Monday, 14 April 2014


I sat down for a peaceful evening with my hand quilting.
I have been working on this for 10 years now.
So hopefully I will get it out a bit more often and finish it.
Anyway... I am still doing the quilting around the 4" log cabins. 
There are only 144.. Haha. Not many.
It is hard to see the quilting but has to be done. Each piece will have some stitching on it.

Here is a close up of the quilting

I have also found these great thimbles called COMFORT THIMBLES.
 They are made of rubber and shaped for finger nails. I have bought a few of these so I have them in all my sewing projects.


  1. Not many bits to quilt!!!! Do those thimbles fit arthritic fingers? I hate thimbles but for hand quilting you need one so have to get used to it.

  2. well done Jo this is looking fantastic and i have one of those thimbles they are awesone wouldnt be without one.xx

  3. Loved seeing your long time project! I like those thimbles too and have worn through a couple! Your design is perfect for a log many more to go??

  4. Your quilt is looking great! Love the stitching. Every little bit helps move it along.


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