Sunday, 23 June 2019

A special Mother's Day SURPRISE.


My daughter surprised me with booking a lunch at a nice restaurant we had not been too before.
It was for a 5 course meal. Fully paid for with a beautiful bottle of bubbly to go with it.

1st course.
Salmon, cream cheese in a waffle cone.
This was served too cold and there was too much cream cheese. 
If it was served at room temp with chilled salmon it would have been so much better.
I ate them though.

Course 2 - a seafood platter.
Mussels - yummy
Oyserts - both natural & kilpatrick - yummy
Salt n pepper quid- salty but cooked lovely
Baby Octopus - this was a first for me - I'm ok with them
Croquettes - hubby liked them
Meat balls? - very dry and needed a dipping sauce... didn't eat them
Duck liver pate & toasty bread - yummy.

Black Squid Ink pasta. Served with lobster.
Well they can keep it. This is the first time I have tried squid ink and I did not like it. 
This dish was extremely salty and very unappealing.

I had stuffed chicken with mash. DELICIOUS.

Tonys meal was a beautiful steak and veggies. He loved it and ate it all.

I'm sitting here watching Master Chef as I type this. We had panacotta for dessert which was very creamy and yummy. It was nothing like the ones that epwere being made on master chef dessert week. BUT this was mine and I loved it.

Each mum was given this spider plant as a gift for their day.
It is a very basic plant which I owned many years ago. The reason being that it lived without any care. I needed a plant for my main bathroom so it will sit nicely in the hanging basket cone.
 Thank you to my lovely daughter and son-in-law for a wonderful Mother's Day surprise.


Linda said...

So pleased you had such a lovely meal courtesy of your daughter. What a thoughtful gift! Hope the bubbles went down well.

Crystal_235 said...

What a thoughtful gift.

Maria said...

fabulous "Mother's Day" surprise gift...

marina said...

Some yummy food there! I tasted squid ink last at a seafood restaurant and must say it was an acquired taste but good to have a taste anyhow.

dq said...

I don't mind some sea food - crab mostly, but I don't think I could stomach most of your dinner. The chicken sounds great!