Wednesday, 31 May 2017

An overdue Surprise visit post

I made a surprise visit to my daughter for her birthday. I babysat my grandsons for her to go out for the night. We had a great time... It went all too quick. I took a new game with me to play. It was battleships. The eldest Nicholas lives it but the youngest gets bored easily.
On the flight home it was lovely looking out the window. It was like being inside a big fluffy pillow.
 The sun was setting
 Then we could see land so clearly
I could see all the rows and rows of vines
 We have vineyards all around us.
 And we have landed


  1. Now I want to fly somewhere! It's 9 years since I went anywhere by plane. I love looking at the landscape from above!

  2. Nothing nicer than visiting your daughter and grandies....
    Love those big fluffy clouds..

  3. A gift for both of you - a night out for your daughter and you get time with the grands! Sounds perfect!

  4. What a wonderful surprise. I love flying, looking out on the earth below is magic. Pleased you had quality time with your grandchildren.

  5. Lovely surprise visit for everyone, great photos.

  6. Great idea to visit your daughter for her birthday. Glad your trip went so well.

  7. Very special you could surprise your daughter Jo. Great photos from the plane.

  8. Always good to catch up with grandchildren and children too. They must be a distance away if you have to fly to visit.


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