Friday, 21 March 2014


I have started to make my sons friends their very own quilt for their 21st.
I made this for my son on is 18th so there will be lots of memories.
Here is how they are done.
You can choose any size block according to what fabric you have. The size of block & amount of blocks is purely up to you. I have cut my blocks @ 12.5". So across the width of fabric I get enough for 3 blocks and all the tabs.
Here are my blocks & tabs cut out, layed out in a pleasing design and ready for peeling the vliesofix & ironing in place.

I have stitched all the blocks together and am now ironing on the bias binding from top to bottom along the seam lines and around the tabs. Stitch down each row as you go. If you place all the bias it may peel off with all the handling.


Here I am placing the binding in the opposite direction. 
It is amazing how much the puzzle pieces stand out.

All the bias binding are stitched on & ithe quilt top is ready for quilting. I am not putting any borders on it. The quilt measures 48" x 72". It is a very fun quilt. Good to use theme fabrics or another way to make an I spy quilt.
I have only quilted either side of the bias to keep it looking like puzzle pieces.

 Here it is FINISHED and ready to give.

And yes there is a label too.
I printed it on Fabric and stitched it in to the binding


  1. Looks fantastic! The boys will love it and remember this special birthday!

  2. Fantastic quilt that will surely be treasured. Jo, your label brought tears to my eyes.

  3. The label brought tears to my eyes as well. What a great gift... one that I am sure will be treasured. Love the idea of the missing piece, just sad that it has to be there. Hugs

  4. Hello Jo.

    A lovely quilt for a 21st. Read your previous post, you must have shed a tear or two making this.

    Happy days.

  5. What a clever quilt, with a very beautiful label.

  6. So, I'm curious about your fabric printed labels. I did some fabric printing for a quilt using the EQ7 printable fabric sheets for a quilt and was really disappointed by how much they faded in the very first wash, even though I followed the directions to the letter. Do you find that your printed fabric labels are holding up over time through wash and wear? What materials/methods do you use?

  7. What a wonderful sentiment in your label. This quilt will be cherished!

  8. Okay after reading this label...I NOW know I NEED to make a better habit of labeling my quilts! Thanks for the inspiration!!


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