks away. A real holiday. Thoroughly enjoyed.