Sunday, 8 December 2013

Lorna's blocks

I am in an online group called Quilting Block Swap Australia and this is exactly what we do. We are given a different partner each month and notified of what they want. We are to make a 12" block.
Sometimes a special colour or design is requested, other times we can do any block we like in any colour. Why don't you go to the above link for a look about.
This month I had Lorna who requested hexagons or stars in pink, burgundy, green & cream.
Well my 1st attempt wasn't too successful. It looks nice enough but the seams didn't match. I suppose once quilted it may be ok. I am still sending this block on and if Lorna wants to use it that's good.

So I then thought I would do her another block.
I saw this block, named Classic Country 8 Point, on Pinterest.
Here is the link to Country Junktion
I used a new technique to make the half square triangles.
Have a look at the tutorial here. You make 4 at once. The only thing you have to worry about though is that you end up working with a lot of BIAS edges. So Beware.....

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