Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Life's like a Jigsaw Puzzle

I made this quilt for my sons 18th birthday. Unfortunately he only got to use it for 7 months before he passed away. 
It's a sad time for me thinking of his upcoming 20th birthday.
This year all his mates are starting to turn 21. They all speak of John & miss him so much. 
I have decided to make the boys their very own puzzle quilt.
I will make this quilt with 12" blocks with 4 across & 5 down. A total of 24...
I am going to put 1 plain black piece in to represent my son being missing.
I have cut out squares for 5 quilts, traced the little tabs & now I am cutting.

I need 2 for next week. Why did I leave it so late to start. I bought the fabric months ago.
Boy do I like a deadline. Will post photos as I finish them.
Now I have to choose a design for the girls.....


  1. Love the quilt, hate the reason you are making more :(

  2. A very special quilt indeed...I also hate the reason you are making more but I am sure his friends will appreciate receiving them.

  3. What a great way to honor you son. I am sure his friends with treasure their quilts. I pray making them brings you comfort. I love your pink wonky star. Sending hugs.

  4. So sorry for your loss. It's good to keep busy, so your project should be good therapy for you.
    I lost my daughter, a little over a year ago. She died of breast cancer before her 40th leaving 4 kids - most still in school.

  5. I'm sure that John would love that you are making his friends quilts like his and adding in a piece for him will mean so much to them. He will be with them when they wrap themselves up in their quilts. I know how hard this is for you.. birthdays and other meaningful events are so much harder without him. I feel your pain.Hugs

  6. I am so sorry about your son, I hope you find comfort in sewing the quilts. xxx

  7. How sweet of you, especially as these look difficult to do. But a lovely tribute to your son. I am sure you will sew a bit of his memory into each quilt.

    1. These are very easy and quick to make but look very effective.
      I have to finish my first one by Friday afternoon so I will take photos of each step then I will put them up on a post.

  8. its always hard thinking of them,sending you big hugs Jo.xx

  9. How sad for you - but what a wonderful way for his friends to remember your son. (popped over from FNSI after your comment to me - thanks)


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