Thursday, 1 February 2018

Oh my, I have been busy...

Apart from my sewing, motorbike trip, work this is what is happening...

We are still in the high 30s to low 40s.. It is starting to wear me out..

We signed an offer on mums house yesterday for it to settle in 14 days. That was a bit hard but time to move on.
As kids we moved into this house in 1971 after my dad passed away. I was only 7 when we moved... It was the start of a new life.

I finished work @ 5 then we drove 300kms, met my brother, 
Look at the sunset..
Just beautiful.

Sitting on the road side waiting for my brother...
How peaceful...

signed the papers, drove 300 kms home. Got home at 1 am... Worked today and I am exhausted.
Up early in the morning. Have tradies coming at 6am to start to put up our carport. 
At lunch time we trade in our 2 cars and collect a new one. 
Home tomorrow night to pack and head off to Geelong for the weekend.
Meeting a blogger friend in Ballarat on Friday. We haven't meet before.
Then on to my brothers. Lunch with a friend on Saturday. Spend Sunday with our daughter and grandsons. It is the youngest birthday. Then do the 7 hours back home on Monday.
Work Tuesday. Teach an Aussie Hero laundry bag class Tuesday night.

I'm worn out just writing this.

Hopefully the following weekend I will do nothing.


  1. My goodness you have so much happening Jo. Safe travels with all that driving.

  2. 14 day settlement is amazingly short! Hope it all goes well with no lawyers stuffing up the paperwork. (Sorry, that's happened to me a couple of times even when they had much longer than 14 days to sort themselves out.)

  3. Wow .. Time does need to move on you have your memories......

  4. Hard to let go but the new family will also love the home you've grown up in. 😁
    You sure did some kms and did sew much. No wonder you were tired.

  5. Letting your mum's house go would be so hard. All of the memories will still live on but it still hurts. The House I grew up in was later lived in by my sister. I think of it often and have fond memories. It had all kinds of fruit and nut trees and a huge garden. We helped mom can food every fall.

  6. Good heavens, Jo, I'm worn out reading the list! Do hope you have a quieter week next week, you will need it after so many events and stress of selling your Mum's home. Lots of memories which can't be taken away from you. Enjoy celebrating your grandson's birthday- we'll be at our granddaughter's 8th birthday party that day ( a few hours apart of course!)

  7. Oh, my goodness, Jo - that is a very busy schedule - I hope that you get your quiet weekend very soon.

  8. It's the driving three hundred km to meet your brother - in the middle of nowhere it looks like - so he can sign papers and then driving home that got me. Yes you are having a busy time!

  9. Good lord Jo, that's a very busy few days!
    Having been through similar with MILs home, I have a small idea of how it feels your your Mum's home... well may we say "it's part of the cycle of life" but we must allow ourselves to acknowledge what's in our hearts at times like this.
    I hope the days in Geelong provide a little chance for a sneaky rest or two?

  10. So much emotion has come through in your writing this post - allow yourself some "me" time in there somewhere so you can process all of this. Thinking of you. xxx

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